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General Hospital Recap: The Cassadines add some reality, the Jeromes make a comeback, #NiCo fakes it


Double Trouble in Shadybrook

I’m sure no one imagined giving Nina Reeves full roaming access to patient’s rooms at Shadybrook, including her former partner in crime Franco’s, would be an issue. This week the viewers got to see that Nina is no longer that helpless loon from months ago, but that she’s very much living in reality and knows just which strings to pull to still get her way.

It’s apparent that Nina spends a lot of time at Franco’s bedside even when it’s not shown, but each day doesn’t seem to get better for the man she’s come to love. Franco is still veryScreenshot 2015-03-02 21.28.49 much out of it, propped up in bed with his blank stare right through anyone who visits. A few weeks ago, thinking he was James Franco, Franco mistook Nina for Anne Hathaway but this week took the cake for sure. During Nina’s visit, Franco was sure he was talking to Phyllis, an old friend of his from Wisconsin no matter how much Nina protested that she was definitely not Phyllis. At least not anymore! I’ve always enjoyed their friendship, right from the very beginning so now that they’re potentially going to move ahead with their love story, I’ve been on the edge of my seat with excitement. These two have been each other’s ride or die friends from early on but even I was worried that with Nina set to leave Shadybrook, she might have to try and figure out a way to break Franco out as they’d promised to stick together. Luckily for her, the very baby she kidnapped a few months back, Avery Jerome was at the courthouse to be present for Michael Quartermaine’s custody hearing. The stars all seemed to be aligned in her favor and sensing a chance, Nina began to act out, calling Avery her baby again which shocked her lawyer and brother who had thought she’d finally gotten passed her issues. Due to obvious reasons, Nina was able to get her competence hearing postponed which allowed her more time in Shadybrook with her zoned out beau.

What could have possessed me to not think that for Franco, all of this was one big rouse too but initially I was sad to see Nina return to Shadybrook all giddy for someone who wasn’t all the way there. She was practically bouncing when she returned to Franco’s bedside with the news of her big acting stunt only to be one upped when Franco reveals that he too is faking his insanity! Finally we can rejoice! A couple that’s actually all the way likable (crazy, sure but likable) on canvas and there’s hope for them! Even though there was just a little taste of this pairing this week, it was enough to stand out among the cluttered canvas as a strong point. Can’t wait for more from Nina and Franco antics! Those Shadybrook orderlies better watch out!

Tears of the Dark Prince

No one ever thinks of seeing Nikolas Cassadine cry because no one wants to. He’s far too sweet to be shedding a tear but this last week we were treated to much more than just a single tear. With his son, Spencer Cassadine, in mortal danger for the entire week, viewers got to see a much softer side to the Russian royalty that had been slipping over to the dark side.

Spencer Cassadine, Emma Scorpio-Drake, Cameron Spencer and Josslyn Jacks were up to their usual oddly mature banter at Spencer’s party that in the end resulted in a big shift of couples. Cameron called it quits with his longtime “girlfriend” Emma after he realized that it was Josslyn who truly understood him and his art; I have to say I laughed a little – then gagged – at that. This of course left Emma distraught and left Spencer wide open for the attack and like a Cassadine, he swooped in at the right moment to tide Emma back onto his side. Once Josslyn and Cameron left to spend the rest of their night together (chaperoned by Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper), the other new couple was left to their own devices but also unaware of a stray goodie bag that had fallen onto an open flame. Soon what had started off as a run of the mill birthday celebration ended in tragedy, putting half of Port Charle’s child set in danger. The room quickly engulfed in flames leaving Emma and Spencer trapped, unable to reach anyone for help! Matters only worsened when Spencer crossed to the other side of the room to retrieve his gift from his Uncle Sonny only to block himself off from Emma as the ceiling began to collapse with the fire. Things were looking down but the ever crafty Emma managed to escape and found Nikolas and her father, Patrick Drake to alert them of the fire.

The sheer panic in Nikolas’ eyes was enough to get tears welling but when he dashed through those flames to save his now unconscious son; well you could say the floodgates opened up. I’ve never been a big fan of Spencer as I’ve always found him too mouthy and spoiled but a great character nonetheless; however this last year he’s been painted a bit more likably than in the past and that alone worked in getting my heart gripped in an iron fist.

What was done really well with this story was that it was based in reality, the danger actually felt tangible from our screens. I think that says a lot in a show that includes mob bosses, mind control and sometimes aliens that maybe it’s time to tone things down a bit and get back to reality. I doubt there was a dry eye anywhere as we saw Nikolas pacing the General Hospital waiting room, hoping for good news on his son’s condition. Unfortunately, there was barely any to report as Spencer remained in serious condition from smoke and burns as the week closed out. In another touching addition to the real drama of this story, Spencer was airlifted out of General Hospital to Shriners Hospital for Children in Chicago, a real hospital that specializes in treating children with severe conditions such as burns. Again, I wasn’t so much on Nikolas’ side in recent weeks after he followed behind his grandmother and Spencer was never a favorite of mine, but this story deserves applause for its authenticity and bringing awareness to Shriners Hospital’s work for injured children. Let’s hope the writers keep that authencity running through the story and doesn’t cook up some miracle cure for Spencer’s burns as it’d be nice, and I’m sure relatable for families who are unfortunately in a similar situation.

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation. Comment or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun! See you next week!

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