‘Hart of Dixie’ Review: ‘Red Dye #40’


Last night Hart of Dixie continued its nearly flawless fourth season with a super fun episode centered on a whodunit after someone sabotaged Shelby’s talent show performance. “Red Dye #40” (or NCIS: Bluebell) featured my two favorite things about this show: the quirky townspeople gathered in one place and Zoe and Wade being the absolute cutest. There were plenty of laughs, accusations, revelations and a major emotional moment for Lemon and Lavon.

The episode (which jumped ahead six weeks in what I assume is only the first time jump this season will bring us) alternated between the present (the night of the talent show) and the events leading up to it. In flashbacks, we learned Zoe wanted to keep her renewed relationship with Wade quiet. She loved living in their little happy bubble and she wasn’t ready to bring other people into it. Zoe also seemed to enjoy sneaking around and found herself disappointed on more than one occasion when people didn’t ask questions as to why her hair was messy and her shirt was on backward after meeting with Wade in her office (oh Zoe).

hart-of-dixie-404-red-dye-02As for the talent show, Lavon came up with the idea to offer a large grand prize because he wanted to help Lemon get the money she needed to reopen Fancy’s. He’d offered to give it to her himself, but Lemon turned him down for obvious reasons. Again, I found myself torn over these scenes. There was a time I wanted these two to be together and I do want Lemon to be happy, but I have such a hard time rooting for Lavon after he hurt AB so much. But I can appreciate what he was trying to do with the talent show. Unfortunately, Brick also convinced Shelby to enter and everyone knew she was guaranteed to win. Lemon’s hopes took another blow when Cricket agreed to perform with her not-so-ex-husband instead of joining Lemon and AB.

Back to the night of the talent show: Since everyone was occupied, Zoe took the opportunity to surprise Wade in the empty bar, wearing nothing but a trench coat. His protests lasted less than a minute before the two got busy beyond the bar. Meanwhile, Shelby ate some chocolates that she assumed were from Brick (they weren’t) and then took the stage to sing “All That Jazz.” That’s when her throat started to close up and she couldn’t get the words out (I was super upset we were deprived of Laura Bell Bundy singing, but thankfully, there were plenty of flashbacks to her rehearsals). They assumed the chocolates had been laced with red dye #40, something Shelby was allergic to, and Sheriff Bill finally had a real crime to solve in Bluebell.

hart-of-dixie-404-red-dye-03So the whole town headed to the bar for the inquisition. Zoe and Wade were forced (by Zoe) to hide in the backroom wearing nothing but tablecloths. Wade didn’t see why they couldn’t just tell everyone they were together, but Zoe insisted it would be like listening to a radio mystery. Wade remained unimpressed and did not appreciate when the townspeople helped themselves to his food. Zoe was fine because she had her cheese-flavs to eat. These scenes were super cute, but like Wade, I wanted to know why Zoe was so afraid of letting people in on their news. Eventually, she admitted that she was worried about all the questions they didn’t have answers to and once again Wade assured her they would handle them together (they are too cute for words at this point).

As for the mystery, the sheriff began interrogating various townspeople while George played the role of lawyer for them. Everyone seemed to have some motive or at least suspicious activity. Wanda was seen in Shelby’s dressing room, but that was only because she’d had to repair Shelby’s wardrobe after the goat got a hold of it. The Truitt brothers were suspects simply because it seemed like something they would do and the sheriff tried to use Tansy to implicate them (as much as I love the entire Truitt family, I wish they’d saved them for a different episode where more time could have been devoted to them. They’re so fun). George and Tansy shared a moment and toasted to friendship after George assured her there were no lingering feelings (boo!).

Stanley moved up the suspect list when his time couldn’t be accounted for, but it turned out that he’d snuck into the dressing room to make out with his new girlfriend. He’d been afraid to tell Cricket he’d moved on (even though she asked for a divorce). AB also seemed to be acting suspicious to the point that Lemon called her out for her behavior. Once in the hot seat, AB admitted she’d been the one to give Shelby the chocolates, but only because she’d been trying to make peace between Lemon and Shelby. It turned out the chocolates were not the source of the poisoning after all. Sheriff Bill turned the spotlight to Lemon, who had motive and openly admitted disliking Shelby, but she didn’t want to explain why she couldn’t account for her whereabouts.

hart-of-dixie-404-red-dye-04That’s because she’d been with Lavon and didn’t want AB to know. Nothing happened aside from some longing looks and Lavon once again offering her money, but Lemon was not going to hurt AB and she definitely was not going to do it in a roomful of people. Luckily, Zoe figured out the case. She burst out wearing her tablecloth, told everyone she was naked underneath, she and Wade were back together and she was pregnant. She also pointed out that Rose was the accidental culprit. She’d been eating cheese-flavs all day and the red dye had gotten on her fingers. When she adjusted Shelby’s microphone, she coated it with the dye – case closed.

But there were still a few plot points to wrap up. Shelby did end up winning the talent show and she called Lemon on stage to give her the prize money. She didn’t ask to be part of Fancy’s and all she asked in return was for Lemon to consider that maybe someday they could be friends. It was an incredibly sweet gesture and Lemon was grateful. Lavon pulled Lemon aside and asked her if there would be a chance for them if there wasn’t an AB. Lemon refused to answer because there was an AB and always would be, but the look on her face said everything there was to say. She’s absolutely still in love with Lavon and I know I should root for them to be together, but I just can’t do it. Lavon never should have gotten involved with AB when he wasn’t over Lemon. Now everyone is suffering (including me because I hate seeing Lemon and AB suffer).

As for Zoe and Wade, there were plenty of questions lobbed at them that they didn’t have answers to, but as promised, Wade made sure they handled them together. I don’t really have anything to add that isn’t fangirl squealing. I’m sure there will be some bumps for these two over the next six episodes, but as long as they keep facing everything as a team, I think we can live with whatever problems they’ll have.

Next week, Lemon decides to fix George and AB up in order to fix her problems. I’m guessing this isn’t going to go well (although I’m not entirely against AB and George finding happiness together).

Mandy Treccia
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  1. The Lemon – Levon thing just needs to happen, but the lingering question is will Annabeth give her blessing, or perhaps even give her blessing out loud when in reality she’s not OK with it? I’m thinking the latter, which could really make things uncomfortable/interesting. Bottom line is that Lemon and Levon really need to get together

    It was also good to see Stanley move on, and I really liked that they used “When You Coming Home”by MAWR when he enters Sadies dressing room and kisses her

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