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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review: Aly is Mourned, Thomas Returns


From a moving tribute, to a couple dosey doe, to a father/son standoff, last week’s The Bold and the Beautiful was packed with enough emotions to go around. After saying goodbye to one of the third generation Forrester’s, we welcomed home another. And can someone tell Wyatt to control his tongue?

Lost In Time

The week began with heavy hearts and guilty consciences as the entire canvas gathered to say goodbye to Aly Forrester. Opting to forgo the emotional beats of the family finding out about her death and Thorne identifying the body, they skipped ahead to the memorial. Although I think this was a poor choice, I kind of understand it. B&B doesn’t have some of the things the other shows have. Like a police station, or even a cop for that matter. They don’t have a church set and only use the hospital set once or twice a year. Still if there was ever an opportunity to give Thorne a stand out moment after his daughter’s death, having him go to the morgue would have been it. We did however get to see him break down in Aly’s room surrounded by her things and comforted by Brooke and Eric. Winsor Harmon is such a talent but I can’t help but to feel like this show has given the character of Thorne the shaft over the years. They relegate him to the basement of his birthright, kill 3 of his 4 wives and now they’ve taken his only child. Thorne has literally never won at anything. He’s always the punch line and this may have been the last straw.

One thing that was done right was the absolutely beautiful montage of Aly’s life set to a stunning song written by Casey Kasprzyk, Anthony Ferrari & Matt Pav and performed by Isabelle. I found myself quite teary eyed to be honest. I can’t say that I’ve been the biggest fan of the character but she had a lot of shining moments and had loads of cap3potential when she wasn’t written as an unhinged pollyanna. Ridge made sure to say just that in an ill-timed Shakespearean kind of way. But as soon as the tears dried up and the memorial ended, the focus was almost immediately shifted back to the poorly received rivalry between Ivy and Steffy. One with fuzzy a recollection of the nights’ events and the other with video proof. Being her usual obnoxious self, Ivy confronted Steffy to tell the truth about what really happened to Aly and how she died. Steffy was taken aback and basically appalled by what Ivy was accusing her of. Thinking they were fighting over him, you know because that’s all the 20-something women do on this show, Liam steps in to put the final nail in the coffin of his relationship with Ivy. Normally I would call breaking up with someone at a funeral classless, but in this case, Ivy deserves whatever she gets solely for being irritating.

Ivy continued her accusations the next day to Wyatt in a scene that has cemented my disdain for this character. In one breath she says that they don’t know everything that happened, in the next she says but she’s knows it was murder. In one breath she acknowledges Aly was disturbed, the next she says Steffy wasn’t defending herself. But the kicker was that she stood there and accused Steffy of putting herself in that situation. Yes, Steffy put herself in the position of having Aly blow out her tire, try to flatten her with a car and bash her head in with a tire iron. Wyatt was so sick of hearing her speak out of both sides of her mouth that finally he just kissed her to shut her up. Let’s pause here for a second, shall we? Hope has a fight with Liam, Wyatt kissed her. Steffy has a fight with Liam, Wyatt kisses her. Ivy has a fight with Liam, Wyatt kisses her. See a pattern here? The only person Wyatt hasn’t made moves on as a direct result of his brothers’ actions has been Nicole. Back to this quad: Ivy agreed to have dinner with Wyatt while Steffy goes home with Liam after quite the heated confrontation by Thorne. I was disappointed in both of these scenes. Ivy grates my nerves so much that I can’t fully allow myself to admit that she and Wyatt are actually cute together. And the first Steam love scene we’ve gotten in years was lackluster at best. However I do appreciate that B&B is the one soap I never have to ask “where’s the love in the afternoon?”

The Son Also Rises

Aly’s funeral not only brought the current canvas together, it also brought home the prodigal son, Thomas Forrester.  New face, new attitude and a new goal, Pierson Fodé stepped into the role vacated by Adam Gregory in 2014 with ease. After my initial shock at how gorgeous he was, I had a drink of water and started paying attention to his acting ability as well. He displayed a very natural rapport with Ridge and Caroline at the office while telling him he was cap2home to stay and was hoping to join their design team. Ridge immediately seemed unnerved by the younger version of himself and told him that he would have to earn his position. Thomas, always full of confidence told him not to worry that he would do just that. Thomas also threw some major shade at his father’s relationship with Caroline. Whether it was out of concern for his father or a renewed interest in Caroline is yet to be seen but I would bet on the latter. Sure that he would get his father’s stamp of approval, he showed him his audition design, if you will. Hoping for high praise, Ridge met Thomas with a scoff and ripped his design in half. He reminded his son that Forrester Creations doesn’t follow the trend, they set it. While some may think Ridge was too hard on his heir apparent, I thought it was a great scene. Notably Ridge calling Thomas out for thinking he was owed anything just because he was his son. Part of me also feels like Ridge was subconsciously comparing Thomas to Zende who came in ready to work his way up from the very bottom.

We also saw the recently absent Brooke, Deacon and Quinn having a civil conversation. I love that Quinn loves Deacon as much as she does but to keep asking Brooke of all people for her blessing is tired and needs to stop. Brooke seemed over it as well the moment she heard Thomas was back to stay. It was like a light bulb went off in her head and she made a beeline for Caroline. By the way, does anyone know exactly what Brooke’s role is in Forrester since they gave her job to Liam? Anyway, she planted a few seeds of the past into Caroline’s mind about her relationship with Thomas when she came to town. Caroline accused her of wanting Ridge back, which is my thought as well, but she assured her she didn’t. Considering this is the longest Brooke has been without a man, I don’t believe her for a second. If she didn’t, why go sing Thomas’ praises to Caroline? Looks like we’re in for yet another quad. But since it doesn’t involve a Spencer boy, I am here for it.

This week, Zende and Nicole grow closer, Bridget returns home and Rick and Maya’s wedding gets underway!

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