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Days of our Lives Spoilers: December 15 Edition

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Next week on Days of our Lives, Sonny learns why Will really returned to Salem, leading to a heated confrontation between the two. But if Will’s secret infuriates Sonny, just how will Sonny’s secret affect Will? A new assignment will put Will on a collision course with his husband’s romantic past. Get the latest Salem scoop in our Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of December 15, 2014.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Secrets of a Small Town

Will’s return to Salem will put him at odds with Sonny over more than just what transpired in Los Angeles. When Sonny learns the real reason Will returned to Salem, he furiously confronts his husband about his lies. With Will set on a collision course with Sonny’s past, just how much of the truth will he learn about Sonny’s past with Paul when he tackles his new assignment — interviewing the baseball star Paul Narita?

Also Next Week

Hope gets a dire warning from Bree about Aiden. When Hope relays Bree’s warning to Aiden, he confronts his former friend about meddling in his life. Is there any truth to what Bree has to say?

It appears as if Serena and Eric may pick up where things left off, much to the chagrin of Nicole. Nicole’s latest stunt puts her at odds with Eric, but the fallout could be just what she needed to finally move on with her life…and with Daniel.

Eve’s pretty pleased with her manipulative handiwork that keeps Paige and JJ apart for the holidays — to bad there’s no such thing as a perfect plan. Will Paige discover Eve’s betrayal?

Theresa’s jealousy rears its ugly head when she witnesses a tender moment between Brady and Melanie. Melanie and Theresa come to blows again — this time over Brady!

Rafe continues to be a thorn in Chad’s side. Will Rafe overplay his hand?

Source Look Ahead: December 22 Edition

Doug and Julie return to town, but the reunion with Hope isn’t as happy as expected. Doug has some choice words for his daughter about her relationship with Aiden. There’s a thin line between lust and hate for JJ and Eve — a line that gets crossed yet again! The Hortons and Bradys celebrate the holidays.

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  1. I agree.

  2. NuWill has been treating Sonny like crap for months. Hopefully, the writers don’t suddenly forget about that. Sonny and Paul have way more chemistry than I’ve ever seen between Sonny and NuWill. It’s them – PaulSon – who keep me watching.

  3. PaulSon

  4. Sonny has no right to be furious with Will just because he did not tell him about getting fired. He probably got fired because he was distracted due to missing Sonny & all the phone calls from home. But look what Sonny is keeping from Will! Kissing an ex-lover and fantasizing about sex with Paul AND money problems. He has no room to be mad.

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