Days of our Lives Recap: Hope investigates Aiden, Clyde returns from the dead, Nicole apologizes (Again!)

The Passion of Clyde

Everyone and their mothers knew that this “plot twist” was coming the second Sonny Kiriakis was stabbed a week ago, so unfortunately for us DAYS watchers, there were no big awe moments when Clyde Weston came upon Victor Kiriakis praying for his great-nephew’s survival. He was “back from the dead!” An entire week and some change had gone by since Victor’s sexy lackey shot Clyde down in the park, but with no body recovered since then, it was only possible that somehow Clyde had survived the ambush attack. But I must admit, even if the reveal was lackluster, the way the scene played out was pretty enjoyable for me as these two talented actors fought; for a pair of insta-enemies, Clyde and Victor verbally sparring is nothing but entertaining. We expect clever quips from our beloved Greek tycoon, but watching Clyde more or less keep up is a nice surprise too. Victor’s been all but benevolent for the last few years so now that Clyde is openly threatening not just his business but now his entire family (even Princess Ciara Brady), it’ll be great to watch just what lengths Victor will go to keep those important things safe.

There’s also great potential to cause friction with his wife Maggie Horton Kirakis as she’s never been quiet about her ill feelings towards Victor’s gruff ways, but if the truth about his assassination attempt and drug trade come out in the open, I can’t see her standing by him through this. Even with Mickey gone, Maggie’s still a Horton through and through and no way will she be the wife of a mobster. But an alleged mobster? Why not!

The writers obviously wanted us to think of Clyde as a new big bad right from the get go, which I feel is what sort of drags down a good “back from the dead” story. Perhaps if the viewers had not been dragged down with so much big bad Clyde from his first appearance in town, then maybe his shocking death and ultimate return would have had more impact on all of us. As most of you know, returning from the presumed dead is the ultimate badass villain trick in soap operas. Not just anyone should be able to do it. Nick Fallon’s return from the dead was successful because he was already established as a villain and because we were kept in suspense for a good amount of time. Clyde’s few months in town and weeklong disappearance was simply not enough to shock. I want to hate Clyde for being an evil man like so many people in Salem have been preaching, but I find myself only hating him as a cartoon villain come to life instead.

dool_28Live while you’re young, Salemites!

This is just a little gripe on my end though I know many other fans of the show have been feeling the exact same way about this bunch. What in the world is wrong with the young adult set in Salem and why are they being so boring? All of Abigail Devereaux, Ben Rogers, Chad Dimera and Jordan Ridgeway’s scenes have revolved around the exact same situations just with minute changes in dialogue and settings. While much older and younger Salemites party it up at the new club, these twenty-somethings are bouncing around town still having a months old fight about Chad comparing Ben’s sister to his current girlfriend as he’s dated both of them. Why is this non-issue such a major factor for them? It’s a fight that should have been had in the very beginning then squashed but instead it blew up into a major physical fight that has these same characters discussing lawyer options instead of getting wasted. It’s so unbelievable that these hot, young people would much rather moan about legal woes than to party. There’s no excitement and there’s definitely no story to them either. I’ve never been one to fast forward through scenes even if they’re completely devoid of any entertainment, but my fast forward finger has been itching when these four come on screen. Please, new head writers, do not forget to revamp them as well!

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain a lot of my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation. Comment here or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun. See you next week!


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