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Days of our Lives Recap: Theresa’s back to her scheming ways, Will and Paul’s affair is exposed


Days of our Lives is showing that they’re actually going to put in some effort with their February sweeps. With a lackluster November sweeps last year, everyone was a bit apprehensive for what they had planned for this next cycle but it seems like they’re putting their big stories closer to the front burner now. We have a murder mystery, a May-December affair and a steamy gay love triangle all set to light Salem on fire when everything’s come out in the open. I really hope it lives up to this buildup but then again, you never quite know in Salem! Let’s check it out!

Little Cabin of Horrors?

Say it isn’t so! Is Aiden Jennings actually guilt of offing his wife years ago? It was a nice change of scenery seeing Hope Brady and her new beau outside of the Horton Town Square when they traveled to Aiden’s old vacation cabin. I think it was somewhere in California? Near enough for Aiden’s nanny to scoop up Ciara Brady and Chase Jennings to meet their classmates on a field trip to San Diego. It’s supposed to be a quick and easy trip, one to settle Chase’s anxiety about losing an important part of his past with his family but things quickly begin to go downhill. Aiden’s on edge the minute they all cross the threshold of the cabin, recalling what we can assume to be his wife’s scream and a subsequent gunshot. But wasn’t Meredith’s death ruled a suicide? We’re not treated too much else in the mystery for a bit as the kids frolic around before they have to go. Hope has to go as well to catch a plane to Bora Bora. Once the house is clear, Aiden gets down to work while wearing a very stony expression.

Aiden finds himself stuck in an awkward position.Unfortunately for him, his plans are ruined when Hope returns after having misplaced her passport and he has to conceal the shovel and axe he’d been carrying for whatever job he was about to do. There’s a good chance that it could just be simple property management to make sure it all looks good for the new owners – or I could be making excuses for the shady lawyer that I find so dashing. It’s suspicious, it’s all suspicious but Hope the super detective doesn’t seem to pick on the vibe whatsoever. Though things are only being hinted, there’s a nice amount of tension that comes with the way that Hope, who is blind with happiness, just moves about the cabin (Which is an amazing set even if the exterior is the 2012 safe house cabin.) while Aiden sweats it all out.

Aiden is extremely relieved when Hope finally finds the passport, but only bad news is delivered thanks to the driver who announces that the bridge to the mainland went out. They’re all stranded at the cabin. Bringing to mind classic horror movies, one begins to think that all of this cannot be good for anyone in that cabin especially since an axe had already been brandished. Hope does come to notice that Aiden’s a bit anxious, but he chalks it all up to old memories, recalling all the times he’s fought with Meredith at the cabin while trying to hide it all from their son. Apparently Meredith and Aiden were in a really bad position towards the end thanks to money, the very same money that he brought up earlier with a laugh because her death transferred it all into his pockets. So what’s the real story here? Unfortunately, Days really does love to only give us little tiny dosages of Hope and Aiden for the week. Someone probably thinks it’s amping up the mystery factor but it’s not doing many favors at all. If this February sweeps period doesn’t include a big reveal of Meredith’s killer or if they continue to drag this mystery on somehow, I’m afraid all once interested parties will move on. Hope and Aiden are interesting, but the whodunit can only stretch on for so long. I am placing my bet on Chase being the killer. Maybe he accidentally shot his mother with the family gun after being so emotionally disturbed from all the fighting. It explains why his father is so quick to give him what he wants; maybe he’s a little off kilter at that tender age and is waiting to off the next parent!

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  1. I read about Hope and Aiden and it was nice to find out what was happening all at once since I only watch for WilSon (and now Lucas/Adrienne) for the past few months (and even they were boring in the summer and fall.) Haiden got boring and the rest of the stories are just not interesting to me. I like the speculation about Chase murdering is mother. I may have to watch them again. Nice recap of WilSon, but I’ll add that Paul’s mom was the one who wants to keep it a secret and it’s Paul’s grandpa that is proud. Thanks for telling me it was probably Clyde who stabbed Sonny. As far as the love triangle, I love it! And I’m a die hard WilSon fan. The relationship dynamics between all three guys is awesome and quite amazing from these writers. The actors are really selling it. I love all three actors.

    Just a bit of help: “This storyline has been nothing, but thrilling since it was teased.”A comma is not needed in this sentence because what comes after “but” cannot be made into complete sentence.

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