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Coronation Street:  Todd struggles to help Jason deal with the loss of his father, especially as Jason turns his anger on Eileen. Eventually though Jason and Eileen patch things up and Pat uses the chance to swoop in and get Jason to lean on him. Todd is annoyed and suspicious at Pat’s worming his way into the family fold. Pat pulls Jason aside and offers to help him sell Tony’s property. Jason naively decides to let Pat do that. Pat, of course, plans to make a windfall off of it.

While, Todd spots Billy giving Lee some cash. Billy claims that Lee is just a needy parishioner, but Todd soon learns that’s a lie. He presses Billy for the truth, but Billy refuses to talk.


Days of Our Lives: An epidemic sweeps through Salem and Paul is quarantined with several other Salem residents. The epidemic is revealed to have stemmed from the drugs Paul received during his brainwashing meaning that he is the inadvertent cause of the deadly plague. That’s right, a gay man looks to be Patient Zero. Way to go, Days!

EastEnders:  Johnny and Mick come to Lee’s rescue when Lee and Buster embark on a silly scheme to stop the CostMart sale. However, the guys wind up in a legal mess which could lead to them being arrested. Johnny fears a criminal record could spell the end of his legal career.


Emmerdale:    Robert is upset that Aaron’s preoccupation with Liv is getting in the way of his relationship with Aaron. Liv wants to go to Gordon’s sentencing hearing, but Aaron wants no part of it and orders Liv to stay away. Of course Liv goes anyway and when she’s reported as not being in school, Robert goes to the courthouse to retrieve her.

Liv explains to Robert that she needs to see Gordon go to jail for what he did and Robert says he understands that. When Robert helps Aaron to see things Liv’s way, it leads to a thawing between Robert and Liv. Aaron and Liv go in to witness Gordon’s sentencing and afterwards Gordon mentions the letter he sent forcing Robert to admit he burned the letter.

Robert and Aaron argue about it, but that is interrupted when DS Wise arrives with shocking news about Gordon, which only makes things worse between the couple. Meanwhile Liv digs up some dirt on Robert and schemes to use it to get rid of her ‘rival’.


Finn finds out that Emma said might have Motor Neurone Disease. Finn doesn’t buy her story, certain she’s saying it to keep he and Pete in town. Finn traps Emma into going to the doctor’s with he and Pete for her test results. Ross joins them at the doctors and Emma scrambles to think of a way to continue to fool her sons into thinking she’s seriously ill.


Hollyoaks: Ste worries when he gets a call from the hospital about his CD4 test results. Worried about her brother Leela suggests to Cameron that maybe he should get in touch with his own brother Lockie. Cam pretends to phone Lockie. Meanwhile, Harry thinks he lost a memory stick with his schoolwork on it at the shack. He enlists James’ help in finding it. There, Harry sees Lockie’s message warning that Cameron is a murderer.

Harry shows the message to Ste. Then John Paul tells Ste he saw Cam and Lockie leaving town together the night Lockie disappeared. Ste confronts Cameron about his supposed phone call to Lockie and then decides to go to the police with his suspicons. The police arrive to question Cam about Lockie. Cam talks his way out of it. Later, Cam manipulates Ste into going boating with him where Ste realizes that Cam murdered his brother. The two get into a fight and Ste falls into the water. As Ste can’t swim, will Cam save him?


Elsewhere, Myra tells John Paul he’s too good for Scott, prompting John Paul to begin to avoid his new beau. Scott realizes that John Paul is embarrassed by him. Ms. St. Claire shames John Paul for his shabby treatment of Scott. When Myra hears about Ms. St. Claire’s interfering in JP’s love life, the two women clash over their son, unaware that someone has overheard them and knows that Ms. St. Claire is actually JP’s biological father. But who?

Marnie continues to manipulate Tony into selling the Hutch and James promises to help her. However, James becomes increasingly uneasy about his mother’s sleazy tactics to get what she wants.


Neighbours:  Aaron starts a new business as a publicity agent and immediately takes on a controversial client when Paul wants to hire Aaron to clear his name in the wake of the explosion. Aaron thinks that this could put his business on the map, but representing Paul has Aaron at odds with his friends and family.

People of the Valley:  Iolo becomes unnerved by Colin’s odd behavior.

Salatut elämät. Osa 3002: Kallella on käytävä, ja sinne Lari meneekin. Pihlajakadun asukkaista kertovassa sarjassa kuljetaan kiehtovien tarinoiden poluilla koskettavia tai arkojakaan asioita kaihtamatta. MTV3. Kuvassa Elias ja Lari (Petteri Paavola ja Ronny Roslöff).

Secret Lives: Lari is still jealous about seeing Elias and Kalle together and is cool towards Elias. Elias realizes he just can’t get over Lari and decides to leave town. Meanwhile, Lari talks to Janne about his feelings and Janne tells Lari to choose between Elias and Kalle once and for all. Lari makes his decision when he goes to Kalle and tells him it’s over. Later, while Elias and Lari have a tough time admitting their feelings they eventually share a special moment.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 12.56.45 PM

River City: Robbie is interested in the new bar manager at the Tall Ship, who just happens to be Caitlin’s ex and the father of one of her many children. But will Caitlin stand in the way of Robbie’s potential new romance? Meanwhile, Patrick regrets his kissing Angel, but why?


Coronation Street:  Todd gets involved with Billy when he learns Billy’s secret.

Days of Our Lives: Paul struggles with the aftereffects of his kidnapping and brainwashing.

Emmerdale:  Robert helps Aaron make a big decision.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 11.42.27 AM

Holby City: A patient’s difficult past forces Dom to deal with his own issues.

Hollyoaks:  Scott has a proposal for John Paul.

Neighbours:    Aaron’s new job causes conflict between Nate and Aaron.

People of the Valley:  Will Tyler be able to open his heart to Iolo?


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Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. Ugh…taking a break from Emmerdale until Aaron’s storyline moves away from being Liv’s guardian. It’s more likely that Aaron would just agree to visit Liv often instead of becoming fully responsible for her and taking on a sudden and enormous financial strain like having a child. Also, why does Aaaron only eat toast? He’s only ever eating toast.

    Finn’s family drama isn’t interesting enough to keep tuning in. And since Finn is in his early 20’s, isn’t it highly likely that he’d at least be hooking up once in a while? If they don’t want to give him a boyfriend, they could at least show him interacting with other gay men as friends or, ideally, more than friends.

    Lawrence seems to go back and forth between telling Chrissie he’s okay with her search for her bio father, and then exploding with anger about it. He’s being an as*hole to her and she takes it because she’s dependent on his money.

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Jimmy’s butt – he’s kind of a hot daddy until he starts talking.

  2. I’m enjoying the pace of the Iolo story at the moment. Clearly, Tyler is warming to him after the attack and seems sincere even if there is a smidgen of guilt thrown in. Iolo is preoccupied with recovering from his injuries and staying in control of his OCD which means he isn’t sitting around pining for Tyler anymore. If the show plans to pair them romantically, this slow burn is the way to go. Oh, and I think it’s hilarious that Tyler keeps concealer on-hand.

    Who knew Ben could be so….charming? I’m sure it won’t last, but it’s a nice beat to his story before the kickoff of whatever “explosive” exit is planned for Paul.

    A Robert & Charity affair would be good drama, but PLEASE don’t let her get pregnant again. The Dingles are running out of names and will just have to call him Jesus if it’s a boy. I’ve been looking forward to this part of Lawrence’s story, but it’s off to a start that worries me. I’m already tired of Chrissie whinging on about her right to know who her biological father is.

  3. EE: I loved the scene as well. One thing a lot of shows miss is that they need happy moments like this to give stakes to the later drama.

    ED: I enjoyed seeing Robert scheming again. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does end up having an affair with Charity. They’re better matched than Robert and Aaron. I don’t mind Aaron’s scenes with live, but Robert’s comments grate on me. They’re relationship is too new for him to get to have a voice in Aaron and Liv’s relationship.

    Ross’s whining is really annoying. Between the initial affair and his failed double murder plot, his hands aren’t clean. I can get not wanting to spend time with Pete, but he shouldn’t be indignant if Finn doesn’t want to pick sides. Meanwhile, Emma’s scheming should make Finn and Pete want to get as far away from her as possible.

    DOOL: It still looks like I made the right choice to stop watching after Will’s funeral.

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