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Days of our Lives Recap: Paige sheds her Beige image, Will gets punched as the triangle loses its punch

Will manipulates an explosive situation with Paul and Sonny.

Down for the count

The once fiery love triangle between Will Horton, Sonny Kiriakis and Paul Narita has hit its inevitable slump. Is it a common flaw of the soap opera or Days of Our Lives when a once interesting storyline begins to grow stale; it’s hard to say but I know for sure that I’m not enjoying these three in the same way I did months ago. From what I’ve seen, a lot of the viewers have shifted away from the story as the story shifts into focus mainly on Will, who has been irritating for the most part. Though I’m still not a Will hater, I wholeheartedly understand why someone would not like the character recently.

Paul rips into John regarding his father's past.

Paul rips into John regarding his father’s past.

Will had been working on his unapproved story on Clyde Weston in Poplar Bluff, interviewing all of the shaken up backwoods folk about the entrepreneur and getting just about nowhere. When he returned, dejected and probably a bit shaken up from a threat by Jeremiah, he came home to find Paul with his daughter cradled in his arms. This set Will off who understandably should be worried when someone other than a designated babysitter is with his child. But in new Will fashion, he escalated the situation to all new unnecessary levels. An argument ensued where Will trashed Paul for being just like his father John Black, someone who comes in between marriages while spouting about it being “true love.” After he conveyed the tale of how John split up his grandparents’ marriage, Will drew further comparisons about Paul and his parents, going so far as to call Tori a whore.

Unfortunately for him, Paul was not in the mood and after a warning, he used his homerun swing on Will which knocked him out cold. Sonny of course showed up just in time to see this and rushed to his husband’s side, telling Paul to leave while he cared for Will. Even after the two profess their love for one another again, Will flies into another blind rage later when he sees Paul and Sonny together outside of Club TBD. Paul had wanted to know if Sonny still loved him but the married man gave no answer, with Will’s arrival there was really no chance for that. Though there was time for Paul to tell Sonny why he hit Will, a very different story from the one where Will painted Paul as solely an aggressor. Sonny has to understandably leave the situation, frustrated but also still on the clock at work which leaves his two suitors to themselves. Paul threatens to reveal Will as the liar and blackmailer he is which gets Will all shaken up again. Maybe he was having flashbacks to that sucker punch.

Does anyone really know where this story is going anymore? When Will was doing anything to get the scoop on Paul while sneaking around behind Sonny’s back, that was interesting! But with Sonny’s re-commitment to his marriage, Paul never taking no for an answer and Will’s irrational behavior, this feels like an entirely different set of characters. Someone has to figure out a way to explain why Will has been behaving the way he’s been behaving, a real concrete reason. All of this drama is basically his fault but he’s been flying off the handle at an ever increasing rate at everyone but himself. Then there’s wishy washy Sonny who cannot make up his mind and continues to let persistent Paul back into his life. With Freddie Smith set to leave the show in the near future (and maybe Christopher Sean too?), I cannot see the end of this storyline as it grows thinner and thinner. I know I complained about infidelity running rampant in Salem but please, God please give us a little cheating to spice these three up again. Just anything at all. What are your thoughts on the state of Days’ gay love triangle?

Once again, these recaps are not always blow for blow recaps and contain a lot of my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation. Comment here or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun. See you next week!

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