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‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Luke Exits, Laura Gives Us Hope And #GHClue


The General Hospital that made me laugh, cry, swoon and want to tune in everyday is back! The past week began a little clumsy when Luke’s exit on Monday was more of a whimper than a roar. But Luke’s walk into the fog actually managed to lift the dark cloud that has been hanging over the daytime drama. The rest of the week was an absolute thrill to watch. The characters, actors and story lines all came alive.

I’ll touch a little bit on Luke’s exit and then move on to some of the week’s high points. Lots of things happened this past week so if I missed something you want to discuss, please leave a comment below and I’ll chat with you.

Screenshot 2015-08-02 12.35.47Manic Monday

I actually really enjoyed Monday’s episode except for the Luke scenes. I don’t care about Luke’s darkness and the conversation with Sonny felt misplaced, like it was tacked together last minute. It made me wonder if the scene was changed up last minute to replace other material. It seems there was a lot of creative conflict involved regarding Luke’s final story line and maybe what really ruined Luke’s exit was all the negativity surrounding it.

Save for the cool salute goodbye to Port Charles and the Casablanca walk away into the mist, Luke’s last day on GH was uneventful. Fans wanted flashbacks and Luke and Laura, the actor did not. So we got what we got.

I asked fans on Twitter for their thoughts on Luke’s last episode. Here is what some folks had to say:


Screenshot 2015-08-01 16.50.24 Screenshot 2015-08-01 16.49.18 Screenshot 2015-08-01 16.52.56 Screenshot 2015-08-01 16.53.43 Screenshot 2015-07-27 16.44.29Screenshot 2015-07-27 14.10.29


“We are all mothers. We all love our sons more than anything in the world.”

While Luke is off battling his demons, Laura brings more light and hope to the canvas. Maybe that’s what drew fans to Luke and Laura for so many years. Laura was Luke’s angel while he was in many ways the devil she tried to save. I’m starting to I think Laura could be just the ticket to giving GH some much needed heart and a moral compass. Her scenes with Liz were everything I want GH to be and then some.

What made the scenes where Laura confronted Liz about Jason so good was that the conflict really came from somewhere emotional and very relatable. Both women tried to appeal to the other’s maternal side to do what they felt was the right thing. There was no talk of mythical infections of darkness. It was about too very strong women appealing to each other as mothers. Laura told Liz it is not fair to keep Monica away from her son but Liz feels that the greater harm comes from telling the truth. “The wrong was already done long before we ever got involved. It’s about doing the best we can for the people we love,” she tells Laura. Still not able to convince Laura, Liz tells Laura what she suspects Nik did to Hayden. You can see Laura’s heartbreak.

While Laura is disappointed and worried for her son’s soul, I suspect she is also blaming a lot of this on her poor choices. She abandoned him and left him to the Cassadines and now he has become one. I was a little worried when I found out that Laura would also be keeping the Jason secret because I had a hard time believing that Laura would do that. But the way this was done is brilliant and makes sense. She’s scared. Scared for her son and maybe also a little scared of him.

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