Top Five Ways to Fix ‘Days of our Lives’


2. Purpose

Almost the entire cast is wandering around without a purpose but for now I’m going to focus on Marlena (Deidre Hall), Will (Guy Wilson), Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), Eric (Greg Vaughn), Adrienne (Judi Evans) and JJ (Casey Moss). Marlena has to be more than the town’s go to shrink. I’m not saying she has to drive the main story, but she can be integrated more. If Days is going to insist that Will is a journalist, have him go work for Titan Media under Phillip. Then throw in Jennifer as editor. She could want him to do hard new stories while he is more interested in writing salacious stories. That would create conflict between Will and Jennifer which could include the whole Horton family. Hope should be a bad ass cop. With Peter Blake back in charge of the shady dealing of DiMera Enterprises, have Hope start investigating him. I already mentioned if the show wanted to keep Ben, he could be the face of Countess Wilhelmina. Put Lucas in charge, give him an actual power base. Eric could be the go to freelance photographer mixing it up with both companies. It’s time to forget about the priesthood, move on. It’s over, done with, bye Felicia. It’s also time to give Vaughan something else to play besides angst. Days seems to forget Adrianne has more children besides Sonny (Freddie Smith), it’s time for her to get a life of her own again and stop babying him. She is a rape victim. I would move her into the hospital scene as a counselor, Anne Milbauer (Meredith Scott Lynn) needs someone else to spar with besides Jennifer and Daniel (Shawn Christian). Finally Jack “JJ” Deveraux Jr. Why isn’t he somewhere getting himself into trouble? And I’m not talking destroying Horton Square. He should go work as Eric’s assistant, hitting on models and living up to his namesake.

Adrienne confides to Lucas that she fears Justin might be having an affair.1.Romance

Where is the love Days of Our Lives? First up I would put JJ into Melanie’s (Molly Burnett) orbit, it would be interesting to see how Abby (Kate Mansi) would react to her best friend and little brother dating, not to mention Daniel, Jennifer and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers). Speaking of Abby with Phillip’s return as head of Titan Media, I would have him interact with the hospital’s head of public relations Abby. Then let Theresa (Jen Lilley) set her sights on Phillip and Chad decide he wants Abby back. Chad and Theresa could team up to split up Abby and Phillip all the wild becoming bed buddies. Instantly you the new generation of Hortons, Bradys, Dimeras and Kiriakis together. So far it seems like Days is doing an okay job with the Will, Sonny and Paul (Christopher Sean) triangle. Paul trying to breakup Will and Sonny would be the best thing to happen to the couple. Build a romance between Lucas and Adrienne, with Justin (Wally Kurth) gone, Adrienne starts to lean on Lucas more and more. Will and Sonny while having marriage trouble will also have to deal with their parents dating. It could also put Victor (John Aniston) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) back at odds. Victor is upset his nephew’s wife is cheating with Kate’s son, throw Phillip in the middle of his parent’s latest conflict. The show has Daniel and Nicole (Ari Zucker) working towards something, what happens when Brady starts to get jealous just a Kristen returns to town. I’m willingly to see where the romance between Eric and Serena (Melissa Archer) goes. It’s time for Jennifer to move on and enters Rafe (Galen Gering), Mr. Good Guy. During the investigation have sparks fly between Hope and Peter, all it takes is for a case to put the two on the same side of the law. Finally I would have Marlena decide she wants to try again with Roman (Josh Taylor) just as Kate decides the same. Busy Body Maggie could try to help assist her best friend Marlena to keep Roman from Kate. This opens an opportunity for Kate to go after Maggie thus causing a big rift with her and Victor.

And that’s my five ways to fix Days. I don’t necessarily think new writers or a bunch of new character are needed. The show just needs to utilize the characters they already have on canvas more. With the taping schedule the next five months are already tapped so this column is a moot point. At the end of the day, I’m just a fan who wants to see the show and genre succeed. Until next time…..

What are some of your issues with Days of our Lives? How would you fix the show?

Walker Ragsdale
Walker Ragsdale is a freelance writer and publicist specializing in enertainment and branding.

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