‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week in Review: Caroline’s Secret and Maya’s Request


It would appear that “baby” was the word of the week on The Bold and the Beautiful as two couples face two completely different situations in regards to the next generation of Forrester.

The Bold and the Beautiful week in review for episodes airing October 5 -October 9, 2015.

Who Is He To You?

What’s worse than finding out your young, hot new wife slept with your son? Finding out she’s carrying his child. Oh so soapy! After explaining the circumstances behind her one-night stand with Thomas, Caroline had to also tell Ridge that she was pregnant. News that brought him too his knees. Literally. Ridge looked up at his wife from the floor as she gave a tear stained recounting of the night and her lack of memory of it. That and Thomas’ earlier sucker punch was all it took for Ridge to make the entire thing about him. Thomas went to Caroline to get to him. Slept with Caroline to get to him. Knocked her up to get to him. Ridge has lacked a lot of things over the years. Ego has never been one of them. He decided that Thomas took advantage of Caroline and honestly, I didn’t much blame him for thinking that. From his point of view and the way Caroline explained it, it kind of did seem like Thomas took advantage of her. As a viewer, we know that wasn’t fully the case although I still think it was unnecessary. This storyline would have worked just fine had they both been drunk yet completely aware of what they were doing. But I suppose had they done it that way they wouldn’t have been able to highlight Ridge’s hypocrisy for Thomas doing to Caroline the exact same thing he did to Brooke way back when. Oh what a tangled web these Forrester men weave.

Determined to make things even more tangled, Ridge told, not asked, but told Caroline that the only way out of this was for them to keep the father of the baby in the dark and have him claim it as his own. Caroline tried to reason with Ridge that lying to Thomas wasn’t the way to go to which Ridge told his wife it was the only way to go. She agreed but was clearly uncomfortable with the solution. Even more so when they came face to face with Thomas the next day at the office. Having been badgered into it by Steffy, Thomas met his father with a heartfelt apology for his actions. What he got from his father was a cold shoulder and a one-way ticket back to Paris. Thomas was just as confused about Ridges suggestion as I was that Thomas, a grown ass man, was going to let his daddy run him out of town. With Ridge gone to call the pilot, Thomas asked Caroline what was really going on. Caroline could barely look at Thomas and when she did there was so much fear in her eyes that Thomas knew there was more to the story. He asked her if she told them about their night to which she lied and said no. She told him she felt it was best that he leave town too and he reluctantly agreed. I can’t say that I’m a fan of the pairing of Ridge and Caroline, but I don’t hate them keeping this secret. It has the potential to drive storyline for months in a Brad Bell system where things seem to progress and shift quicker than the audience and even the actors can keep up. My question with this though is if Ridge can’t stand to see the face of the son who fathered his wife’s child, how on earth is he going to be able to look into the face of that child once its born and love it as his own?

The Whole Story

There are a ton of out of work lazy soap characters who don’t care about finding gainful employment. A lot of them reside in Port Charles. So finding a character who actually wants to work should be refreshing right? Normally yes, but in the case of Ivy Forrester, her incessant pouting, begging and pleading has become down right obnoxious. After sexy times with Wyatt, Ivy’s focus remained on getting her job back. I feel like her boyfriend should have taken offense to that but I digress. Her next plan was to go to Eric, who has no real role in the company anymore other than his name, for help. She went to uncle Eric and told him half of the story as to why she was fired and asked if he could help. And help he did. He went with Ivy to see Steffy the next day to ask her to hire Ivy back. Steffy of course said no but then realized that Ivy wasn’t forthcoming with the information surrounding her termination. Steffy said to hell with it and told Eric about the video and the blackmail. He looked shocked for all of a minute then told her to basically get over it. It was kind of reminiscent of Eric finding out Rick fired a gun in the room where Ridge and Caroline were making out then saying “Oh well, it’s the past now.”  Between his ability to forgive literally everything and that full white beard, Eric Forrester is morphing into Saint Nicholas right before our eyes.

Steffy agreed to Eric’s request to hire Ivy back and quickly started thinking of ways she could continue her punishment. Somehow in the middle of Ivy’s speech of gratitude, Steffy decided to best way to punish her would be to make her model the new lingerie line. Ivy’s face when she told of her new assignment was exactly what Steffy was going for. She was mortified. She also rebuffed the idea. Steffy questioned her loyalty to the company and insisted that if she was really a team player, this wouldn’t bother her. Ivy agreed outwardly while dying of humiliation on the inside. Back at the beach house, she told Wyatt what happened and he seemed thrilled with the idea. For personal reasons, obviously. Wyatt is great for Ivy’s self-esteem and goodness knows she needs a lot of it. He convinced her to model for him and she looked just as uncomfortable as she felt. I completely understand body insecurities. I think all women do. But Ivy’s are so over the top that it made me miss the naturally sexy pairing between Wyatt and Hope. Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can possess. Whether or not Ivy will realize that before hitting the runway in her skivvies is yet to be seen.

It’s About Sisters

After another long drought, both of my favorite couples were back this week for at least one day. Rick and Maya were settling into married life while Zende and Nicole were trying to figure out the whole dating thing after months in the friendzone. Neither got to bask in the carefree nature of either of their relationships for long before things got serious. While playing hookie from work, Maya brought up the topic of babies to Rick who admitted to looking into adoption already. Maya agree that adoption was a good idea but that she had a better one. She said that she was hoping the baby could have both of their genes and thought that surrogacy was the best option. Rick was open to it but confused as to how they would make that happen. Maya told him the only way it would happen was if Nicole was the one to do it. Nicole, who is all of 21 years old with very little life experiences and even fewer experiences with sex in general. Meanwhile, Nicole was at the Sky Lounge with her new boyfriend trying to fend off his subtle yet obvious sexual advances in preparation for their date later that night. When she left to find her sister, she walked into what I am going to call an ambush.

The time between the idea of Nicole being their surrogate and them actually asking her was roughly six minutes. Maya told her sister that she was appreciative of all of her support and was hoping she could give them another gift and carry their child. The look on Nicole’s face was the exact look I expected her to have, horror. There are a few things with this that I don’t like, the number one being the skipped beats of it all. Clearly the answer Nicole gives them may take some time but this story literally manifested and hit a plateau in one episode after not even being on screen for weeks. Add that to how completely unfair it is to ask Nicole to do something like this and I’m just overall annoyed. Let’s take out the fact that Nicole is practically still a kid who is just finding her way around a new city with a new job and a blossoming love. Let’s instead focus on them asking Nicole to carry her own child then give it to them to raise. Maybe it would be better to have Nicole donate her eggs and have someone else carry the baby. Yes, it would still be hers biologically, but maybe having not carried the child will lessen the bond she would undoubtedly feel towards it. It is all just entirely too much too soon. But there is one thing about this twist I’m looking forward to. The possible return of Nicole and Maya’s parents. I mean, of course they will have an opinion about this right? My bet is it will be a strong one.

This week, Nicole weighs her options, Ridges motives are questioned and Zende gets some advice.

Line Of The Week: “The world according to you. Sex is just another thing you take, isn’t it?” –Ridge

Performer of the Week: Linsey Godfrey (Caroline)

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