Review: ‘Heroes Reborn’ Unleashes New Mobile Game

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Ever since I was a little boy, I dreamed of being a superhero. My days were filled with watching the Spider-Man, Batman, and X-Men as they took on bad guys, learned to harness their abilities, and ultimately worked to save the world. My dreams of getting Spider Sense or adamantium claws may not have become a reality, but thanks to Heroes Reborn: Enigma, a new mobile game tied to the Heroes universe, I’ve come pretty close!

Heroes Reborn: Enigma is the first of two planned games that connect to the new Heroes Reborn series, itself a reboot of the original Heroes. Enigma is the mobile game where you take on the role of Dahlia, an Evo who first appeared in the Heroes Reborn prequel Dark Matters. Dahlia is being held captive in a place only known as The Quarry, whose nefarious leader, Trevor Mason, pushes her to harness her abilities in order to save her sister, Cassandra.

heroes-reborn-enigma-screenshotEnigma is a first-person action-puzzle game, with over 30 levels of increased difficulty. As you pass the tests placed before, you gain newer powers – sure as levitation and time shift and learn more about your abilities along the way. Imperative Entertainment, the makers of the game, supplied me with an advanced copy and I’m happy to say the game is just as awesome as you imagine it would be. The first-person aspect truly makes it feel like you’re a hero and the new abilities you gain along the way keep things interesting through multiple levels. My favorite is being able to time shift back and forth between different years.

Another enjoyable aspect of the game is that it is written by Heroes creator Tim Kring & the Heroes Reborn writers, so this storyline directly bridges the gap between both series. Getting to play as Dahlia in the game has me hopeful we’ll see more her on the show very soon. There are also plenty of easter egg references to Hiro, Claire, Odessa, and all the other iconic characters and locations you’ve come to known and love. However, you don’t have to be a fan of the series to enjoy this game. The scenes in between each level help give you a sense of who Dahlia is and really allow you to feel for the character as she learns and gains new abilities.

With excellent graphics, an intriguing story, and multiple levels to keep the fun going for a long time, Heroes Reborn: Enigma is a stellar mobile game that can be enjoyed by Heroes and non-Heroes fans alike. I may not be out on my own swinging from a web or using personal telekinesis abilities, but hey, this game makes it pretty close!

Heroes Reborn: Enigma is available now for mobile and tablet platforms and retails for $4.99.


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