Days of our Lives Recap: Chad and Abigail move to super couple territory, Marlena mourns the loss of an enemy

Abigail is unsettled by Chad's confession.

Out like a wrecking ball

When Marlena Evans showed up at Kristen Dimera’s Italian castle doorstep, I’m sure she had no idea that her trip would end in presumed death. Though she was on the hunt for John Black and Paul Narita, Marlena found herself face to face with her longtime enemy instead thanks to a number of errors (Will Horton!). Before being caught, Kristen had been preparing to flee her castle to a more secure location for the baby, Theresa Donovan and her. She’d just finished taunting both Theresa (revealing to the hellraiser that her boyfriend was on Team Kristen) and Brady (promising to take care of their child in his place), probably feeling on cloud nine until Marlena came to shoot her down. Even though she hadn’t found what she was looking for, Marlena ran with the opportunity to dig into Kristen, not easing up until she got the world class liar to slip up and ultimately reveal she was up to no good. When Marlena hears the sound of a baby and questions Kristen, reminding her she can’t have children. Marlena doesn’t believe the lie about the Dimera heiress sponsoring a village child so instead of letting her ask more questions, Kristen pulls a gun on her.

Theresa is finally reunited with her baby.
Theresa is finally reunited with her baby.

Though we had all seen the armed threats between the two before, this time was visibly different. Kristen was more desperate than usual to flee. In her head, she’s probably thinking that she’s a mother now and all of these people had come to intrude on her new life; the walls were closing in. The good doctor finds an opening when Kristen goes in about getting her revenge, the two of them wrestling for the gun that ends with Kristen being thrown from the window. And ironically, only moments after Marlena calls her a wrecking ball for destroying lives.

There’s a really poignant moment where Marlena flashes back to her decades worth of conflict with Kristen and looks upon the crime scene with tears in her eyes. Aside from Roman Brady, John and Stefano, Kristen played one of the biggest roles in Marlena’s life. To me, it looked a lot like she couldn’t believe that her time with her enemy was over so soon. Talk about one of the greatest love stories! Later, Marlena is allowed to leave Italy on the condition that none of the baby swapping mess is mentioned anywhere. She probably feels like she’s getting off scot free, but Victor Kiriakis later mentions that Stefano does not mourn, he cannot. Instead he gets revenge. Marlena won’t be able to rest easy now unless she feels like becoming a woman in a cage once again.

When Days of Our Lives snagged up Eileen Davidson two years ago, her return helped to boost the show’s sagging ratings for a time. For that reason, I can’t imagine that the showrunners asked her back for a quick ten episode arc – just to kill off Kristen Dimera! Yes, that’s right. After a showdown with longtime nemesis Marlena Evans in Italy, Kristen reportedly tumbled to her death but who really believes that? She’s the adopted daughter of The Phoenix, probably the child that’s come closest to his evilness and ultimately his survival rates. Kristen’s escaped death by pool full of acid, white slavery and a car crash. Who is to say she didn’t pull the chord on her parachute or jetpack at the last moment before crashing into rocks below her castle? Though characters are mourning her loss on screen, off screen, I just don’t see it ever being possible that Days of Our Lives would permanently shelve the popular spitfire of a character. But both she and the all of us viewers deserve a little break from her out of this world antics.

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