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Even the staunchest fan of Days Of Our Lives can see the predicament the show is currently in. The show is in a rebuilding stage and unfortunately due to the tape schedule it may be awhile before we see it on our screen. So instead of criticizing the current state of the show, I thought it would be more fun and productive to come up with five suggestions to help improve the show.

5. Sets

Having a nice playground for actors to play in is important to really making a show look like quality television. While daytime budgets may not be what they once were, there is no need to look cheap. Modern audiences have become accustom to a certain amount of quality and as a result flimsy looking sets can be a distraction. Viewers should notice the story that is being told rather that the cardboard wall propped behind it.

I am currently in the middle of creating a show myself so I understand the economics behind sets. Then again I don’t have a budget like Days. Greg Meng is doing a great job as executive producer but I feel like he needs someone in the kin of Frank Valentini of General Hospital to assist him, in the sense of someone who can create and work on a limited budget. If I was the show I would consider bringing on either Ginger Smith or Jennifer Pepperman respectively from All My Children and One Life to Live 2.0. Regardless of the failure of the Prospect Park venture, those two ladies were able to make beautiful shows on a shoe string budget.

4. Dead Weight

I think it’s time to say goodbye to Aiden Jennings, Eve Donovan (Baron Larson whatever they’re calling her), Clyde, Jordan Ridgeway, Paige Larson, Ben Rogers and Kayla Brady. Daniel Cosgrove’s Aiden never really gelled for me, and unfortunately the romance with Hope is falling flat.

While I loved Kassie DePaiva as Blair on One Life to Live, casting her as Eve Donovan is probably one of the worst casting decisions of 2014. I’m going to blame Eve’s failure on the writing, paigeas it’s obvious that this writing team has no real direction for the character. Between suing Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), worrying about her vocal chords, and meddling in her daughter’s love life, Eve has served no real purpose. On paper, the idea of Eve and JJ should have made for steamy, forbidden drama, but instead it’s cringe worthy. Who thought this was a good idea?

Then there’s Clyde Weston (James Read) there have been far better villains on the show and he doesn’t measure up. Chrishell Stause has already announced her departure as Jordan so adding her to the list is a moot point. It’s unfortunate the writers never got a handle on the character because she has the talent to shine. True O’Brien is a beautiful girl and I’m sure she will land on an ABC Family or CW show but the character of Paige was unnecessary. The only storyline I can see that would have saved Paige and Eve, if it had been revealed that Frankie Brady was her father. That would have given those two characters a way to be integrated into the cast more. Sigh, the character of Ben (Robert Scott Wilson). I guess he was supposed to be the new Austin, but he hasn’t had a single interesting moment on the show. With Jordan leaving the show and my suggestion for Clyde to go as well, it seemed only fitting that Ben join them. One thing I maybe would have tried was making Ben the new face of Countess Wilhelmina, although the last time with Gabi and Chad it fell flat. At least it would provide some interesting moments with Chad telling Ben he’s taking his leftovers yet again. And let’s be honest give Wilson a chance to show off his “talent.”

Yes I know some people are going to think I’m crazy but Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) needs to go. Kayla has been relegated to being everyone’s talk to. Some are going to call to put her in a new relationship, I say NO! Days was built on Bo/Hope, John/Marlena, Jack/Jennifer and Patch/Kayla, and it’s a crying shame none of those of couples are together now. I would have Stephen Nichols return as Patch to take his “sweetness” off into the sunset. Unless Days was able to get him back full time (which I doubt he would) give them a sweet farewell.

3. Returns

With the list of dead weight I suggested to leave the show, you are probably thinking I have a huge list of returns. You are wrong, I actually have three suggestions Phillip Kiriakis, Kristen and Peter Blake. Phillip is the son of Kate and Victor, there’s no reason why he should not be in Salem, running Titan, cementing himself as the next generation of the Kiriakis Dynasty. Days decision to have Chad as the new head of the Dimera clan is a joke. It’s time to call in the big guns. I would have Peter Blake return portrayed by Ted King and of course Eileen Davidson back full time. Peter Blake has so much history he could be the new go to villain. Not to mention King hasn’t worked with a leading lady that he didn’t have maxing chemistry with.

Walker Ragsdale
Walker Ragsdale is a freelance writer and publicist specializing in enertainment and branding.

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