‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review: Sex, Lies and Videotape

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Last week’s The Bold and the Beautiful saw breakups, shakeups and makeups all i#n a span of 5 days. Also after the longest honeymoon ever, 2 newlyweds return and we’re back to that damn video.

Week in review for The Bold and the Beautiful episodes airing August 31-September 4, 2015.

Welcome Home, My Wife

So what do you do when the shows best storyline comes to an end and the stars fall off the canvas for 2 weeks? Grin and bear it and then rejoice when they’re finally seen again. Even Nicole mentioned that it felt like Maya and Rick where on the honeymoon forever. Looking gorgeous and even more in love, Rya shared pictured of the Copenhagen adventure with Eric, Zende and Nicole while the audience was gifted with gorgeous flashbacks of the breathtaking scenery. There was also a small mention of Nicole and Maya’s parents. Seems as love Vivienne is still in contact with her girl while Julius has yet to be heard from. I hope this was left open for a reason. I have fallen in love with Avants. Yes, even Julius. This cannot be where the story ends. I hope they reappear down the road to continue this journey. Whether it be to acceptance of further turmoil, I want it all. Also, I want to Zende and Nicole to more past the innocent flirting to something more substantial. They’ve been walking this fine like between dating and besties for 2 months now. It’s time to graduate to the level of romance, drama and salaciousness of their counterparts.

It’s What You Wanted, Right?

After a much needed rest, the grown worthy storyline that is Steffy/Liam/Ivy/Wyatt/Tireiron/Rocks/Videos/Murdah (yes, Murdah) was back and as annoying as ever. After blackmailing her way to become the new face of Forrester, Ivy basked in the title and her dominance over Steffy only to start complaining when it was time to actually do something. Once again, a business meeting was turned into a petty cat fight when Liam and Steffy (The President and Vice President of Forrester Creations) told Ivy that her first duty in the new role would be to do a photo shoot on the Spencer yacht in Monte Carlo. Ivy’s initial excitement quickly turned into paranoia as she accused Steffy and Liam of simply trying to get her out of town and make her forget about the video she was holding over Steffy’s head. That’s right, after getting what she wanted, Ivy is now complaining about having to actually do the work and like the child she is, stormed out. As Liam when to go calm her down, Steffy worked on Wyatt again about deleting the video from whatever cloud it was on. Liam again accused Ivy of using the video and Aly’s death to get back at him for breaking up with him and Steffy again tried to charm Wyatt into do what she wanted. This is 3 weeks in a row of the exact same conversations. And again, with Wyatt’s finger on the delete button, Ivy rushes in to stop him.

You Had To Of Known

Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/

Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/

After having a conversation with Brooke about Caroline’s desires for their future together, the week began with the audience believing Ridge was about to give in and give his girlfriend the baby she wanted. Halfway through Mondays episode we realized that wasn’t the case at all. Before heading home to hear what Ridge had to say, Caroline spent the day at Forrester guiding Thomas’s hand around a sketch pad in the same way she had done for his father. And like father, the younger Forrester brute felt the same rush through his vein at Caroline’s touch. So much so that he almost let it slip how he was feeling to her before she left. In Venice Beach, Ridge sat Caroline down and told her that all of the dream s she had of motherhood were what he wanted for her as well but that they couldn’t come true with him. He told her she simply couldn’t be a father to her children and the he loved her enough to let her go. There was even a bit of historical retelling of Ridge’s life when he admitted he had never loved anyone the way we loved Caroline. Nope, note Caroline 1.0, not Taylor, Not Brooke. I suppose it fit the story they are telling now, but that comment was bull of… bologna. Speaking of Brooke, she randomly showed up at the apartment under the guise of work to get the tea. Ridge told her he broke things off with Caroline and why. Apparently in between sketching and attending gay pride parades, Ridge had the presence of mind to decide he didn’t want to spawn anymore kids and got a vasectomy.

Brokenhearted, Caroline ran out of the apartment and to a hotel to drink her sorrows away. She also stumbled upon Pam’s anti anxiety pills she had found earlier in the day and decided one wouldn’t hurt. Then two. And after a worrisome phone call, Thomas was soon at her door to join her pity party. 2 bottles of wine and bucket a tears later, Caroline feel to the bed emotionally drained and Thomas laid next to her and finally told her how he felt. He asked if he could show her and the two began to kiss. Later after awaking naked and hung over, Caroline asked Thomas what happened between them. After Thomas told Caroline they made love, the reaction was down right difficult for me to watch. Caroline freaked out, and in turn Thomas freaked out. She told him about the pills and that she didn’t want what happened between them, Thomas looked shocked at the thought she was accusing him of what she was accusing him of. As a fan of the potential on this pairing, I was just as upset that they decided to go this route. Thomas was clearly inebriated and Caroline did seem to kiss him back, but without any flashbacks, I guess we’ll never really know if clear consent was given. After kicking Thomas out and being summoned back to Venice Beach by, Caroline came face to face with the man who had just shattered her less than 24 hours earlier. And like a light switch, they were on again. Ridge told her he was wrong and wanted her back and wanted to give her the baby she wanted it. He left out the part about the vasectomy and she left out the part about sleeping with his son even as he stood there made to hear about their reunion.

This week, Ridge and Caroline share their news as Ivy’s photoshoot goes awry.

Performer of the week: Linsey Godfrey (Caroline)

Line of the week: “For so many years, I didn’t have her in my life. And now that I do, there’s an emptiness when she’s not around.” -Nicole

Photo Credits: JPI Studios

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