‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Love, Love, Love

Broken Homes

Is Jake an unholy terror or just a lost boy who wants his parents to stay together? Maybe he’s an evil clone as a pal of mine has theorized. Whatever the cause, the kid is not alright. His issues go beyond coloring outside the lines.

The week began with a scare for Liz when Jake claimed he saw a man outside their home watching them. The police are called but no evidence is found of the intruder. Jake then fakes a tummy ache so he can go to work with Liz instead of school. When Franco makes an attempt to bond with his new BFF of choice, Liz and her son, he discovers some very goth artwork Jake made of dark, haunted-looking houses. Things get even weirder when Jason and Liz discover that someone entered her home and smashed a family picture.

I’m intrigued as to where this story will go. Is it all the result of Jake being a troubled kid and acting out? Or is there someone else lurking in the shadows? And if there is someone with nefarious intentions, is the target Jake or Liz? I love a good soap mystery, one that keeps me guessing until the end. Fingers crossed that this story delivers that.

Going Green

The new Team Crimson celebrated their first collaborative issue together last week but the joy was short lived when they discovered there was a printing issue and the magazine ended up looking like Slimer from Ghostbusters drooled all over it. Good thing there was champagne on hand because everyone needed a drink! Maxie was freaking out that her rediscovered career was now over but Nina managed to take charge. Unfortunately, Julian wasn’t much help when Nina asked him to cover the cost of a much needed reprint. But attitude is everything and Nina decided that rather than pull the issue, they would spin the mistake in their favor. Crimson’s “Green Issue” is now a statement about the environment. Sorry Julian but I think you’re tax-dodging plans have been thwarted.

Alias: Hayden Barnes

Readers, I initially really enjoyed Hayden but I had gotten a little bored with her. Rebecca Budig is very entertaining but story seemed to be at a standstill. By the end of last week though, there was some serious movement when in a surprise twist Tracy revealed that Hayden Barnes isn’t really Hayden Barnes. But if she’s not who she says she is, who is she?

We don’t know much yet but we’ve been teased a few tidbits. We know that “Hayden” changed her looks when she changed her name. The hiding act seems to be the result of wanting to escape a major scandal she was a part of, one that she doesn’t want anyone to know about. I’ve seen a lot of theories making the rounds. Is Hayden a missing Quartermaine? Is she Paul’s daughter or Emily’s twin? Who do you think Hayden really is and what do you think she’s hiding?

Couples of the week: Patrick and Robin, Nina and Franco, Johnny and Lulu

Quotes of the week: “All the love I’ve ever had in my life…all the love I ever will have begins and ends with you.”-Franco

“I love you Uncle Mac.”-Robin

“We’re going to embrace the suck.”-Nina

“What shade of green would you call this?”-Julian “Carsick?”-Maxie

Home most in need of redecorating or arson: Jasam’s Penthouse

Scenes of the Week: Franco and Nina make love

Patrick and Robin’s montage

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Photos and video courtesy of ABC.