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General Hospital Spoilers: December 15 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Elizabeth has a warning for Sam, Maxie learns the outcome of her custody hearing, Olivia shares her feelings with Ned, a new mob war brews. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 15, 2014.

New World Order

Sonny is forced to accept the terms of a mob enemy in order to secure the release of a hostage family member.  After Sonny updates Shawn on the mob wars, Shawn and Duke team up to protect Sonny’s interests.

Meanwhile, Carlos also updates Julian on his potential role in the new Port Charles mob. Julian is shocked to learn the leverage a certain crime family has over Sonny. Who are these gangsters and what do they want?

Jordan continues to work under-cover in order to get to the bottom of the latest mob wars. Shawn provokes her, demanding to know answers about the Jerome’s plan. Is Jordan’s cover about to be blown?

Prime Suspect

Sam shares with Dante some enhanced footage that shows who might have been involved with Faison’s escape. Will the footage confirm her theory? Meanwhile, Elizabeth lets Jake in on why Sam is suspicious of him leading him to confront Sam. After received a warning from her former romantic rival, Sam questions Elizabeth’s true motives.

A regretful Patrick asks Sam for her forgiveness. Well she accept his apology? Later Patrick advises Jake to seek psychiatric help after Jake questions his own recent actions.

Also this week

While Ava and Nina come to blows, Carly lays it all out on Franco. Later, Franco urges Nina not to give up on him. At the end of the week, the partners in crime will learn the fate of their actions.

Olivia continues her jealousy of Ned and Alexis, making three a very awkward crowd. Later, Olivia decides to open up to Ned about her feelings.

Maxie learns the verdict of her custody hearing. Will she get to see her baby Georgie? Obrecht reveals some confidential information with Nathan and later he makes a promise to Maxie. Maxie is taken aback by a decision.

  • Ava’s baby gets some tests.
  • After prying the truth out of Spencer, Nikolas has a surprise guest.
  • Michael continues to take out his anger on Kiki, Morgan and Carly.
  • Sabrina apologizes to Ava for trying to hurt her baby.
  • Julian tries to make amends with Sam.
  • Kiki comforts Morgan about some news.


Source Sneak Peek: December 22

Obrecht adds her own twist to the story of Christmas. Maxie receives an uplifting gift. A couple finds themselves under the mistletoe.

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  1. May I ask, are you a Scrubs fan or what is your reasoning?

  2. I hope Sam leaves Patrick in the dust!!!! YUCK!!!!!

  3. ‘Michael continues to take his anger out on Carly.’ Given the years of being her pawn, no matter who she was involved with, or not involved with, at any given time, I’m more than proud to say ‘Too bad. So sad. Wah wah. Boo hoo to you.’

  4. thank you

  5. That is correct. It’s been a while since the two have shared scenes but I imagine, with all that has gone down lately, Sam may be a little miffed at her daddy.

  6. Julian tries to make amends with Sam? Is this correct or is it Patrick? I didn’t know Julian/Sam were having problems.

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