‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Love and Loathing in Port Charles

The Godfather Saga

I haven’t watched any of The Godfather films, but it has been pointed out to me that the current Corinthos family story line is a cheap ripoff nod to The Godfather films. When I think of the popular mafia film franchise, love in the afternoon doesn’t exactly come to mind. After having the connections between The Godfather and GH explained to me, a light bulb went on. This is totally Ron Carlivati’s kind of story! He loves to intergrate classic cinema into his story telling; a lot of the time the results are fun but other times it doesn’t work so well. This time it’s the later for a few big reasons.

In order to make this story happen, characters had to be changed to fit the plot. This is a major no-no and has caused some frustration for viewers. Did Michael decide it wasn’t a big deal that Sonny broke his promise to him and violently murdered AJ because it made sense for the character? Or was it because that quick change was needed so that Michael could take on the Michael Corleone role for this plot? And did Ric decide to be best buds with Sonny all of a sudden so that he could become the family attorney a.k.a. Tom? Is this really Morgan’s bipolar story line or is he just being extra hotheaded to fill the role of Sonny or possibly Fredo?

This story is a mess. I’m sure it was meant to be clever but it’s not. Characters have made sharp changes in their behavior, becoming unrecognizable in comparison to who they were months ago, so that GH could retell The Godfather. Just let that sink in. And even if the characters hadn’t been tweaked to make this story, should a daytime serial be telling The Godfather? It’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Daytime doesn’t film the same way that big budget movies do. The end result isn’t good because it goes against the way daytime is designed, hitting up against its limitations instead of working with the wonderful stuff it can do instead. Soap operas can do something that other genres can’t; they can show audiences a character’s journey and development over a span of years. That should never be sacrificed.

My hope is that this story line can be wrapped up fast before too much more damage is done to the characters. I don’t feel like anyone is deep enough into it that things can’t be retooled and put on the right path. I want to recognize these characters and understand their actions again.

A Wrong Rewrite

Not only have the Corinthos crew’s personalities been rewritten to fit story line, but history has been revised to allow them to blame everything on Ava. Ava is no more a saint than Sonny is but changing what we all watched happen is complete bull. It is not Ava’s criminal behavior that is being attacked but the fact that she is a woman.

Ava (Maura West) wants her daughter back.
Ava (Maura West) wants her daughter back.

We all watched how Ava and Morgan’s relationship began and progressed. Morgan came onto Ava after Kiki dumped him for Michael. He did it because he was feeling vulnerable after his family had chosen Michael over him again and wanted a way to get back at them. He also really wanted Ava at that moment. What started out as merely a sexual relationship soon developed into more. Ava and Sonny having sex in the Quartermaine crypt is what ended things for them but feelings still lingered. Now we’re being told that Ava took advantage of an unstable Morgan. That never happened.

We’re also being told that Ava got pregnant on purpose with Sonny’s child to protect herself from Sonny. This also never happen no matter how Carly tries to spin it. For starters, Ava didn’t need protection from Sonny at the time that they had cryptsex because Sonny was still clueless about Ava murdering Connie. Secondly, women can’t get pregnant on command like that! Carly should know better. I’m all for Carly vs. Ava but this is the wrong way to go about it.

These accusations are not only completely ludicrous but it’s an insult to Ava as a woman. Maura West is a talented actor. She deserves better than this kind of foolish writing and her fans deserve better than to have to watch this sort of story.

Lines of the week: “We’re still madly in love right?”-Sam “Madly.”-Patrick “And we can’t get enough of each other?’-Sam “Allow me to demonstrate.”-Patrick

Best dressed: Ava in her red dress.

Couple of the week: Sam and Patrick

Scene stealer: Baby Avery

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