‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review: Tricks Are For Kids

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What a haunting week it was for LA’s residents. And not just on Halloween. While one family is haunted by the pressure to keep a promise, another is haunted by the sins of the son. Also I ask, exactly how many forced love triangles does one character need?

The Bold and the Beautiful week in review for episodes airing October 26 -October 30, 2015.

Could Have Been A Disaster

After receiving and reacting badly to the big baby news, Bill continued gritting his teeth at the happy couple. Also gritting his teeth was Ridge, who continued to find it difficult to curb his animosity towards his son. Thomas tried again to get through to his father with apologies for bedding the intern and punching him in the face. Ridge still saw red every time Thomas was around to the point that Caroline had to intervene. Once alone, she warned her husband to back off before suspicions arose of what was really going on. Ridge reluctantly agreed to that and to letting Thomas stay in LA. Thomas was relieved but needed some answers first. The moment he was alone with Caroline he began to grill her on the paternity of her baby. Caroline stalled for a moment before confirming that Ridge was the father. The relief Thomas displayed almost seemed to annoy Caroline although it was clear that it stemmed from ruining her marriage more so than not wanting the responsibility of fatherhood. Regardless, Thomas took Caroline at her word and started to move forward as a member of the design team and with a new woman in sight.

It’s bad enough that we don’t see Deacon and Quinn enough but when we do, its solely to prop the relationships of their kids. Instead of showing us anything to do with their married lives, we instead see them show up on Wyatt’s door to grill him on his latest Forrester conquest. He admitted that he was falling in love with Ivy and that it was completely different that his relationship with Hope because Ivy didn’t have a wandering eye. Cut to Ivy in the CEO office flirting with Thomas. Well technically he was flirting with her. As speaking of technicalities, the writers made sure to have these character remind us that they aren’t blood related. Never mind that one of them spent most of the last 2 months screaming at Steffy that they were family. So Ivy is family enough with Steffy to demand to be treated as such, but not family enough with Thomas not to be entertaining sexual innuendo? Got it. Of course Wyatt walked in on this and picked it up immediately. More so the next day as the all headed to the Halloween party. Thomas wasn’t at all trying to hide what he was doing.

Why the sudden interest in his play cousin is a mystery. Maybe he’s still trying to get over Caroline. Maybe he genuinely likes Ivy although this is the first scene they’ve had together since the video fiasco. Or maybe he’s just a man-hoe like his father. Who’s to say? Regardless, Ivy still ended up in Thomas’ arms by Halloween’s end via a heroic gesture as Thomas saved her from a lighting fixture falling on her head. Most people are having an issue with this out of the blue triangle because of the implied incest of it. I don’t. The fact is they are not related by blood. And really, if Steffy can be engaged to Rick at one point, this is nothing. My issue is the constant need to have Ivy in one front burner triangle after another. First with Liam/Hope, the, Liam/Steffy, then Liam/Wyatt and now Wyatt/Thomas. I don’t understand it. It’s like they have decided that role of Hope Forrester will now be played via another character but with the same tired old formula. This merry-go-round didn’t work then and so far it’s not working for me now. All it’s doing is making me nauseous.

Sidebar: The Big Brother cameos are silly and need to stop.

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