Gays of our Lives: Mama Said There Will Be Days Like This


Animal Kingdom:  Deran throws an eventful party.

Will Danny leave Martin behind for Olympic gold?

Barracuda:  As Danny prepare for his biggest meet, his feelings for Martin grow. Martin gets closer to his girlfriend Lauren, fueling Danny’s jealousy. Where will that anger take him?

EastEnders: The Mitchell family get awful news when they get word from the hospital that Ben has been in a terrible accident and is in critical condition. By the time the family get to the hospital, they learn that Ben has died as a result of his injuries.  The Mitchells are devastated by the news and eventually Phil and Ian have to identify the body. And while this is going on, where is Paul?

Meanwhile, Johnny learns he’s passed his exams.

Robert's method of foreplay is a little weird, don't you think?
Robert’s method of foreplay is a little weird, don’t you think?

Emmerdale: Robert has kidnapped Ryan, threatening to kill him if he doesn’t stop trying to blackmail him. Ryan begs Robert not to hurt him, saying he’s desperate because he has people he owes money to. Ryan feels sorry for Robert and gives him the cash, warning him to never come back. Ryan runs, but Robert realizes that someone has been watching the entire incident.

Later, Liv is upset that Robert and Aaron are fighting again and after seeing it’s because Ryan has returned, Liv feels guilty and seeks Finn’s advice on how to get them back together. Liv enacts a plan, but will it work?

Any chance at peace ends, however, after Aaron find out that Ross shot Robert as part of his deal with Andy and that Andy let Aaron go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Robert begs Aaron to get it go, but Aaron refuses and attacks Andy in front of Chrissie. When Chrissie demands to know what’s going on, Aaron tells her the ugly truth.


Elsewhere, Lawrence continues to struggle with the reveal of his being gay.  Lachlan tries to talk to Lawrence, but Lawrence only continues to push his family away. Lawrence gets so angry with Lachlan that he slaps the boy, shocking them both. Later, Lawrence decides to start divorce proceedings against Bernice. Andy is upset that Lawrence is being so nasty to his family and urges Lawrence to accept that he’s gay.

In other news, Ronnie gets to the chance to stay in the village for good after he gets a surprising offer.

People of the Valley: Tyler learns a shocking secret, but will he actually remember what he’s been told? Later, the guys discuss their future, but Iolo is upset by Tyler’s behavior, which could put everything in jeopardy.


The Haves and the Have Nots: Jeffrey and Melissa scheme to work together to get out of the arranged marriage Veronica is blackmailing them into. And when Jeffery learns that Wyatt is believed dead, will his grief and anger push him beyond the point of no return?


Will Danny’s story have a happy ending?

Barracuda:  As the series comes to a close, Danny has to face his feelings — and if he’ll ever swim again.

Coronation Street: Todd and Billy’s secret is nearly exposed.

Emmerdale:  Aaron has to make a difficult decision.

Days of Our Lives: Sonny (finally) returns to Salem and he and Paul are reunited.

Holby City: Dom is wary after Isaac invites him to a lavish party.

River City: Patrick confronts the man who sexually abused him.

Shortland Street – Jack makes a shocking discovery.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. At first, I felt a little bad for Chrissie when Lawrence kicked her out. Then I remembered how her obsessive pursuit of finding her “real” father despite the obvious pain it caused Lawrence was what caused him to be publicly outed. If it means that much more to her than Lawrence, let her have her new dad if she can find him.

  2. Theresa’s leaving (maybe dying). Summer’s leaving & told Brady to look to his Grandfather about Tate. There’s talk of John Anniston (Victor) leaving/retiring. this may be the set-up. Victor manipulated Tate’s kidnapping because he hates them both; then Victor will go to Greece (or wherever) when everyone finds out. Maggie then leaves him after she finds out what he did so she will get to stay. Sonny coming back? it may all be too late with the entire show being such a mess…….

  3. Guess who “General Hospital” finally let on-screen today after over a month has passed since his last appearance (and after the writers’ ridiculous “We love the character, he’s so important to the show!” quotes in that Michael Fairman interview): Lucas. He was allowed on-screen to drag Julian for his recent actions and, of course, had to prop Sonny while he was at it. Blech.

  4. I should have mentioned the Chrissie/Lawrence stuff in my review. Chrissie is an ungrateful child who should have been thrown out. I’ve really grown to dislike her during this ‘who is my real dad’ storyline. And yes, I didn’t miss Liv. Too bad Aaron and Robert had to talk about her.

    Sheryl is an terrible person. I wouldn’t mind seeing her leave forever too. But I’ve wanted that for a long time. She was especially awful when she got pregnant on purpose during her affair with Hywel so she could break up his marriage. I felt bad when she ended up losing that baby…. but not for her.

    Efifion is pretty hot and I think Ed is too. I love that Ed is always in workout clothes and shorts.

  5. My favorite part of the Lawrence story was when he told Chrissie what’s-what. It was long overdue and hit the nail on the head. Throwing her and Lachlan out was just gravy. My favorite part of the Aaron/Robert story was the complete absence of Liv.

    Having already seen the first of this week’s People of the Valley episodes, I don’t mind this turn in the Iolo/Tyler story. I’m really taking to DJ after the paternity reveal and the breakup with Cadno. He’s such a sweet character. I haven’t followed the show long enough to know Sheryl’s history, but God in heaven please let her leave and take that damn baby with her. And the show definitely needs more Eiffion, preferably with as few clothes as possible.

    It looks like I need to start giving Coronation Street another look now that the Todd/Billy story is heating up.

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