Gays of our Lives: The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Picks and Pans (Continued)

Shadowhunters (U.S.)

This show works best when it moves quickly through story and keeps the action going. That way you don’t have to think so much about the silly plotting and bad acting.

Unfortunately, this past week there was a lot of time to think about it with scene after scene of exposition and very little plot movement, building to the point of the episode which was Clary remembering where the Mortal Cup was. Though, to be fair, some story points did move forward that I actually found intriguing.

Simon’s fears about turning into a vampire is one of the stories I really care about, but I hope that isn’t happening to him or it’s something that can be reversed.

One thing I like about Simon is that he’s a human amid all the warlocks and demon hunters and werewolves. I think a show like this needs a normal, non-magical character to act as sort of a Greek chorus to the crazy surroundings as well as to ground things.

I also found the twist about Alec having to get married to create a treaty between the two factions of this magical world to be interesting and obviously a conflict between Magnus and Alec. I also, to my surprise saw a bit of chemistry between Alec and Magnus in the scene they had.

But I’m not sure if I quite buy their ‘fascination’ with each other given that they’ve had maybe one scene and minimal conversation. I guess I shouldn’t complain about one of the show’s main threads being a gay romance. I just want it to be better written.


Holby City (U.K.)

Will we be hearing anymore from Lee, I wonder? I guess, given that personally and professionally, Dom is free of any wrongdoing, that’s the end of this story arc.

But I wouldn’t complain if I could see Lee’s pretty face again. I do wonder what the point of Lee filing a complaint against Dom was though. Did he want money, was it for revenge?  I’d like to know.

I see the show did explain why Dom was taken into custody at the end of the previous episode, the cops wanted to know if Dom used reasonable force in subduing Lee.

Once again we see the difference between how the law works in the UK compared to the US. They wouldn’t even ask such questions in this country, even if Dom had killed Lee.

I hope that Dom gets a new boyfriend soon. Someone cute, but less homicidal would be nice.

Shades of Blue (U.S.)

As I said before, I’m enjoying this show. It’s an entertaining cop thriller. But as the story goes on and as we see in this episode Woz commits yet another horrible crime, I just don’t see how it can go on much longer without Woz getting caught, Harlee getting exposed or the show just becoming implausible with ridiculous plot twists to keep the story going.

For now though I’m going to keep watching. The acting, especially by Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta has been outstanding. Too bad about Sap getting killed though. He was the cutest guy on the show.


The Fosters (U.S.)

I don’t often pay attention to the other stories on this show, mostly because I have so many other shows to watch I just don’t have the time. But I did catch a few of the scenes revolving around Stef and Lena dealing with Stef’s cancer diagnosis and they beautifully done.

Lena’s unwavering support of Stef as she faced a double mastectomy was lovely and the show ending (sort of) on them making love was so sweet. It just makes me wish there were most shows centering on same sex couples and their families and friends. It can be done and given the popularity of this show people will watch. Kudos.


As for what’s going on with Jude, I guess that there won’t be any romance with Jack and that’s okay, but I was kinda hoping the show would go there, even if the shippers would freak out. Actually, that would be a plus. LOL…

I’m still interested in Jack’s story though. I feel sorry for the poor kid. Him talking about how he was weird that’s why no one wanted him just broke my heart. I need for him to get a happy ending. Please?

What’s with that shady chick working with Callie? I don’t get her. Hopefully Callie will pick up on whatever she’s up to before it’s too late.


Jude and Connor Season 3 Episode 14 PART 2 Jonnor

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  1. Being redeemed by love is a soap trope, Cain was redeemed by his love for Moira and in a lot of ways he was worse than Robert. That storyline is in a way more problematic as they killed off her husband to facilitate it. In fact I’m finding nothing different about this storyline than numerous straight couples have had so how it is catering specifically to m/m shippers beyond it being two men is beyond me.

    The rape story line has been in the works for over a year so was not introduced to cater to fan girls or specifically to redeem Robert. It was introduced to explain Aaron’s problems and probably to give Danny Miller something juicy to do and yes to win him awards.

    I would also appreciate not being spoken to in such a condescending manner. Your opinion is not fact and acting as if the truth has now been spoken and anyone who disagrees is a blind shipper doesn’t make it so.

  2. Robert could have been redeemed in many different ways without turning Robert & Aaron into a love story.
    The show is using this Aaron rape storyline to redeem Robert because its desperate to win soap awards – and by giving the m/m shipping fandom what they want, i.e a love-story between then, they’re banking on it being a soap award winner.

    Aaron & Robert have become little more than gay fanfiction brought to primetime tv for a show that now reeks of desperation to win awards.

  3. Robert didn’t murder anyone on Emmerdale last year. There was the accidental death of Katie, yes he pushed or more accurately flung her to the floor but who in their right minds thinks the floor will collapse underneath them like that. Apart from that no one else died, so I don’t know who all these people he murdered are. Even the attempted murders were left ambiguous (apart from the Chas one but It was so stupid I think even the show is pretending that didn’t happen)

    As for remembering what he did, I also remember that Aaron not 2 months ago beat a man so hard he put him in hospital, but we’re suppose to forget that happened because poor Aaron (he also bottled and could have killed James)

    The Robert redemption is on course but what I think a lot of people forget is that Robert is a more important character in the shows history than Aaron. Aaron might be very popular but Robert is a Sugden born on screen. He isn’t being redeemed so he can be with Aaron, he’s being redeemed so he can stay on the show long term.
    Stop thinking of him as Aaron’s love interest and instead as as legacy as a character can get and everything will make more sense

  4. For American Crime, I can see the murder charge as an opportunity, even though there are only a few eps left, for Taylor, his defense people to get into court or on record, under oath all of the people from Leyland who have been trying to avoid just that. Felicity H.’s character isn’t going to be able to spin herself or the school out of a murder investigation.

    A group of boys beat Taylor up. Wes was one of them so even though it wasn’t self defense per se, he was being aggressively, verbally attacked by someone who had physically attacked him. The shooting had context. Maybe it will fall under a PTSD response that his therapist can testify to. Diminished capacity and all that The rape is still at the root of all this evil.

    Since Becca is a dealer, I guess she can tell the truth about how Taylor was drugged. And maybe at the very least the attack on Eric in the car will make him understand that he is indeed a rapist, since part of his excuse was once Taylor said yes at the beginning he couldn’t change his mind.

    The scene with Taylor and his mom was heartbreaking.

  5. Its weird reading your commentary on Shadowhunters and you speculating on what will or won’t happen because I’ve read all the books and can’t help smirking or thinking ‘good luck with that’ at certain points.

    I don’t think I understand your last point though about their fascination with each other. I think the show did a good job of showing Magnus instant infatuation with Alec based solely on his looks. It didn’t really explain Alec’s infatuation since he’s suppose to be in love with Jace. But I guess it’s natural that a young gay boy would be fascinated by any good looking guy who showed some interest in them and just expects the audience to intuit that.

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