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Working Girl

When it was teased that Nina would be going on a job interview, I saw a lot fans scoff at what seemed like a mundane plot point for sweeps. But this was more than just a job interview. Much, much more. It was a sign that the good folks in charge at GH are taking note of what fans are saying. Not only have viewers been wanting the unemployment rate in Port Charles to go down but many wanted the return of Crimson and fashionista extraordinaire Maxi Jones. Two birds were hit with one stone when Nina landed the spot as Editor in Chief of Crimson and promptly hired Maxie.

Screenshot 2015-11-11 21.44.32I can’t wait to see the shenanigans that will no doubt result from this set up. For starters, Nina only got the job because Julian wants her to run the magazine into the ground so he can use it as a tax write off. Which means Nina is the underdog and Julian’s plan may not go how he expected. Especially since the naive socialite now has her secret weapon a.k.a Maxie on payroll. If Nina does bring Crimson’s circulation up will Julian try to foil her success? Or will he see the value in the revived fashion rag if it’s pulling money again?

The best part will be seeing Nina and Maxie tangle over creative differences while developing their new work relationship. Nina and Maxie both play well together and I can see them growing to respect each other eventually when they’re through getting on each other nerves. Its a great way to weave both characters into the canvas more, especially Nina. There is also the fact that Maxie had a one night stand with Franco years ago too. Nina doesn’t know this yet to my knowledge. Considering her insecurities brought on from her former marriage and the currently sexless relationship that Franco and her have, I can’t help but think that one casual encounter could end up causing a bit of an issue later.

Quatermaines Do It Better

The biggest surprised came Friday when Hayden’s partner in crime was revealed to be none other than Tracy Quartermaine. I did not see that coming. This was such a pleasant surprise and props to the show for keeping the twist under wraps. I was almost positive that Hayden was working for nuFluke Paul or Helena. I’ve grown very accustom to the wizard behind the curtain being a member of the Really Rottens. This gave me the warm fuzzys. Tracy is going after Nik and getting her daddy’s company back! I’ve missed this manipulative, intelligent and strong version of Tracy. I had been wondering what happened to the ELQ story line and it turns out its been playing out in plain sight this whole time just under the guise of something else. Not only is this reveal unexpected but it’s smart. We now have a very intriguing corporate takeover story line involving Cassadines and Quartermaines. This war is a battle of wits not gun play. It will be very interesting to see who ends up with the upper hand.

At the heart of it all is Hayden and nobody really knows how much she can be trusted. Will her feelings for Nik get in the way and thwart Tracy’s plans? Or is her need to get revenge on Nik for the bullet in her head the more powerful emotion at play? And how much of what Hayden knows regarding Jason does Tracy actually know?

There has been a rivalry set up now between Nik and Jason. The only thing keeping it from completely erupting is the fact that Nik, Laura, Liz and Hayden all knew Jake was Jason has remained a secret. While it’s obvious to everyone that Nik was hiding some truths, nobody can really prove anything. Nik and Jason didn’t use to have any ill will towards each other so while I can understand if this seems a little out there for some, I’m kind of hoping that the newly developed animosity sticks. As Tyler Christopher stated in a recent interview with Michael Fairman, “For lack of a better phrase, ‘a pissing contest’ is not very fun to watch.” Soap rivalries work best when they are emotional and calculated rather than physical.

Scene of the week: Jason’s motorcycle

Couple of the week: Jason and Sam, Maxie and Nina

Lines of the week: “Grown-ups are complicated but they mean well.”-Spencer

“Every part of me is dying to forgive him and every part of me is screaming not to.”-Lulu

“You know this is how they got Al Capone don’t you?”-Alexis

“It’s weird how everything looks the same when so much has changed.”-Liz


Set of the week: Julian’s purple office

Scene stealers of the week: Robin and the goons

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  1. Niks redemption is coming. he has an out. someone is pulling his strings

  2. Thanks for reading Ash! I feel like Hayden conspiring with Tracy might even the score a little between Nik and Hayden. I do love their chemistry.

  3. I can’t wait to see more Nina & Maxie scenes. Nina doesn’t have any girlfriends on the show and I believe Maxie can be that to Nina. Plus Nina is Nathan’s sister and Maxie loves Nathan so I can see Maxie wanting to be there for Nina, help her, and Nina will eventually become another person Maxie will care about. I do hope Maxie or Franco tells Nina about their one night stand. Maxie will tell Nina she has nothing to worry about since Frano and Maxie can’t stand eachother and Maxie is in love with Nathan.

  4. Agreed. my ship aside (which is Miller/Herbst not Liason. I liked Jasam with SBu). I am really enjoying GH. I’m intersted to see where this story goes. I hope they recast Patrick. this story will be better if Paddy doesn’t just opt out of the race.

    I’m also enjoying Nikolas and Hayden. I tried not to like them (because he tried to have her killed). but the chemisty is there. so interested to see where where that leads themi.

    kinda hoping Hayden is somehow related to Elizabeth. that would be good TV.

  5. Thanks for commenting! Liz and Hayden make pretty good enemies. The courtroom stuff was good too. Loved Ava provoking Sonny!

  6. Loved the article! I’m actually enjoying the Jason storyline. Loved Hayden sticking it to Liz. And so happy to know that Tracy is still fighting to get ELQ back. Loved Ava and Sonny fighting in the courtroom.

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