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This week Sleepy Hollow had it mid-season finale. The title of the episode ‘The Akeda’ is another name for the biblical story The Binding of Isaac.  In the story God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac to him. Abraham is willing to kill his own son to prove his obedience to God. In similar fashion, Ichabod has struggled with the realization that he may have to do the same with Henry. Sacrifices were made but not necessarily the ones that were suspected.

RIP Irving

At the beginning of this season, Irving accidentally sold his soul to Henry and then he proceeded to spend most of his days locked up in an asylum. It was a a bit a downer and I wasn’t quite sure the point of it. It turns out being soulless can come in kind of handy during an Apocalypse.

Last week, Ichabod and Abbie hunted down the Sword of Methuselah. The weapon can kill demons but at a cost of the soul of its wielder. As Jenny points out, Irving’s soul has already been taken so he is able to use the weapon without the side effect. Unfortunately during his battle with Henry’s golem/horseman, Irving is dealt a fatal blow. He wins the fight but dies shortly after.

While showing the cost of war is important to the story, I also think it would be a pity to lose Irving. I hope that he is not actually dead. Maybe, just like Wesley in The Princess Bride, he’s just mostly dead. Or perhaps Henry having a hold of his soul will somehow revive him. This is a show based on fantasy, magic, and soap operas after all.

211211scn_3_0904_f_hires1The Good Son?

There has been a lot of focus on Crane family dysfunction this season. Ichabod and Katrina have been going through marital difficulties brought on by distrust, conflicting opinions and third parties. It didn’t help that their son is a demon determined to help bring forth the end of days. Why couldn’t he just get a tattoo like any normal offspring would do when going through a rebellious phase?

Ichabod and Katrina wanted to try to help Henry. Despite Abbie’s warnings, they wanted to believe he was not completely lost. But Henry wasn’t salvageable. He was hollow and evil beyond the point of return. That is how it seemed anyways.

Ichabod does not wish to sacrifice his son. He instead suggests Henry allow them to kill Moloch, an act which would also grant Henry freedom from his master. Henry declines and brings them to Moloch.

Moloch orders Henry to kill Katrina not realizing that she is his weak spot. Henry doesn’t want to kill his mother. He thought she was exempt because she was promised to the Headless Horseman and is taken aback at Moloch’s request. The episode ends with Henry turning the sword on Moloch instead.

A few other noteworthy moments:

  • Ichabod and Abbie steal a motorcycle. Ichabod now wants a motorcycle.
  • Hawley is asked to watch over the Headless Horseman.
  • The team uses enchanted weapons including a Samurai sword, crossbow, and Blackbeard’s pistols.
  • Katrina appears to have developed feelings for the Headless Horseman and convinces Ichabod to spare his life.
  • Moloch burns the four white trees turning them black. The first one brings lightning, the second blood, the third raises a demon army and the forth brings hell on earth.
  • Hawley doesn’t believe the world is ending until it begins to hail blood.

What did you think of the surprise twist? Hit the comments to share your thoughts on the episode!

Jenn Bishop
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