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General Hospital Recap: The Cassadines add some reality, the Jeromes make a comeback, #NiCo fakes it


This last week in Port Charles was generally a strong one. Recently, General Hospital has been all about loading up our screens with story after story, so much so that things sometimes get a bit convoluted. Even with a number of sometimes slow and messy stories on the front burner, there were some definite high points this week that were able to smooth out those bumps in the road. Let’s find out what happened in Port Charles last week!

The Jerome Renaissance

There’s only three of them in Port Charles but they make up a big part of every story we see and this week, the three of them made a major turn around in three different ways. The most obvious one was with Kiki Jerome, though I must say that I still find her to be an unnecessary character (Hayley Erin could have easily been tapped to play Serena Baldwin or another legacy character), her recasting this week already seems to be a step in the right direction. There really wasn’t much of her to truly judge what direction the writing and the acting will be taking Kiki, but from her mannerisms and voice alone, I can say that I’m already liking Hayley Erin in the role.

Screenshot 2015-02-27 20.59.54After a quick meta announcement, we get to meet nuKiki at Kelly’s where she’s having a meal with Morgan Corinthos and her father, Silas Clay. She wants to plan a memorial service for her mother Ava Jerome but her father asks her to wait until there’s official word on her status. So the focus shifts to her baby sister Avery and the custody battle she’s set to be caught up in between Michael Quartermaine and Sonny Corinthos. A furious Kiki doesn’t think Michael has the right to take Avery away to which Michael responds that he’s the only one really looking out for Avery after he too shows up at Kelly’s. As expected, the exchange gets heated between the young adults, especially when Michael vows to keep Avery away from the two of them as well which gets fists flying. Silas breaks up the fight and then announces he has to leave town for work. The next time we see Dr. Clay is in a New York City hospital where he’s come to treat the long missing Ava Jerome! This was by no means a shocking twist of events, but it was still jolting as we know Ava has been a major driving force for story since her arrival in town and lately… this town could use some good story!

Through the former lovers’ exchange, we learn that Silas rescued Ava and put her in this NYC hospital under an alias to give her time to recover from her fall and gunshot wound. Unfortunately that means everyone has to think she’s dead so no contact with her children at all. Even after Ava hears the alarming news that a freed Sonny now has custody of Avery, there’s nothing she can do but lie back and recover. There’s a moment where Ava lets Silas know how happy she is that she can trust him to keep her safe, and in a way so am I. I was never a fan of the character of Silas Clay like many other viewers, but I’m beginning to wonder if this is the writers’ way of turning him around. He was always too straight laced, too much of a cardboard cutout of what a doctor should be but now he’s helping out his baby mama with her outlandish scheme. I’m not exactly on board for Silas and Ava getting back together and becoming insta-parents, but I would like to see their friendship explored more. Then maybe we can get to the romantic point.

Then finally there’s Julian Jerome, the de facto patriarch of the Jerome family who has spent the last few months a shadow of his once charismatic self; when not pining for Alexis Davis, Julian’s time was mostly spent trying to outrun his geriatric boss, Fluke. This week had him returning to form, even if just a little. In a rare time that he wasn’t playing in the sheets with Alexis, Duke Lavery caught up with Julian holding an offer that he should not have refused. There’s still talk of gaining territory of this and that in Port Charles apparently but Julian was having none of that, and he shoots down Duke’s offer as he’s worked too hard to give up on what’s his. An angry Duke then vows to bury Julian for turning him down – which of course means more mob storylines. I don’t want it, I’m fed up with it but unfortunately the crime will continue to play out on our screens. As you can tell by now, I’m all for the tough Julian, not so much the cupcake we’ve been watching in recent times but he could have easily taken the offer and moved on to a life as a hard-hitting journalist instead. His life in organized crime has hurt nearly everyone close to him and with another baby potentially on the way, I can’t see why Julian wouldn’t even consider the option of wiping his slate clean again if not for that family let alone us exhausted viewers.

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