‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: This Changes Everything

Felix and Lucy at the Nurse Ball

Kiss It Better

Kiki and Dillon wow the audience.
#Killon wows the audience.

Kiki and Dillon’s friendship turned into courtship last week with the help of a duet. I loved how their performance of Stitches had the audience making googly eyes at each other and everyone convinced that they were an item. “Why does everyone think that we’re a couple just because we did a duet together?” Dillon asked after Nina mentioned they were in love. Perhaps it’s because they all saw the sparks. I love this young couple and am happy to see that I’m not unique in my feelings. They trended on Twitter for over an hour. When is the last time that a GH pairing has done that?

Backstage, Kiki and Dillon shared a kiss. And then they kissed some more. Morgan saw the exchange and didn’t seem happy about it. I get that it may hurt seeing Kiki with someone else but what did he expect after he broke up with her? I think he’s going to be an issue for Kiki and Dillon but I don’t see Morgan getting the girl in the end. I like that the good guy is the one I’m rooting for in this triangle and I see Morgan as just an obstacle for Kiki and Dillon to overcome.

Assassination Tango

Robin and Emma returned to Port Charles for the Nurses Ball and it was just what Anna needed. I like that these two characters can simply stop by for a visit. The saga of Robin repeatedly being kidnapped went on too long so seeing her make appearances for happy occasions now is a real treat. A beloved character is happy and healthy offscreen but can pop in from time to time to support her loved ones. That doesn’t happen enough on soaps anymore.

Emma’s Elton John inspired duet with Ned was a fan favorite and Robin’s speech got me a little misty eyed. I can’t believe it’s been 21 years since Stone died! That story line resonated so much with fans that it doesn’t seem that long ago. It was nice to have Robin at the Nurses Ball to give a shoutout to Stone. They are after all the reason the ball exists.

Robin’s presence served another purpose too. She helped Anna say a final goodbye to Duke and hopefully put her mother on a less self-loathing path. I doubt that Anna is going to just let things drop with Julian but it would be nice if she lightened up just a tad. The tango between Anna and Duke was sexy and romantic as always. This super couple was really everything when given the right amount of care and writing. I like the sparks between Anna and Andre and am eager to see that explored but I can’t help but miss Duke and Anna.

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

Nik and Hayden continued to push each other’s buttons with Nik taking potshots at his wife on the red carpet and Hayden threatening to tell Jordan who really shot her. There is also the matter of Hayden’s stolen diamonds. Nik sold one of the diamonds in order to make a generous donation to the Nurses Ball and conceal his financial problems. Hayden doesn’t like being poor and wants the diamonds back.

Nik falls to his “death.
Nik falls to his “death.”

Hayden isn’t the only one Nik’s turned the financial tables on. Diane served Jason with a lawsuit. Nik is suing him for using mobster money to purchase ELQ and ELQ’s assets have now been frozen as a result. Needless to say Jason is not amused and he goes to Wyndemere to confront Nik. When Jason and Sam arrives at Wyndemere, they hear a crash and find a broken window. Nik’s battered body is below on the rocks. However, by the time the pair get to the shore, the body is gone and only a bloody cufflink is found. They come to the conclusion that Nik must have washed away. However, Hayden is convinced that Jason is the cause of the foul play. I love the spooky set up with this “murder” mystery and it will be interesting to see what path it puts everyone on as truths are both discovered and hidden.

Audiences know that the role of Nikolas Cassadine is being temporary recast while Tyler Christopher takes some time off. So unless Nick Stabile is playing a ghost, Nik is pulling an elaborate scheme on everyone. This may take some of the mystery away but I already know that it takes a lot to kill a Cassadine. I like the idea of Nikolas as the trickster more than trying to make him 100% villainous. A lot of what this darker version of Nik has done hasn’t had much weight to it. The flimsy reasons for him stealing ELQ and having Hayden shot seemed like afterthoughts. But we know his motive this time. We’ve been shown his desperation and how low he has sunk. We know who his enemies are and why he has conflicts with them. I like the idea of Nik being the dark shadow over Port Charles. It’s just so gothically Cassadine.

Couples of the week: Dillon and Kiki, Brad and Lucas, Franco and Liz, Jason and Sam, Donnie and Felix

Lines of the week: “You are insane and you’re violating my privacy!”-Finn “And I couldn’t care less!”-Dr. O

“You bastard! You sold my diamonds!”-Hayden “Just one.”-Nik

“They’re strippers.”-Nina

“Do you know she thinks you’re a priest? I don’t know how she got that idea in her head but you need to shut that crazy down.”-Maxie

“Shaken not stirred. Isn’t that how spies drink them?”-Andre

“Oh good God who gave her a microphone!”-Ava

“You’re not quite ready for primetime are you?”-Ava

“Just imagine the audience are ducks.”-Franco

“It’s in the cloud Ava.”-Carly

“Don’t they make the cutest couple?”-Lucy


“Oh my God! You guys didn’t see my panties!”-Lucy

LOL moment of the week: Nina goes Vine Girl on the red carpet

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