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2015 Daytime Emmy Predictions: Outstanding Supporting Actor

Photo credit (l-r): Scott Clifton courtesy Giles Toucas Photography; Jacob Young courtesy Giles Toucas Photography; Kristoff St. John courtesy CBS.com; Chad Duell courtesy Rick Rowell/ABC

Who Should Win – Jacob Young

Jacob Young

Photo Credit: Jacob Young courtesy Giles Toucas Photography

Ok, so work with us on this. This is for the most part the same reel co-star Linsey Godfrey submitted for Outstanding Supporting Actress, but we liked it for Jacob Young, not for her. That may not make much sense but go with it. There were entirely too many people the scenes, resulting in pulling our focus from the person it should have been on. The difference being the direction Young went when Rick was alone verses what Godfrey did while Caroline was with Ridge.

Rick breaking down while thinking of all the memories with his wife and tying that into the imagined image in his head of what Caroline’s escapades with Ridge must have been like was phenomenal. The breakdown at the end of a man who couldn’t stand it anymore was played like only Young can. Brilliantly.

We’re used to seeing a lot of emotional Emmy reels in this category but not often enough does that emotion come from a broken heart. Young’s reel is high on entertainment and good soap. It’s refreshing to see this sort of material get recognition for its portrayer. No dead babies, illnesses or other forms of “Emmy bait.” Having the unique Emmy reel worked for Days of our Lives’ Eric Martsolf last year and it could work for Young too.

Jacob Young is competing with his co-star Scott Clifton (Liam). Whereas Clifton’s reel felt more like it should have been one for co-star Darin Brooks (Wyatt), Young is very much at the center of his.

2014 was the year Young was finally given strong material to sink his teeth into and it all started with a kiss.  If the Emmys were based on the full year of performances, we’d want him to win hands down, and not necessarily because of what he submitted. The evolution of Young into a Lead Actor is something that has been a joy to watch. And make no mistake about it, he is a lead actor. With the faith Brad Bell and his team has put into him, we’re certain the meaty material showcased already this year will lead to his first nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor. We’d love to see him take Supporting Actor this year and walk away with the trophy for lead next.

Find out who we predicted will win on the next page.

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2015 Daytime Emmy Predictions: Outstanding Supporting Actress

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