‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Show Me The Honey

Curtis wants Crimson to show him the money.
Curtis wants Crimson to show him the money.

In my last Week In Review, I mentioned how I’m enjoying a lot of the pairings that are being set up on General Hospital. The new couples were definitely the highlights this last week. I’m still enjoying Franco and Liz, loved Ava and Nik’s proper introduction and am warming up to the idea of Hayden and Finn. Watching the couples fall for each other is always the best part.

I’m really intrigued with where a lot of the romances are heading. What will happen to make Franco and Liz acknowledge they have an attraction? Will adventure lead to romance for Nik and Ava as well as Jason and Sam? Does Hayden like Finn as much as she likes his lizard? Will the newly single Nina find some loving? Can things be mended for Julian and Alexis? Will Val inspire Curtis to be a cop again? Finding out the answers to questions like these are why I am watching and, for the most part, enjoying GH right now.

General Hospital Week In Review for episodes that aired June 13th-17th.

The Real Men Issue

Remember that episode of Friends where Chandler wouldn’t cry? Then when he finally did, he wasn’t able to control himself and cried all the time. I feel like that is sort of what’s going on with Nina regarding men and sex. The girl didn’t get any for a long time. When Franco and her finally did make love, it was great. Now she misses the physical intimacy. Franco and Nina aren’t 100% done with each but they are definitely moving in separate directions. Nina’s next romantic option doesn’t seem as set in stone as Franco’s does though there has been some attraction with both Curtis and Julian.

Nina takes test photos for Crimson’s Real Men Issue.

Nina takes test photos for Crimson’s Real Men Issue.

I like the chemistry between Michelle Stafford and Donnell Turner. They play off each other well and the fact that they look really pretty together is another bonus. It’s been established that both characters are physically attracted to each other but I need to see more than just that. They have some scenes coming up that I’m anxious to see. Curtis has a “good guy with an edge” quality to him and that seems to be Nina’s type.

I get the impression that Nina is most likely heading in the direction of her shady boss Julian. I’m a little cautious in my feelings about this. It could be tricky to pair these two together given the popularity of Julian and Alexis. That doesn’t mean necessarily that the story shouldn’t be told, just that it may be a bit of a challenge to sell. Plus Julian’s being a real dick to his wife right now. If Nina were to hook up with him, won’t she be doing to Alexis what Ava did to her? That could fall a little out of character. It could also be interesting though for Nina to become the sort of person she hates in her efforts to get over her lost lover.

Who do you think would be a good match for Nina?

The Art of Steal

How awesome were Ava and Nik last week? I wouldn’t have thought about putting these two together but the femme fatale and the dark prince are a match made in heaven…well soap opera heaven anyways. Both characters’ story lines seemed to fumble a bit with lackluster power plays and romantic pairings that didn’t quite hit it off with their fans. They both needed someone who was the right combination of naughty and nice. I’ve always been a big fan of scheming power couples and I think GH really needs this type of pairing to up its fun factor. I like the set up of them randomly bumping into each other on the plane and Ava deciding to have a little fun with Nik regarding his predicament. Ava giving him pointers on what to do and not to do when faking one’s own death and assuming another identity was a hilarious way to quickly connect them.

Ava is seated next to a familiar face on her flight to London.

Ava is seated next to a familiar face on her flight to London.

Nik Cassadine has taken on the alias of Nile Carradine and when a fan named Huxley mistakes him for a movie star, Ava decides to play along. However, it turns out that Huxley isn’t the harmless fanboy they thought and Ava and Nik end up trapped at his country estate in the middle of nowhere. Huxley isn’t going all Kathy Bates from Misery on Niles Carradine though. His interest is in Ava not Nik. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Ava and Nik plan on saving themselves and how the intensity of the situation may intensify some feelings between them.

Nick Stabile made his debut on Friday, temporarily filling in for Tyler Christopher. It can be a little jarring to have a temporary recast in the middle of a major story arch but I would much rather have this than have the story stop and lose momentum as a result. The chemistry between Maura West and Christopher has already been established and can be picked up easily when he returns. In the meantime, Stabile is an adequate substitute.

Jenn Bishop
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  1. A lot of other fans have said that they would love to see more of Friz’s artistic side and in particular Liz’s. GH has the characters, sets, etc. for that kind of story so hopefully we get to see it.

  2. Yes I agree. My only complaint is that nobody is dying that matters in this murder mystery.

    I will begrudgingly admit when Jasam are able to focus on themselves they have a little spark.

    I also hope that the writers bring out the artist side of Friz more. Add Ava’s gallery plus the Nava dynamic could be a good SL for Liz away from the JS aspect.

  3. Thanks for commenting! Object and Finn do spark. I won’t mind that pairing at all. I know “Stone Cold” wasn’t really a romantic per say but he had a softer side & I think BM would play those parts of the character really well if given the opportunity. I would like to see him woo Sam a little & more family scenes with Danny.

  4. I agree with just about everything you said. Although, I’m not here for Friz romantically but I love the build up of their friendship. I’ll forever hate Franco for sexually assaulting my fave Sam but I am enjoying RoHo version of Franco a lot.

    Jasam SL is missing the romance. I’m a Sam Stan but this NuJasam need some better writing because BM is just not good as stone cold. Have they even been on a date? Any flowers? Etc…

    I just need Sam to interact with the Davis Girls more. I love the Julexis SL because of the soapy drama. The fallout and couple switch up could be interesting.

    I love everything about the hospital SL. No complaints. Hayden and Finn intrigue me but I’m more interested in Obrect and Finn tbh. Excited for the kidney SL and Max coming back.

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