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Days of Our Lives Recap: Eve and JJ accept their attraction, Will channels Sami


Days of Our Lives is in good shape again! Can they keep it up? We can only hope so after they had a dismal few weeks in the ratings. The stories seem to be moving again and at a clear pace. There are still really only two strong tales on the front burner now, but if they’re given enough visibility on our screens, this could turn out to be an exciting few months until the head writer changeover in the summer. There’s nothing like a gay love triangle and a naughty age-inappropriate affair to get the ball rolling again in Salem! Let’s check it out!

Eve’s got it bad

And do we blame her? Is there anyone out there who really blames Eve Donovan – sorry, Larson – for getting hooked on all that is JJ Devereaux? The only real gripe about this latest development is that it should have happened much sooner! For months now, most of us have been quietly cheering for Eve to snatch away her daughter Paige’s boyfriend, JJ, so when it did happen it was a pleasant little surprise. Unfortunately instead of focusing on the steaming hot charisma that this May-December couple has, the focus fell on the flat character of Paige and her attempts to win back her boyfriend and for some that killed the excitement of the story. This week felt somewhat like a revival, even more so as a clear setting up of a big reveal coming straight for the bed buddies.

It was just last week that JJ told his ex-girlfriend’s mother that they needed to stop fighting their feelings for one another; it was obvious they couldn’t stop having sex with each other so why pretend to hate it? Hearing that must have flipped the acceptance switch in Eve’s head because very easily she went from berating JJ at every turn to pretty openly soliciting him for more bedroom play. Poor Jennifer Horton made the mistake of barging into Eve’s home after that theoretical switch was turned on. As usual, Jennifer was going off about something that was nowhere near her own business, attacking Eve for her parental decisions toward Paige as if they were co-parenting that poor, boring girl. Eve had been getting sloshed on wine as usual so anything Jennifer shouted was rolling right off of her but watching her enemy freak out was clearly getting her excited for she teased, prodded and nearly let slip that she was hitting the sheets with Jennifer’s son on the regular. To be honest, it would have been fun for all of us too to see Jennifer shoot through the roof but in soap land, it’s only really satisfying when the character gets to see all of the debauchery for themselves. Days of our Lives is playing their cards just right because later in the day after another heated run in with Eve, Jennifer snatches her longtime rival’s house keys from her. This will only spell trouble later down the line and hopefully some legal trouble for Jennifer too? She and Abigail need to realize they can’t just walk into someone’s house all the time whether they have the key or not!

The next time we get to see Eve again is after JJ makes the rounds with his new “girlfriend” Roxanne Trenton, who is actually an old friend from his boarding school days that he’s using to keep Paige off his trail. When JJ introduces his old flame to his new, it goes off without a hitch, leaving a dejected Paige to finally drift out of his orbit to focus on something as mundane as she is. The crushed velvet dress she wore all week, maybe? But I digress! JJ’s plan with Roxanne feels fool proof until Eve catches sight of them and under the guise of a protective mother bear she scares away Roxanne to have JJ all by herself. Even though Eve claims that her off the wall ranting is because of how JJ and Roxanne hurt Paige, to anyone watching, it’s pretty clear that her actions are soaked in her own jealousy. Eve probably felt that after months, she was finally in the clear; Paige was completely done with him, JJ had given in to their sexual attraction to one another. It should be easy but then she sees another much younger girl on his arm and all alarms go blaring. To get her to calm down, JJ and Eve make plans to “talk” later at her apartment but little do they know is that they’re bound to have a third party joining them. With the story moving away from Paige’s efforts to get the truth out of JJ and instead on the budding attraction between her mother and ex-boyfriend, the story really does feel alive again. Even Jennifer playing the meddling snoop in the middle of all of it is enough of classic soap opera to keep me satisfied. Hopefully then Jenn finally plays dirty after discovering the affair, watching her whimper and moan through crises has gotten old now, she needs her bite back! Maybe a loaded gun could help?

These guys ain’t loyal

The gays in Days were a hundred kinds of messy this week! From Will Horton to Sonny Kiriakis to Paul Narita, every one of them seemed to really only have their own interests at heart. In Sonny’s case, that’s understandable, two people in his life betrayed him in the worst way so the only trustworthy person he has in his corner at the moment is himself. But Will and Paul? Out of order!

Desperate to save his marriage, Will pleads with Sonny to forgive him.So in actuality, Paul was not that badly behaved this week as he was a week ago when he confessed to the entire town that he slept with Will. Grandmother included. This week, we got to see a gentler side to Paul when his mother Tori shows up in Salem to his surprise. Now that his surgery is over and the article is out, she’s more than ready to pluck him right out of town to take him home but Paul is adamant about staying. In his head, Paul is probably thinking it’d be a good decision to stay in town to somehow make amends for sleeping with the husband of the love of his life, but to anyone with common sense it’ll probably do nothing but send more shockwaves through town. But that’s what we want, so we’ll let him stay, even if I don’t think that the ex-pitcher’s intentions are 100% genuine. I could very easily see him working this apologetic route toward getting back into Sonny’s wounded heart. Paul has been a great new character played by an even greater actor, and he’s totally been a big asset to the show since joining but that doesn’t make Paul a great guy. He’s definitely got some tricks under his sleeves and his calling and apologizing to Will, seeking counsel from Marlena and maybe his mother soon too doesn’t seem to be real to me. I doubt his plans will go so smoothly though, not when his mother is breaking glasses upon seeing Marlena Evans and peeking around every corner in fear. Just what – or whom is she hiding from?

Will was nowhere near Paul’s level of messiness, in fact he surpassed it and then some this week! In the classic form of his mother, Sami Brady, Will somehow talked himself into thinking that shaking off even part of the blame of his cheating scandal was an excusable option. After taking the warranted verbal beatdown from Sonny for breaking their marriage vows, Will had the audacity to turn around and accuse Sonny of simply marrying him because Paul turned him down in the past. Though I must say, I was someone who did not like Sonny’s pursuit of a still in the closet Will way back when, but there was no way Sonny went after Will to try and lock in marriage again, just like he couldn’t have known about the convoluted situation they found themselves in now. Just like his mother always was, Will was desperate and when desperate, they both tend to pull out every and any excuse with hopes that one will stick. Sonny wasn’t having any of that though and as he should, turned the conversation back onto Will’s betrayal and cover up which were the real issues. When he sees that his attempts to blame didn’t work, Will has to beckpedal, begging for his husband’s forgiveness but Sonny ushers him out the door with his firmness.

With all of this playing out recently, almost everywhere one looked there was criticism for Guy Wilson’s portrayal of Will, some felt that Will’s showing of remorse was strongly lacking on screen and some viewers were even angry with the soiling of the WilSon legacy, as if unable to separate both character and actor. This is just a small sidebar, I usually try not to touch too much on the actors’ acting but I do feel like this should be addressed as it’d be a good talking point. I do not have a problem with the NuWill, I didn’t from the beginning and I still don’t. Yes, this week I do think there was a jarring lack of connection to the scene material; I’ve yet to find anything wrong with the connection between the new WilSon. I don’t think Will’s previous actor could have done any better with these scenes because let’s face it, half of his time on the show he was beyond checked out, it would have been worse. Just please let go of all the comparisons and let nuWill live! He deserves a little more credit than he’s been receiving from some of the Days fans.

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain a lot of my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation. Comment here or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun! See you next week!

Coryon Gray
Coryon Gray joined TV Source Magazine as a staff writer in October 2014. Prior to TV Source Magazine, he's written for and moderated Asian entertainment blogs and forums. On top of writing duties, Coryon is also a panelist for the TV Source Podcast, Soap Countdown Podcast and Our Take Media.

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  1. You’re so right! Three flawed characters who each played a big part in this mess and now they have to figure out how to get through it. I’m excited to see where it goes! Though Will trying to shift blame to Sonny sounds crazy in the moment, I do understand why he now doubts their relationship. It makes sense!

    I don’t think Paul is a bad guy though! Maybe a shift guy but I don’t know about bad! Maybe I’m too biased!

  2. I’ve honestly never found him exceptional. That’s just my POV. I watched his entire run and I’ve always found him clumsy and goofy with his lines, the last year being the worst. But did that mean he was terrible? No. He was definitely charming and he did amazingly in some emotional scenes. However, he was not the pinnacle of the craft of acting.

  3. The fans for Chandler are rabid, which is awesome considering Daytime could still pull in such fanatics but… Give the new guy a break! He’s certainly NOT terrible.

  4. Defending Will and Sonny (Clocking Paul)

    (Some “H”s may be missing because the key gets stuck. I try and edit but always miss some.)

    I’m really starting to dislike Paul. He’s trying to be a home wrecker
    and doesn’t care who he hurts in the process. Just because a marriage
    hits a problem is no reason to swoop in and destroy everything. If Sonny
    and Paul were to get together and things went bad with Sonny and him,
    does Paul think it would be okay for Will or someone else to come in and
    break up Sonny and him, too? All relationships hit rough spots and ONSs
    don’t have to mean the end. It’s a cop out. Christoper Sean said all is
    fair in love and war. Christopher and Paul are delusional. Paul said
    “no” all those years ago. He needs to suffer the consequences and move
    on. Sonny said it was for the best that things worked out as they did
    because he truly loves Will. He doesn’t regret his marriage and Arianna
    even if he is upset right now. Sonny has been angry at Paul for him
    expecting Sonny to walk away and I don’t think that is going to change
    considering he isn’t ready to make changes. He’s being smart and not
    making a rushed decision from a broken heart. Delusional Paul doesn’t
    realize that life isn’t a fairy tale – his “true love” doesn’t have to
    win. Paul would become the rebound guy even though he was part of
    Sonny’s past. Paul has lived in a fantasy world of a pro athlete for
    years and has been able to have almost everything he ever wanted. He’s a
    billionaire. The guy doesn’t know what real life is like as an adult who
    works works pay check to pay check. He has no concept of reality. Sure,
    he grew up watching is mom work her ass off to give him a good life, but
    that wasn’t him making all the tough decisions. That makes a
    difference. As a pro-athlete, he has become a self-centered person. He
    may have moments of being a good guy with helping others and having
    sympathy, but that’s usually when it benefits him or makes him feel good
    in some way. He’s not selfless. Paul has a lot of growing up to do… a
    lot more than Will does.

    All three guys are capable of being good and loving guys. But all three of them are flawed.
    That is what makes this a great story. (And all three actors are playing their roles superbly.)

    Will #1
    – He cheated on his husband. He knew he was in temptation but didn’t
    walk away from the story before it was too late, and bam, in the heat of
    the moment, carnality and lust took over. Some say he shouldn’t have
    taken off his ring. But this was reality for a gay man. Fact: when it
    comes to business, other out and proud gay men in the real world do the
    same thing in order to not create confrontation in business deals.
    People really do ask about spouses when they see a ring. They hear
    things like, “You and the wife” should come to this (fill in the blank.)
    We didn’t get the whole scene between Will, Zoe and the boss about the
    ring. Was the writing bad or was the scene cut short? We probably will
    never know and now many people will hate Will. But when Will explained
    to Marlena and Sonny that Paul may be “weirded out” that he is gay, it
    made sense. No wonder Zoe was so crazy shocked to find out Paul was gay.
    She thought as an athlete he would more likely be homophobic and she
    certainly didn’t want to lose the deal.

    Will #2
    – He went to California with Arianna. That’s nice he wanted to help
    Sami and the kids wit the transition. He was excited about an
    opportunity. But e didn’t return phone call. I don’t get it either. Such
    contrived bullshit to make the story juicier so there was conflict wen
    Paul came to town. BUT I don’t believe he had an affair. Will wouldn’t
    have been flipping out the way he did with Kate and wanting so badly to
    confess to Sonny. He probably was hit on by other men and had no problem
    turning them down. What Will needs to do is better analyze why the one
    night stand happened and make hard and fast rules wit himself about
    putting himself in tempting situation so it won’t happen again.

    Sonny #1
    – Sonny has created doubt in Will’s mind about if his marriage was all a
    lie. Sonny is not the only one wondering where he stands in their
    relationship. Will needed to know a long time ago that e proposed to
    someone else years ago and tat e wasn’t second best. e never ad to say
    the guys name.

    Sonny #2
    – Will had every right to know that one of his exes was in town. Would
    it out Paul? At that point, who the hell cares? Who’s more important:
    Will or Paul? Will is a sympathetic person. He would never out someone.
    Will’s been through that when his gay bar with Neil alibi hit the
    newspapers during Stefano’s “murder” in the summer of 2012. Will proved
    he would never out someone. He wanted Paul’s consent. And if Sonny
    thinks Will should have confessed to the ONS and that it almost happened
    again but he stopped it, then Sonny should have confessed that Paul
    kissed him… twice. The first time he kissed back before he pulled away
    while he pushed Paul away immediately the second time.

    Sonny #3:
    Sonny drained his and Will’s savings. Money and infidelity are the
    number one reasons for divorce in our country. They wondered how they
    were going to buy groceries the first week! No wonder Will didn’t walk
    away from any story he would have been writing even though he should
    have in the situation with Paul.

    Will #3:
    Obviously, Will created the biggest transgression, but he isn’t the
    only flawed individual here. The perfect storm was created. People can
    argue all they want that Will would have cheated later. In the right
    circumstances: maybe, maybe not. I challenge fans to watch the old
    episode clips from January-March of 2013. Will is flawed, but he doesn’t
    want to be. He as a heart despite what haters prefer to believe. He is
    not Sami. Sami never admitted guilt the way Will does. You will also see
    angry Sonny. The man isn’t vanilla like some viewers like to believe.
    And during that time, there was an interloper, Brian. I believe WilSon
    will get back together once again.It is possible without it being

    MESSAGE TO PAUL (Sonny already learned this when he left Paul.)

  5. Sorry I disagree about GW. I just find his acting skills sorely lacking. His stilted delivery,lack of facial expression and limited emotional range does not endear me to him. I just don’t see any chemistry with Freddie or Marlene. As for CM phoning it in on his last year,everyone seems to forget his previous 3 years where he did exceptional acting and the chemistry with Freddie and especially Marlene. CM is gone and good luck to him but you’re telling me TPTB out of all the actors out there. GW was the best they could find?

  6. I agree totally about Guy’s performance – people need to get over it! Will has always been somewhat of a doofus along with also being quite lovable. Chandler played him that way and now Guy is doing the same.

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