Days of our Lives Recap: Theresa’s back to her scheming ways, Will and Paul’s affair is exposed

Theresa back in true form

Theresa Donovan is at her best when she chopping down Salemites with her words. I appreciate the writers taking us on this ride with a little more sensitive Theresa, showing her vulnerability after losing someone she came to love and the baby that she was sure she had growing inside of her, but sometimes Salem just needs a bitch. This whole week Theresa just went off on just about everyone much like when she first rolled into town as the pariah of the Brady clan. It’s just fun to watch her dig into everyone’s business and this week, she decides that she just has to get down to the truth about what happened between her niece Paige Larson and JJ Devereaux. We first see her rip right through JJ and Abigail Devereaux’s sibling heart to heart by trashing JJ for cheating on her niece. Abby jumps to defend her brother but is interrupted by a call which makes Theresa tease that it must be another married man looking to have her. The best part about her saying that is that even though she’s thoroughly upset, Abigail cannot deny or shoot down Theresa’s claims. Everyone else coddled her like a child after the affair with EJ Dimera came to light – even when she was stalking Austin Reed, but not many people have called her out on her morally wrong decision making. I honestly hope that one day this show touches on Abigail’s obvious daddy issues that sparked these wild pursuits of taken men.

But back to Theresa, overhearing JJ’s admission and being able to tear down Abigail has lit her up and soon she’s bouncing around town for more information. She runs into her older sister Eve who’d just been shot down by Paige after pleading for the umpteenth time not to get back together with JJ. When Theresa shows up, Eve’s texting her daughter’s ex-boyfriend to meet her and ironically Theresa begins to excitedly ask for a team up to take down the cheater. Eve’s obviously uncomfortable since she played a big part in the mess up, adamantly turning down Theresa’s musing over JJ’s hotness by telling her that this wasn’t a game to be played. Theresa thinks otherwise of course and she’s thrilled when Paige finds her later at the hospital to ask for advice. JJ had just shut her down again, dropping the bomb that he’s still with the girl he slept with over break and that there’s no chance for their reconciliation. She’s desperate to know and asks her scheming aunt for a way that she can finally get the truth to which Theresa gives her a simple answer: get his phone and check his texts. Paige isn’t so sure about this plan and when she meets with Cole at school, she happens to bring it up to him. He wants to help her but is interrupted by a desperate Eve that’s quickly shut down again by Paige. It’s nice to see that she’s grown a backbone though it feels like it’s for all the wrong reasons. I understand the heartbreak element, especially after things had been on such a good level then dropped off so suddenly, but Paige has to know when no means no!

Later, Theresa spots JJ again and can’t help but to lay into him once more. She picks at him for being a player, for punking out when she overdosed and blaming it on her in the end. They bicker to a point that Theresa tries to snatch away JJ’s phone in an attempt to help Paige but doesn’t make it. What she doesn’t know is that Cole is watching the show and tails her when she leaves, most likely ready to join in on her scheme to take down JJ. It’s time to show off and show out, Theresa!

The Kiriakis Knifer!

2015 hasn’t been kind to Sonny Kiriakis but this week was just not his week at all. He has to return the gifted homerun ball to Paul Narita after the ex-baseball star told hisVictor issues a deadly order. family he could no longer play, his grandfather expressed a desire to keep his only homerun ball. Sonny thinks it’s no problem at all and returns it to him in the hotel, just as Paul gets off the phone with Will Horton who needs a reason for why Paul came out to him – without telling the truth of them rolling in the sack. With Sonny, Paul expresses his sorrow for asking for the gift back but Sonny understands considering they’re no longer together. As smooth as ever, Paul tells Sonny that he wishes he could go back and choose him over baseball but alas he can’t. They discuss Paul becoming more open with his sexuality, meeting with guys and being honest with them about his past to which Sonny thinks is great. Paul laments that the guy he’s seeing is no Sonny though.

When Sonny leaves, his husband shows up with the final draft of the article. The impish bellhop, Derrick, catches them together again when he delivers room service though this meeting is much more innocent than the last few. Still, Will is clearly on edge as things with Sonny have begun to improve now that his work load was winding down. Things begin to wind down when Paul gets a call from his mother which he uses to come out to her and then his grandfather. They are proud of him for doing so, commending his bravery but they hope he chooses to keep it quiet and not tell the world. Paul’s against it of course, but Will urges him to give his family time. All of this is happening as Derrick shows up to Club TBD with even hotter tea to pour for Sonny. He sees Will’s picture on an issue of Sonix magazine and comments to Sonny, whom he’s seen at Paul’s room in the hotel, that Will and Paul are lovers. Sonny storms out, ignoring his great uncle Victor Kiriakis even if the businessman had been looking to speak with him, visibly upset with this news. In the park, he takes out his phone to read a text message from his husband which leaves him wide open for a knife in the back from someone mysterious. Well, it’s Clyde Weston. I’m sure everyone figured that out when his frozen body never turned up after the flash blizzard in Salem.

When Sonny passes out, this attacker steals his valuables and then even has the audacity to rub cocaine into his wound! This person knows exactly what he’s doing. Later, Victor and Maggie show up to the park looking for Sonny to quell Victor’s worries, but when they call his phone they hear it nearby and stumble across his body. Sonny’s admission into the hospital ignites the whole town, Lucas Horton and Adrienne Kiriakis’ almost kiss is ended by the news and they rush off to the hospital, probably glad to push aside their almost affair. At the hospital, everyone’s in a panic because they’re low on Sonny’s blood type and he might not pull through because of it. Thankfully Paul is a match and donates more than enough blood. In the end, Sonny makes a recovery but remains unconscious and as his husband watches over him, promising to never take him for granted again. Then Paul comes along… Now what a cliffhanger! This storyline has been nothing, but thrilling since it was teased. I’m so happy that Days decided to go such a risky route! Do you think this love triangle is hot or not?

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain a lot of my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation. Comment here or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun. See you next week!


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  1. I read about Hope and Aiden and it was nice to find out what was happening all at once since I only watch for WilSon (and now Lucas/Adrienne) for the past few months (and even they were boring in the summer and fall.) Haiden got boring and the rest of the stories are just not interesting to me. I like the speculation about Chase murdering is mother. I may have to watch them again. Nice recap of WilSon, but I’ll add that Paul’s mom was the one who wants to keep it a secret and it’s Paul’s grandpa that is proud. Thanks for telling me it was probably Clyde who stabbed Sonny. As far as the love triangle, I love it! And I’m a die hard WilSon fan. The relationship dynamics between all three guys is awesome and quite amazing from these writers. The actors are really selling it. I love all three actors.

    Just a bit of help: “This storyline has been nothing, but thrilling since it was teased.”A comma is not needed in this sentence because what comes after “but” cannot be made into complete sentence.

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