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General Hospital Spoilers: December 8 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Sam has a hunch about Jake, Carly and Sonny talk about their future, Franco and Nina get an unexpected visit, Nikolas questions Elizabeth. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 8, 2014.

A History of Violence

Sonny crosses path with his old nemesis Johnny who he learns is now the powerhouse in prison. Later, Carly is taken aback when she discovers Sonny’s true condition in prison. After providing Sonny with some important information, she assures him she will try to track down Ava’s baby. Sonny discusses with Carly about the future of their relationship. Meanwhile after hearing some shocking news, Sonny is determined to protect his crime organization.

Sam finds herself in danger when someone gets shot. While Sam is determined to uncover who was responsible, Patrick tries to make amends for his secret keeping. As Sam continues to investigate her recent incident, her instincts kick in regarding Jake. Later, she shares her suspicion about Jake with Elizabeth.

Nikolas questions Elizabeth about her involvement with mysterious Jake while Jake’s job search leaves him feeling oddly under the weather. Later at the Metro Court, Carly continues to bonds with Jake who comes to her defense.

Also this week

Franco and Nina receive a surprise visitor, meanwhile Morgan, Kiki, Silas and Dante continue to search for more leads on the couple’s whereabouts. Franco does all he can to cover he and Nina’s tracks. Will a woman from Franco’s past put their escape plan to the test?

Lulu supports Maxie as she prepares for her custody hearing. Will Maxie’s risky choice hinder the judge’s decision in regards to Georgie?

Elizabeth and Alexis both have a revelation about Ric. While Olivia helps Ned get over his argument with Alexis, Alexis questions Julian about Ric.

  • Britt shares some news with Spencer and gives him a special gift.
  • Obrecht makes a difficult choice.
  • Both Anna and Jordan find themselves in trouble at work.
  • Molly and TJ bond when they realize they cannot forgive their mothers just yet.
  • Luke and Michael have a discussion.
  • Rosalie has very random connection to someone in Port Charles.
  • Patrick reveals a truth to Carly.

Source Sneak Peek: December 15

Maxie learns the verdict of her custody hearing. Sabrina apologizes to Ava for trying to hurt her baby. Elizabeth has a warning for Sam. Will Jordan’s cover be blown?

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