‘Days of our Lives’ Week In Review: Nicole vs. Daniel, Will And Theresa Are Jealous And We Don’t Know Why

A devious Theresa sets her plan in motion to win favor with Brady.

Like A Virus

Insecurity has been tearing through Will Horton for months now but no one knows exactly why. He was the one who cheated on his husband, Sonny Kiriakis, with hot baseball player Paul Narita. But after finding out that the aforementioned hottie was his husband’s ex? Well, then everything went south – then north and south again. We’ve been all over the map with this threesome (and sometimes foursome) yet there are still many more questions than answers.

This last week, Will was running about town pulling a transparent stunt that his devil of a mother would have put into motion – decades ago as a teenager. It’s safe to say that while he does have his mother’s knack for letting his own messes blow up in his face, he’s not quite as slick as she is at unsuspectingly setting them up. In a heavy-handed move, Will shows up at Paul’s hotel room, trying to be cheeky about “old times” in reference to their past romps. Paul’s not buying anything Will is selling especially when he asks for Paul to let him and Sonny have a chance to reconcile. No one really wants to hear what Will has to say anymore because it’s all desperate drivel now.

When he spots Paul and Derrick together, his brain kicks into overdrive and after whisking Sonny away from work to spend time at the town picnic with their daughter, he deliberately chooses a spot with the best view of the new potential couple. Which happens to be nowhere near any of their family… Really? The best part was when Paul actually calls Will out on his faulty plan to make Sonny think he’s taken. From the obvious positioning to Will even verbally trying to push Paul into dating Derrick, Will blew his entire plan wide open with his even wider mouth.

It’s so stupid and tiresome to have to continue watching as these meaningless plans implode one after another. Just what does Will want? Sonny’s stuck to his side for better or for worse, they’re in counseling working on their problems and Paul is off on the other side of town getting to know his dad. There’s been no threat to the sanctity of their marriage in recent times yet Will is still going at Paul with full force.

Just what has him so insecure and why haven’t the writers touched upon that yet? Maybe Paul is just so good in the sack, took Will to all the right places that he now knows he could never take Sonny and he’s extremely worried. Could that be what this is all about? Giving a once pretty stable character an extremely unstable insecurity factor without explanation makes absolutely no sense. This is the main driving factor of this story yet we have no real reason as to why Will is still so insecure!

Is it the Brady Gene?

Theresa Donovan also took an unexpected dive off the deep end this week – again, with very little reason. As anyone who has read any of my past recaps or reviews, I’m totally all for a soap opera character going more than a little batty but there always has to be reason for it. Sure, one might argue that Theresa’s always been a bit off in the head but with her unprovoked attacks and suspicions towards baby Tate’s nanny, one has to wonder just how off she is.

From day one in the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa was warned that she was far from an honored guest. So after eavesdropping on a happy moment between daddy, son and beautiful nanny, Theresa decided to forego those warnings to try and shoo away the nanny by asking her to find her tablet. No one under the Kiriakis roof, not even the nanny, wants to deal with Theresa’s BS and she’s promptly shut down with a reminder that she’s a nanny and not a maid. I’m almost positive that the entire viewing audience had a little giggle watching the way Theresa’s face fell hearing that. There was honestly nothing for Theresa to get upset over. Brady Black has shown no interest in this nanny and the scene Theresa had stumbled upon was completely innocent.

Still, she’s infuriated with the nanny and decides to do some video editing of the hidden nanny cam to make the new hire look neglectful. Great. As a completely hands-off mother (it seems), one would expect Theresa to be happy that at least someone is caring for her child. Fathoming the fact that this new nanny is more equipped, more easily accepted with the child than she is would be a completely believable reason as to why Theresa wants her gone. But all of this nonsense over Brady? No one wants him, not when any woman fated to be with him is doomed! (Ariana, Madison, Kristen – you all only had one bad decision in common.) At least I know that we’ll be getting more awesome Anne and Theresa scenes with this flimsy plan in place. The two of them are forever magical together, lighting up the screen with a humor very similar to what we all used to know and love from the old Days. That’s really going to be the only selling point of this storyline for me – hopefully it vanishes when the new writing regime’s stories take effect in about a month.

Photos courtesy of NBC.