‘Days of our Lives’ Week In Review: Caroline Recovers and Will Falls Prey

Victor and Roman convince Kayla to use the experimental drug on Caroline.

This last week on Days of our Lives sure was a doozy! Looking back, it seemed the week was split between two emotionally charged stories at the forefront. The Brady family finally managed to catch a break this week only to be hit with another tragedy, an unforeseen occurrence that will surely rock the town to its core. Though I can’t say I necessarily agree with one decision, I’ve resigned myself with the fact that it has been done and am ready to see what stems from it. In other words, after giving viewers such a distressing week, there better be satisfying fallout!

Now onto the highlights from Salem, USA this last week!

Week in Review for Days of Our Lives episodes airing October 5th – 9th, 2015.

Sweet Caroline

For about three years, Salemites and DAYS fans alike have feared they could be losing one of their precious matriarchs. Caroline Brady has been doing her best to quietly live while suffering with Alzheimer’s – or, a rare Alzheimer’s mimicking disease now – while we all hopelessly watched on. Since the Brady’s made their mark on Salem, Caroline became a sort of surrogate mother – the grandmother to many – and the thought of losing her weighed heavy on everyone near. In the last few weeks, viewers learned her son Bo Brady and his biological father Victor Kiriakis have been bankrolling an un-tested cure for Caroline. With this new development, a lot of our questions were answered with more questions – but in an enjoyable way. Just from the development of the serum, not only are all viewers poised to discover whether or not it works and how well, but also how it ties in to Bo’s imprisonment.

As if forgetting her own daughter’s face a week ago wasn’t a hard enough kick in the gut, Caroline began her week out cold in a hospital bed. Kayla Brady is still very unsure about using an experimental drug on her mother and with the stress of her growing son and returned husband, Kayla can hardly keep up. In the end, as her mother’s medical power of attorney, Kayla allows the drug to be administered after Caroline couldn’t seem to recognize her again. Now I wasn’t watching (or alive) when the Brady’s were first introduced to Days of our Lives, but through the flashbacks that were spliced through the episode, one really got to know who Caroline Brady was and still is; a spitfire with her head on her shoulders, a woman who would fight to the death for her kids. Kayla opens up to Maggie Horton Kiriakis about that, calling Caroline her rock as if the thought of losing her to the disease was heartbreaking enough. One of the most poignant moments for me was when Kayla asked Maggie how she felt about Victor’s love for Caroline. Maggie’s sort of taken a back seat to her husband’s former lover but never once did she complain about his doting on her. Caroline and Maggie are good friends, sure, but I can’t imagine it being very fun for her watching her husband fret over his former love. But apparently Maggie is made of stronger stuff than I am, as she admitted to Kayla that it wasn’t hard at all. She understands that Victor will forever love Caroline, and that thanks to them she has all the wonderful family she has now. What a saint.

Caroline awakens after the two return to the hospital room and she’s seemingly all there. Has the drug worked? Dr. Salinas goes off to run tests to make sure but for the time being, Caroline seems to be cured of what’d been ailing her. But there’s one side-effect of her dementia that seems to have remained – her vivid dreams, dreams that Caroline has no idea are actually coming true just half a world away. She mentions seeing Bo in chains in her dreams as Steve Johnson arrives back in town with information on his search for Bo. After disarming a guard clueless of Bo’s whereabouts, finding blood in his cell and seeing surveillance footage of his longtime friend’s torture and lifeless body, he broke news to Victor that Bo was dead at the hands of people hungry for Dr. Salinas’ serum. But little do they know, Bo is very much a survivor. In yet another kickass action sequence, (as if the other week’s attack on Marlena wasn’t awesome enough? Kudos to these hardworking stunt people with DAYS now!) Bo overtakes his captors with the last of his strength and declares in a soul shaking shout that he’s going back home.

Bo for sure is going to have his mother to come home to, as well as his siblings (who aside from Kayla’s late in the game worry, didn’t seem all too concerned with his disappearance) but what about Hope? There’s still so much love in her heart for Bo, visible whenever anyone brings up the rescue mission for him. She claims she wants him back in town with his mother but there’s no doubt to anyone that she misses him too. This time he’ll have to fight to turn Hope’s head away from the suddenly shifty, insta-bad guy, savings account leech Aiden Jennings; a reversal from the number of times he’d moved on with new women.

Whatever may come of these reunions, we know that they’ll for sure be touching. Bo is finally coming home after a long fight for his mother’s health. All that suffering wasn’t in vain as Caroline begins on the road to recovery. Can’t imagine it’ll be easy though, this is Salem after all.

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