‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Luke Exits, Laura Gives Us Hope And #GHClue

Friday I’m In Love

Screenshot 2015-07-31 21.35.54One is a reformed serial killer (I’m pretty sure those only exist in soapland) and the other is vengeful nutcase, but when they are together they’re so sweet that none of that matters. This week Franco and Nina reunited in soapy fashion with an exchange of “I love yous” and a kiss, right in the middle of the common room of a mental institution naturally. I really missed seeing these two together. Roger Howarth and Michelle Stafford are just everything when playing opposite each other.

Of course they still have their fair share of obstacles to overcome. For starters, Nina is married to Ric and now she’s committed herself to Shadybrook due to his manipulation. Franco has figured out what Ric and Madeline were up to and ran to Nina’s side. I’m looking forward to the scheming and working together to get out their latest series of unfortunate events. The most recent challenge being a dead ex-husband.

After Franco tells Nina she isn’t crazy, that she didn’t kidnap Avery and Silas is the guilty party, she switches into the scorned woman who first came to Port Charles. Silas once again caused her needless harm by choosing Ava over her. She was once again lead to believe he cared about her. She ran out of Shadybrook and when Franco caught up to her, she was leaning over Silas’ body with a knife in her hand.


With the death of Silas Clay, we now have a murder mystery to watch unfold. I love a good who dunnit so I’m going to have fun trying to figure this one out. Let’s take a look at some of the clues so far:

  • Silas was murdered in his apartment. Other than the door being ajar, there was no sign of forced entry. So the killer was either someone who had keys to the place or someone Silas felt comfortable letting in.
  • Silas was stabbed in the back so he was either walking or running away from the killer or the killer was someone he felt comfortable turning his back on.
  • The murder weapon is the same knife that Franco used earlier to try to scare Morgan. This means Franco and Nina’s finger prints are on it.

The events leading up to Silas’ death:

  • Silas threatens to expose Ava and Morgan’s affair after catching them in the act. He also threatens to reveal Denise is really Ava thus putting an end to her plans.
  • Silas leaves a voice message for Kiki, letting her know that he has something to tell her.
  • Franco tells Nina that Silas kidnapped Avery to save Ava and that he’s been letting her take the fall.

The suspects:

  • Nina – After learning that Silas has made a fool of her yet again, she goes into a rage and is later found with the murder weapon leaning over the body. I think she is a red herring.
  • Franco – Personally, I think we can cross him off the list because it’s unlikely he stopped by Silas’ apartment on his way to find Nina. Plus he seemed surprised when he found Nina with a dead Silas.
  • Ava – We see Ava in a panic after Silas’ threats. She left her apartment and later returned in need of a strong drink.
  • Morgan – He promises not to let Silas tell Kiki about the affair. Like with Ava, he disappeared and when we saw him later at the Metro Court he seemed unnerved.
  • Kiki – Lots of people seem to really want Kiki to be the murderer for some reason. She doesn’t really have a known motive and was allegedly out of town during the killing. But she would be a twist. Also, her finger prints may be on the murder weapon too since she was cooking in the kitchen prior to leaving town.
  • Madeline – She has killed before when she didn’t want her plans foiled. It’s possible that she put two and two together when Franco told her he knew who the kidnapper was and then paid Silas a little visit.
  • Ric – Not really sure how he fits in yet but Silas admitting that he kidnapped Avery would put a damper on his current dastardly deed.

So now that we know the weapon and the location, who do you think killed Mr. Body a.k.a Silas Clay? Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments below or on Twitter using the hashtag #GHClue.

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