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General Hospital Spoilers: February 16, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Helena gives Nikolas some shocking information, Bobbie and Tracy remain confused by Luke’s actions, Jake has another memory, Anna returns to Port Charles. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 16, 2015.

Family Ties That Bind

Nikolas demands answers from his evil grandmother and starts to put some pieces together regarding Jake. Helena is pressed by Nikolas, Lulu and Tracy to reveal all about Jake and Luke. In addition, Nikolas reels from Helena’s disclosure about Jake. Later, Elizabeth is surprised to find Nikolas and Helena together and updates them on Jake’s condition. The prince quickly takes matters into his own hands in regards to his grandmother.

After confronting Luke about his actions, Tracy is mystified at his reasons for doing what he has done. Bobbie blasts her big brother and is at a loss as to what has prompted his strange behaviors. Tracy is determined to get answers about Luke’s past by tracking down the only person who may have them.

Sabrina warns Michael that revenge isn’t always the best answer. Later, Carly begs Michael to stop his latest ploy to bring down Sonny. Morgan visits Sonny and offers to talk to Michael on his behalf. Despite everyone’s discouragement, Michael stays determined and moves forward with his plan.

Also this week:

Olivia shares some surprising news with Ned while Alexis makes a bold pronouncement to Julian about their relationship. Later, Olivia tries to cover up her original admission. Ned shocks Julian and Alexis with an announcement, but Alexis is very suspicious of the revelation.

Patrick has some encouraging news about Jake. Meanwhile, Jake is jolted by another memory as he faces his biggest decision since he first woke up in Port Charles. Will he admit something to Elizabeth about his identity?

  • Spencer invites his friends to his birthday party.
  • Emma troubles Cameron with some news.
  • Anna returns from her trip with a surprise for Commissioner Sloane.
  • Maxie confides to Lulu about her troubled love life.
  • Nathan opens up to Dante about Maxie’s latest shenanigan, while someone close to Maxie makes a bold admission.
  • Kiki is torn about what to do in regards to Avery.
  • Sonny receives an unanticipated document.
  • Duke visits Sonny to discuss the future of the organization.


Source Sneak Peek: February 23

Maxie stands her ground after someone’s declaration of love. Bobbie, Lulu and Tracy hire a PI to dig into the Spencer family history. Silas has a secret. Spencer comforts Emma.

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