‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review: Tricks Are For Kids

Ashleigh Brewer, Darin Brooks, Pierson Fode "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 09/25/15 © Jill Johnson/jpistudios.com 310-657-9661 Episode # 7197 U.S.Airdate 10/30/15

Wanting What We Want

Papa Avant continued to assert his will this week as he made the rounds to find someone to talk Nicole out of the decision she had made. He didn’t find much luck although it was clear he was planting seeds of doubt along the way. He and Vivienne put on a great good cop/bad cop routine to get through to their daughter. These scenes are why I have been begging for their return. The dialogue that they are given is always quote worthy. Even the crass things that come out of Julius’ mouth are memorable. They sat Nicole down and tried to reason with her about things she may not have considered before. Like bringing life into the world and not being able to walk away from it. Julius also mentioned the toll it would take on her relationship with Zende. Nicole assured them these were all things she had considered and thought through. Meanwhile Maya and Rick were upstairs stirring about their plans being ruined before coming back down stairs and being assured by Nicole that she was still going through with it. This sparked quite the interesting read from Papa Avant about his daughter/one-time son. He basically accused Maya of being self-centered and expecting the world, especially their family, to bend at her will. I had to sit back and think about it, and I’ll be damned if he wasn’t correct. The past year with Maya has been about her getting what she wanted to hell with whatever was in her way. On a soap, this is not a bad quality to have.

My favorite characters have been unapologetic sirens. But when is enough, enough? One might say Maya giving Nicole an out time and time again proves that she’s not selfish. I say that asking Nicole in the first place without first thinking of how it would affect her life and knowing she would feel obligated is the exact definition of narcissistic. And Julius said as much and devised a plan to get Zende on his side. He tried to talk Zende into giving Nicole an ultimatum convinced that would be the only way to get through to her. Zende told Julius that he couldn’t do that. That he loved and respected Nicole too much to be the reason she changed her mind. However, across town in a doctor’s office, Nicole was having a change of heart all her own when the doctor informed her how soon the implantation would happen. The doctor again asked if Nicole was sure she wanted to do this and Maya again gave her a chance to back out. The Doctor brought up the boyfriend and how this would affect his life as well. Not to mention that during this, they would be discouraged from perusing a more… intimate relationship. Nicole promised she wouldn’t jeopardize Maya and Rick’s dream for any wants or needs for her own life and again promised to go through with it.

Having been confronted by Julius for a second time, the doubts in Zende’s mind began to take over. He called Nicole and asked her to meet him in his room to talk. Let’s pause there. On a show that has so much money to do overseas shoots, can someone tell me why they have so few in studio sets? It’s completely ridiculous to have so many people living at the Forrester house. Meanwhile the apartment above Dayzee’s and Steffy old apartment with the bathtub in the living room go unused. But I digress. Back in Zende’s room, he and Nicole turned up the heat a bit as they held each other and flirted with their surroundings. It was clear what Zende wanted as he began kissing Nicole and easing her down on the couch. Nicole’s body seemed to be responding though her head was telling her to cool her boyfriend down. She told him that she couldn’t and he responded that he wanted her to back out of the surrogacy. I guess he figured if words didn’t work, he could talk her out of it using his lips and other parts. Did she listen? I guess we’ll see this week.

Also this week, tensions boil over at a staff meeting, Thomas continues his pursuit and the walls start to cave in on Nicole.


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