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Days of Our Lives Recap: Will shows his insecurities, Nicole meets someone new


Days of Our Lives this last week was as lukewarm as the one before it, giving us just enough drama to tide us over to another week. Since the start of the year, I was worried about the state of the show and how it’s heading into its 50th anniversary but since then we’ve got new head writers, big casting returns and the announcement that good, heartfelt story worthy of the anniversary will begin in the summer and carry on through 2016. So basically we just have to survive through more of Melanie Jonas’ incessant snooping, ceramic elephants and young gay men turning into their mothers. Just five more months… But let’s check out what happened in Salem the week of March 27th!

Will, your insecurity is showing!

Hurry, Will Horton and cover that up! Envious green is just not the most becoming color on Will yet he wore it all over Salem this last week, bursting at the seams with it for anyone to see. Will’s jealousy stems from the misguided notion that Sonny Kirakis only married him because Paul Narita turned down his proposal before – but the main issue obviously is that Will broke his marriage vows. But this last week, the views saw that Will has nothing but indefinite plans to stick to his brand of the story.

With his husband back home now, all Will can do is berate Sonny for seeing Paul first even when Sonny tries to explain that they just happened upon one another. There’d been no secret plan to meet especially not in Horton Town Square in front of children and Will’s pseudo grandfather, John Black. Though he was the one who ultimately caved under Paul’s sensual pressure, Will thinks that Sonny is weak to Paul and desperately wants him out of Salem as fast as possible. Later, in two separate moments of vulnerability, a ranting Will lets slip to Paul that he doesn’t think Sonny would want him if he could have Paul and a solemn Sonny admits that he thinks he may have rushed Will into marriage. These were my favorite moments in the storyline this week for different reasons; Sonny’s confession felt like a long time coming for me. I’ve never been too big of a fan of the character all stemming from the way he was introduced pursuing a then confused Will. Never once did I imagine that they’d be together this long and that they’d marry at that! Their love story was sweet for what it was, but always felt rushed to me. Will came out as a gay man but instead of getting to experience his new lease on life, he got into a long term relationship with the first man that showed him the kind of attention he always sought deep down. I can see where insecurities would blossom from that, especially after meeting his hunky, famous ex-boyfriend. In a sense, Will is taking that internalized jealousy most of us would feel in that situation and setting it loose. I think that’s why we see his erratic behavior such as threatening Paul’s mother over her son’s paternity and practically stalking the ex-pitcher as so glaringly painful.

But that doesn’t excuse his actions either. Sonny has yet to do anything to cement these feelings that Will has leaving the blamer as still the person to be blamed. While Will was alluding to his marital issues to best friend Tad, Sonny and Paul had met up for another apology session. At this point, it’s obvious that Paul is doing this just to still be around Sonny though I do think his apologies are still on the sincere side; definitely manipulative but sincere to a point. This time Paul apologizes for making Will sleep with him, admitting that he used every ounce of his charm to get the reporter into bed. Sonny isn’t very accepting of it and kind of mentions that it takes two to tango, finding fault in the both of them. Unfortunately, it’s this intimate discussion that Will comes upon after being tipped off from T that Paul and Sonny had left TBD together. Do you think it is fair for Will to be this paranoid? Do you think Sonny should even still be seeing Paul whether it be casual or not? I’d much rather see Will turn that anger into passion and get together with Paul again – and again! The truth is set to spill over soon enough and I’m much more interested in seeing how the three of them will reform in the aftermath, much more than this repetitive blame game.

A new planet for Nicole to orbit

Though these scenes were relatively small in the scope of things, they were probably the most interesting thing Nicole Walker did all week. A familiar face returned to Salem in the role of a new character and we all know that when the first person a new character bumps into in a scene spells attachment down the line.

For far too long, Nicole has been like a satellite orbiting planet Daniel Jonas – the tannest, most ripped, smartest planet in the galaxy – with no end in sight. Not even her once unbreakable love for Eric Brady (who no longer deserves said love) has been able to keep her from tracing Daniel’s every footstep, desperate for him to notice her again. Instead of seeing her shaving him again, a new man was introduced into Nicole’s orbit; someone she’ll soon come to learn is involved in the elephant plot she’s investigating thus tied with Serena Mason.

Xander and Nicole run into one another at TBD and immediately come to like one another, openly flirting after spilling coffee all over each other. The best part was watching Daniel steaming from the doorway of the club or restaurant or café, watching as Nicole charmed her way through the conversation with the foreign “businessman”. He takes her card but doesn’t leave his name as he’s off to handle business which we find is with Serena. Xander is the man after the diamonds that Serena’s found and wants them at once, especially after waiting for years for Interpol to get off his trail. Serena’s not ready to give them up and before Xander can get any angrier, Eric shows up at Serena’s hotel room, surprised but delighted to see Xander again after Africa. When the new arrival heads out, Eric wonders why Serena seems so off and she admits to never liking Xander that much. Clearly Xander is liking some Nicole Walker as he finds her again to give her an invite to dinner with him and his friends. He doesn’t mind one bit that she’s already spoken for. Though we know she’s barely spoken for.

All the viewers know about Xander so far is that he’s an extremely sexy, probably dangerous man with an accent and a great smile. Yet the fans have taken to him like bees to honey as he’s the much lesser evil of two other evils known as Eric and Daniel. Both men have scorned her far too many times to count and if she must be in a relationship, then she needs to be with someone new rather than bouncing to and fro between the same two men who treat her so unfairly. As of now, I’ll be rooting for Xander and Nicole to develop into something real because her love for Daniel. That’s not real. And any feelings for Eric should have been flushed away once he thought it plausible for the love of his life to rape him. Nicole needs to stop giving these old men chances and get with someone new! Do you think that Xander could be a good romantic option for Nicole if he sticks around for long enough?

Once again, these recaps are not always blow for blow recaps and contain a lot of my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation. Comment here or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun. See you next week!

Coryon Gray
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