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2015 Daytime Emmy Predictions: Outstanding Lead Actor

Photo credit (l-r): Christian LeBlanc courtesy CBS.com; Tony Geary courtesy Craig Sjodin/ABC; Billy Miller courtesy Rick Rowell/ABC; Jason Thompson courtesy Rick Rowell/ABC

Who Should Win – Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Jason Thompson as Dr. Patrick Drake. GH14. (ABC/Matt Petit)

Year after year, Jason Thompson submits solid, heartbreaking scenes and quite honestly we think it’s time for him to win. Admittedly, work of years past may have been stronger, but that doesn’t take away from the striking performance he delivered during the heartbreaking scenes featuring Patrick and Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) breakup. Give the man his Emmy!

Thompson made Patrick, begging his wife who just returned from the dead herself to stay with her family instead of running off to tend to her undead her friend, seem like the life-shattering fork in the road it should have been rather than the silliness it could have been. We’re  not sure what else he could have submitted. The stuff with Gabriel’s death was good, but the dead baby Emmy reel bait is tired. The scenes where he played the duel role of Patrick and Patrick’s “darkside” were good but co-starTony Geary submitted a duel role reel which would have made it hard to stand out.

What Thompson’s reel did do was pull at viewers’ emotions in a way that the other contenders’ reels don’t. No doppelgangers, guns or deaths, just the ending of a marriage. Thompson shows his character’s devastation to the audience with a beautiful realism as his character comes to the tough conclusion that he may have to move on and have a life without his wife.

This isn’t as strong as what Thompson has submitted in the past but it’s still good material. He’s missed the win that last few years and using Emmy logic that could mean that he a shoe in this year. However he’s got a big competition in his co-star and Emmy darling Tony Geary.

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