‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: When It’s All In Pieces

Slow Down, You’re Going To Crash

Carly’s rush to tell Jake that he’s Jason was delayed thanks to a car crash courtesy of #DrunkKiki…or so it seemed anyways. Readers, I’m a little suspicious that there might be more to this incident than appears. We saw Kiki swerving all over the road and Carly’s car going off the road. Yet Kiki conveniently blacked it all out? I have another theory about what happened but I’ll share that at a later time. Though perhaps a cigar is just a cigar in this case and there isn’t any surprise twist. Either way I like the potential fall out that can come from the situation. Hopefully the writers take it in the right direction.

Photo Credit: © Howard Wise/jpistudios.com
Photo Credit: © Howard Wise/jpistudios.com

There are a lot of viewers who don’t like Kiki and it’s understandable why. The character has suffered from a number of poor creative choices. But I’m glad to see fans warming up to her now that she is being written as the hot mess she was always meant to be. Personally I’ve been really enjoying her sloppy behavior. Kiki could have really done a lot more harm than she did when she decided to get behind the wheel after drinking. Her self-destructiveness is putting stress on her loved ones. Franco and Morgan are concerned about her safety. Even Ava is having a hard time seeing her daughter so damaged. Hopefully this is Kiki’s rockbottom and she’ll soon get some help and try to rebuild herself as a productive part of society.

Of course Kiki’s actions will have repercussions which will likely carry over to those who are close to her. If driving drunk and running someone off the road wasn’t bad enough, she did all of that while driving Franco’s car. Everyone is probably going to think that he went nuts on the one year anniversary of Hallowedding and chased after Carly. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. Will Franco take the fall for his faux daughter? Will Kiki let him? And what part in all of this will Morgan play?

I’d like to see this accident kickoff the beginning of Corinthos vs. Baldwins. I’m so over the Sopranos Lite stuff. The problem with the mob wars is that they make the audience decide which violent criminal is the “good” mobster and which one doesn’t have a long term contract. There’s not a lot of depth to that. I think if GH still wants to have its mobsters as an important part of the canvas then it needs to pit them against someone the non-mobster fans can root for. Scotty has had a long standing hatred of Sonny ever since the mobster with a heart of gold drugged and raped his daughter. Sonny and Franco dislike each other for various reasons. It makes much more sense to have this be the big rivalry instead of Sonny vs. random mobster who wants random territory.

Deconstructing Anna

The Carly and Jason scenes on Friday’s GH seemed to garner the most attention but, in my opinion, Anna’s story was the best part of the episode. Kevin introduced Anna to her new psychiatrist Dr. Andre Maddox. My first impression of the new doctor is very good. Anthony Montgomery is handsome, charismatic and talented. These are the qualities that make a good leading man. Andre had Anna’s number and called her out on her behavior in a way that was done surprisingly well. Those scenes could have very easily felt obnoxious but they didn’t. Andre was being intelligent and honest even though Anna felt he was arrogant. Anna has been trying to get the help she needs while covering up her crime and it’s just not possible for her to have her cake and eat it too.

I’m curious as to why Kevin felt Anna needed a new doctor. His explanation was okay I guess but I wonder if there is more to the story. Did he sense that Anna was hiding something and think that perhaps Andre would have better luck getting her to open up? Or maybe there’s something else going on that is yet to be revealed. I think it would cool if it turned out that Kevin was treating Robin for PTSD and that is why he felt it would be a conflict if he treated Anna. There is also the mysterious patient that Kevin was treating a few years back, something that was hinted at being a major surprise but never received any follow up. Kevin was always ducking out of things to see this patient. I always suspect he was treating Serena Baldwin.

Scene of the week: The music montage at the end of Wednesday’s episode.

Line of the week: “This is like a crime scene. This is the place where you trashed your wedding vows.”-Lulu

Couples of the week: Jason and Elizabeth, Dante and Lulu

Worst dressed: Michael Corinthos

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