‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Jump Little Children

The Omen

Little Jake has issues. Why wouldn’t he after having his death faked and being held on Cassadine island for “reasons?” We’ve seen Jake come home from school banged up from what he said was a fall. Then Jake tossed his brother across the room when Cam snuck up on him in a Halloween mask. Cam covered for Jake but Laura knew something was up. I think Jake has a bit of temper and isn’t adjusting well to his new surroundings.

It doesn’t help that he can’t accept what he’s being told at face value. He overheard Laura and Liz’s conversation about Jakson really being his father and on Friday’s episode he told Jakson that he’s his father. Liz has been lying to her son in order to keep Jason for herself. Jake is another person on the list of people she is hurting.

Bringing Jake back from the dead was an odd choice. There wasn’t much explanation given for why Helena took him and there hasn’t been much follow up to his return. I’m interested to see what direction this goes now. Is Jake a bad seed? Is he an evil clone concocted by the Cassadines? Is he just an extremely messed up little boy who needs his parent’s care and time?


Anna’s guilt is still overwhelming her but she might not actually be a murderer after all. Needing to get a grip on things, Anna made an appointment with Kevin. She was looking for a pill to make it all go away. “Kevin, this is going to sound really strange – you being a man of science and everything – but I swear I’m being haunted,” she confided in him. She didn’t tell him what was making her feel so haunted but, with as heavy as her conscious have been weighing on her, it was obvious that she wanted to confess all.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 20.20.24Readers, I haven’t been feeling “Paul the Mobster.” It’s no fault of Richard Burgi. He is phenomenal. It’s the idea of yet another villain lurking in plain sight and yet another mobster doing evil things for the sake of Sonny’s territory. We just saw this with the Fluke story line. The lay of the land in Port Charles can’t be worth that much. But despite my annoyance at seeing yet another good potential romance ruined for my Tracy Quartermaine, I am intrigued by this story line because it’s Anna’s story. I have someone worthy to root for.

After Jordan and Anna discover that Paul ordered Carrlos’ remains to be cremated, Anna is able to sweet talk access to the medical examiner’s report. Anna shot Carlos four times but the body that was found was only shot twice. Now Anna knows she’s not just crazy and that something is definitely off about this case. Is a very much alive Carlos the mastermind behind Paul’s plans? It certainly seems so and I’m okay with this. I liked Carlos and this twist would be one way to remove the murder-y residue from Anna’s hands. This is the part of the story that has me intrigued. Not the mob war; I’ve seen too many of those. I want to see Anna DeVanne rise up and be GH’s heroine again.

Lines of the week: “I stole the binky.”-Alexis “Cam fell.”-Jake

Couples of the week: Ned and Olivia, Julian and Alexis

Scene stealer of the week: The General Hospital staff

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