Gays of Our Lives: A Little Brainwashing Never Hurts

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Photo Credit: © JPI Studios
Photo Credit: © JPI Studios

Days of Our Lives – Paul is the victim of brainwashing, but John is able to rescue his son. Free from his ordeal, will Paul suffer any after effects of what was done to him?


Hollyoaks:  After getting kicked out of the McQueen’s and later the Roscoe’s, Ste and Harry wind up sleeping outside all night. Eventually, Ste asks Tony to insist that Harry move back home to get him off the streets. Harry, of course, refuses preferring to stay on the streets rather than be without Ste, who isn’t part of the deal. What does the future hold for these crazy, mixed up kids?

Emmerdale:  Liv gives Gordon some dirt on Aaron and Robert. Gordon hopes he can use the info against Aaron to help his case.


Hit the Floor:  Jude is stunned to see his father out of jail; Zero hires a PI to find his missing sister.

Neighbours: Aaron begins to realize Tom has been using him when the people against the Quill redevelopment project begin to withdraw their complaints. Aaron figures out that since he gave Tom the list of the complainants, Tom has been pressuring and bribing them.

When Tom breaks into Aaron’s computer and changes the report detailing the redevelopment’s effect on the environment to favor the project, Aaron goes to Sonya and confesses his mistake and betrayal. Sonya is given no choice but to fire Aaron on the spot.

People of the Valley:  Iolo admits he has feelings for Tyler, but is Tyler serious about a relationship with Iolo?

Secret Lives: Kalle reacts badly (probably gets drunk) when he fears that Lari has discovered his infidelity with Jesse. Meanwhile, Jesse and Elias get to know each other better.


Shadowhunters: Alec turns to Magnus with help for Isabelle, who is about to go on trial for her life.



EastEnders –  Abi fakes a miscarriage, but it backfires when Ben turns to Paul for comfort.

Neighbours:  Aaron tries to expose the truth about Tom, who grows more dangerous.

People of the Valley: Iolo’s attempt to make a home cooked meal for Tyler doesn’t go well.  

Shadowhunters:  Will Alec go through with his wedding to Lydia?

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  1. I agree that the Shadowhunters AU is a bit of an episode filler and is not used to its full potential. Alec and Magnus having reversed role is kind of fun but ultimately trivial. And as you said, Jace and Clary are awesomely dull in any universe. lol But I have to say I appreciate how good the AU Jace and Alec look, though. AU Jace is softer looking which makes him more attractive IMHO, while AU Alec is more aggressive with a predatory glint in his eyes. They *would* make a super couple. The real world stuff is a bit more interesting. Alec using the parabatai bond to track Jace is an original concept from the TV show, and thumbs up for that, since it got Alec half naked and writhing in tandem to Jace in the Fairy Forest, yelling each other names, no less. Being parabatai has never been this homoerotic in the books. And I have noticed Hodge eyeing Alec with a bit too much interest.

  2. I can tell you aren’t familiar with the Shadowhunters’ books. Granted, they’re horribly written (we can thank Twilight for that) but they’re sorta interesting. Kind of like this show. But I will say there’s a lot of backstory mythology that explains a lot of what you’re not happy about.

  3. I don’t think or even mind that the Iolo/Tyler thing seems rushed. Garry just throwing them together in the house, the immediate and obvious Odd Couple tension, Tyler showing no interesting in Kelly hitting on him during the whole “Colin needs a beard” thing – it was all a bit obvious that Tyler was brought in for Iolo. Plus the main story of Friday’s kissy-face episode was the culmination of that vile Angela and her pathological liar BS – which has been emotionally draining for MONTHS now. So at least the show juxtaposed that blowup with the B Story of the boys getting all hot and bothered. I am sure that Tyler has some secrets or a dark side or something. But I am not entirely sure what their immediate threat is. Right now, Sion has no room to talk at this point. Dani will have a reaction since I don’t think she knows Tyler is gay or she would have mentioned that to Iolo; she’ll be ecstatic. Britt and Iolo are getting along, allied against Sion’s middle-life crisis. Garry has no beef with them as long as they pay the rent. But Tyler is part the school now, so short of a scandal there, he is around for a while. If anything, this relationship will probably self-destruct since Iolo isn’t meant to be happy. Currently I don’t see an outside saboteur.

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