Gays of Our Lives: A Little Brainwashing Never Hurts

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People of the Valley (Wales)

Okay, color me surprised. I never thought the show would bring on a new fella for Iolo. And since he’s Dani’s brother, it looks like he’ll stick around for awhile. Iolo and Tyler are cute together and they have chemistry. But, the whole thing seems rushed and underplayed.vlcsnap-2016-03-20-17h35m15s163

For example, over the past few weeks we’ve see Iolo and Tyler bickering with each other in that rom-com sort of way, but there’s been no indication of an attraction between them.

So for them to go from bickering to making out seemed weird. I don’t understand why we couldn’t have seen that they were attracted to each other, but hid it, building up to this.

Or if they didn’t want to reveal that Tyler was gay why not have Iolo be attracted to Tyler, assume Tyler was straight and that Iolo was upset that again he was into a guy he could never have and then find out Tyler was queer. The handling of it just seems odd. But I did enjoy the scene after the initial kiss. It was cute and funny.

But as much as I’m glad for a new guy for Iolo, I wish they’d wrap up the story left from his relationship with William and all the secrets that Sion has been keeping from Iolo. William needs to come back so that all can be resolved. Even if William doesn’t stay, I just think it’s a storyline that needs some closure.

Secret Lives (Finland)

Of course Elias is dating Kalle’s ONS. It’s a soap so the plot twist is to be expected. The only thing now is: how soon before the truth comes out?

What really gets me is that Kalle is turning himself to a drunk over a relationship between Elias and Lari that only exists in his mind. Lari isn’t interested in Elias. He didn’t bat an eyelash or show a flicker of jealousy when Elias told him about his date. It still makes me wonder how they’re going to move back to Elias and Lari when Lari has been over it for about two years now. Not that is what I want to happen, of course. Elias and Lari have always been toxic, IMO.

I’d love it if instead of using Kalle’s drinking to break them up, it only made them stronger and Lari helped Kalle deal with his issues and they stuck it out.

Shadowhunters (U.S.)

Man, this episode was boring.

Here’s the thing about alternate universes. They really need to be interesting and this certainly was not.  It was just matching the same couples that exist on the regular show rather than mixing things up and having this person wind up with that person, stirring up the characters in ways you wouldn’t expect.

For example, why not take Alec and Jace’s relationship one step further than the bond the show beats us over the head with and have them be lovers in the alternate universe? Or put Isabelle with Magnus, something to make this world different? That’s the thing about alternate universes, it can give the show the chance to tell stories that couldn’t in their world and this show did none of that.


But also part of the problem is that this alternate universe episode is taking place too early in the show’s history. Maybe a year or two of the regular Shadowhunter’s world should be established and played out before bringing us into a new realm and showing us the differences. One thing is for sure: Jace and Clary as a couple in any universe is boring and irritating.

In other news the way they resolved the ‘Luke being accused of murder’ storyline was ridiculous. Branding Simon a serial killer makes no sense. Wouldn’t Simon’s face be plastered all over the news given that he’s believed a serial murderer? The capture of the killer wouldn’t get the attention of the press? Simon has no plans to go home and see his family again?

I’m sure Simon has been at the police station at least once or twice since the show began. No one would recognize him and say ‘that’s the killer? Why he was just here visiting Luke the other day’.

What about Simon’s body? Will anyone notice when it just disappears from the lab? Actually, the internal affairs investigator seemed to have no interest in even finding out the name of this serial killer! Capturing him wouldn’t end the case, there would be so many aspects to cover. Like I said, ridiculous. The idea was clever, but the execution and plot holes left all over the place ruined it.

I did like the lingering shots of Matthew Daddario’s torso though and I appreciate the show not going after his hairy chest with the razor.

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I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. Thanks :)

  2. The links are all there, just click on the show name (blue lines) ;)

  3. How can I watch the shows, as you used to put the link?

  4. I agree that the Shadowhunters AU is a bit of an episode filler and is not used to its full potential. Alec and Magnus having reversed role is kind of fun but ultimately trivial. And as you said, Jace and Clary are awesomely dull in any universe. lol But I have to say I appreciate how good the AU Jace and Alec look, though. AU Jace is softer looking which makes him more attractive IMHO, while AU Alec is more aggressive with a predatory glint in his eyes. They *would* make a super couple. The real world stuff is a bit more interesting. Alec using the parabatai bond to track Jace is an original concept from the TV show, and thumbs up for that, since it got Alec half naked and writhing in tandem to Jace in the Fairy Forest, yelling each other names, no less. Being parabatai has never been this homoerotic in the books. And I have noticed Hodge eyeing Alec with a bit too much interest.

  5. I can tell you aren’t familiar with the Shadowhunters’ books. Granted, they’re horribly written (we can thank Twilight for that) but they’re sorta interesting. Kind of like this show. But I will say there’s a lot of backstory mythology that explains a lot of what you’re not happy about.

  6. I don’t think or even mind that the Iolo/Tyler thing seems rushed. Garry just throwing them together in the house, the immediate and obvious Odd Couple tension, Tyler showing no interesting in Kelly hitting on him during the whole “Colin needs a beard” thing – it was all a bit obvious that Tyler was brought in for Iolo. Plus the main story of Friday’s kissy-face episode was the culmination of that vile Angela and her pathological liar BS – which has been emotionally draining for MONTHS now. So at least the show juxtaposed that blowup with the B Story of the boys getting all hot and bothered. I am sure that Tyler has some secrets or a dark side or something. But I am not entirely sure what their immediate threat is. Right now, Sion has no room to talk at this point. Dani will have a reaction since I don’t think she knows Tyler is gay or she would have mentioned that to Iolo; she’ll be ecstatic. Britt and Iolo are getting along, allied against Sion’s middle-life crisis. Garry has no beef with them as long as they pay the rent. But Tyler is part the school now, so short of a scandal there, he is around for a while. If anything, this relationship will probably self-destruct since Iolo isn’t meant to be happy. Currently I don’t see an outside saboteur.

  7. No info or spoilers about Shameless?

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