‘Sons of Anarchy’ Review: ‘Red Rose’


So, what a boring episode huh? Like nothing happened and it was and hour and a half of dead air. What a let down…Okay SPOILERS AHEAD because EVERYTHING HAPPENED tonight!! Diosa Mio what didn’t happen? If you want to get drunk real quick play a “who is dead now” drinking game with this episode. Let’s take a look at the body count, the questions mounting for the finale, and the big scenes of tonight’s show:

CameHOOOOOOSs: Lot’s of familiar faces tonight, which was fun in a way because it shows how popular SOA is among the acting community. Michael Chiklis guest starred as a truck driver willing to give Gemma a platonic ride up north. Marilyn Manson was back as Tully, Robert Patrick (the guy from Terminator 2!) guest starred as Packer, a President of another club, Charimsa Carpenter (Buffy!) played a nurse, and Hal Holbrook played Gemma’s father. Moral of the story: no one can turn down a walk on role on this show.

Juicestice Has Been Served: Juice is more miserable in jail than usual and the entire prison’s bitch. I’m pretty sure everyone has had a turn, which is gross in a way. The Chinese want revenge for Lin, and proceed to rape Juice.  Juice was at least upbeat making Jackie Chan jokes. No Jackie Chan wasn’t really in the episode. Juice knows that Tully has been given the task to kill him, and he wants to die quickly before the Chinese grab him again. Luckily he gets to eat his pie first. Tully’s men start a riot and Tully grabs Juice from behind and stabs him in the jugular repeatedly. Juice bleeds out on the floor, and that’s the end for our once loveable moron.  I loved Juice in the beginning of this show, but he had to go for being a rat. His death did not make me sad, and I was honestly relieved he was finally gone. He had suffered enough for his crimes, and at least he went quickly.

Uns..Uns..Uns…Uns..Uns..Unss..Bye Bitch!: Never have I ever been so thankful that someone finally died on a show. I know you immediately think back to my hatred of Tara, but this guy dying has been the slowest fucking thing on the history of the earth. I do not feel sad whatsoever! Are people sad? Sure, but again not me! Hahahaha! He got what he deserved for being a wannabe member, and his obsession with Gemma was his downfall.

Jax tells Unser the truth behind Tara’s death and Unser is shocked. Yes, shocked, because he would have never figured anything out. I think he cries because he is scared for Gemma, which is downright stupid. Nero asks him to arrest Gemma, to which Unser replies that Nero still loves Gemma, and Nero corrects him that he is suggesting that to save Jax, not Gemma. Nero gets it, but Wayne does not. Gemma really shouldn’t be saved it’s Jax that needs the saving. Unser has been protecting Gemma since day one so he has no other purpose on the planet.  Unser finds Gemma, as does Jax moments later. Jax lowers his gun and wants Unser to go home, but Unser admits that he cannot do that because this (Gemma) is all he has left. This causes Jax to kill the old bastard. Does either Teller care? Nope!!! All these years of helping these two, and neither shed a tear. His usefulness has worn out, and thankfully he no longer has to try and please a club he never belonged to.

Irish Jig: Not really a fun highlight, but the Irish power has shifted. Connor doesn’t like Jax’s actions regarding Marks, but luckily for the MC Connor has been pissing off the Kings. So Jax and company now are fitted with the task of killing Connor so that the Irish don’t look bad, and the Kings will consider working with Alvarez. Well shiver me shamrocks this is great!

Dead Man Walking?: Will Jax meet Mayhem in the series finale? That is the big question we are left with.  Jax confesses to the other charters that he did in fact kill Jury, but he now knows he was not the rat, and lied about Jury’s supposed confession. They now must do a Mayhem vote, and the vote should be unanimous for Jax’s death. A president cannot kill another president and be forgiven. Jax will convince SAMCRO to vote unanimously for his death, as long as they can guarantee the Sons of Anarchy do away with one unwritten law. We don’t get to hear the law, but the members agree to Jax’s terms. Jax apologizes that he has not lived up to the standards wearing the patch deserves. So what is the rule Jax is talking about? The only things I can possibly come up with is either a rule regarding black members to keep the clubs alive, OR a law to protect his children from being forced to become members. That would really irritate Gemma from hell.

The Old Lady Has Left the Building: Well, she’s officially gone. Whether you loved her or hated her, Katey Sagal was impeccable as Gemma. She’s been the main power of the show, and now that she’s gone one of the strongest, and most devious characters has been removed from the world of SAMCRO.

Gemma heads up north to see her father. He has Alzheimer’s and does not remember who she is. Gemma apologizes for hurting him and her mother and being a disappointment. You have to wonder if this poor old man wondered why this lady had on so much leather. He sweetly asks her why she is so sad, and Gemma responds that she was just feeling nostalgic. He lets her know that God forgives everyone, and she hopes he is right. He also remembers his young daughter Gemma and how much she loved being in the garden. Awww…did she have on leather back then too?

So finally Jax confronts his mother, and doesn’t make excuses, but does say she is sorry. She asks if she can move to the garden, and Jax allows her to as he follows behind her. He cries as he has the gun pointed at her, but Gemma tells him he has to do it as it is their way. She encourages him and he shoots his mother in the back of the head. After killing your mom, the only thing you can do is celebrate by having sex with your first baby momma. Go Wendy!!

The Queen is gone, the Chinese have been removed, and Wendy is now the mother of Jax’s boys. What’s next? Will Jax meet Mayhem? Will SAMCRO allow him to sacrifice himself for the good of the MC? Will everyone discover that Gemma is gone? Will Jax’x children escape the legacy of the MC? Find out next week on the LAST LAST LAST LAST episode of Sons of Anarchy!

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