Gays of our Lives: Mama Said There Will Be Days Like This

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

I really like Ronnie and Lisa’s friendship. I hope the show continues to play that. I think they’d be good for each other.

vlcsnap-2016-07-18-11h18m27s385Why is Andy telling Bernice all the details about Lawrence? It’s none of his business and it sure as hell isn’t his place, especially insinuating he was taking the drugs to help him have sex with Ronnie.  What a POS. Butt the hell out.

Wow.  Those Lawrence and Ronnie scenes in the hotel were so good. Such good acting. You see how aversion therapy ruined Lawrence’s life. He can’t love anybody, not really, especially himself.  I’ve seen lots of coming out/struggling with your sexuality storylines on lots of shows, but this is a new and fresh take on a story that’s been told many times.

Like I said before, I really love that Lawrence and Ronnie are not teenagers or twenty-somethings. Gay men still want love and still have their struggles as they age and kudos to Emmerdale for telling this story and telling it so well. I still think Lawrence is fooling himself and hiding behind his relationship with Bernice. I’m hoping this ends with Lawrence and Ronnie giving things a go. Chrssie is right when she says they have a real chance to finally be together. And I liked Aaron’s talk with Lawrence.  Aaron can relate to hating himself and hurting himself over being gay. Hopefully it’ll sink in with Lawrence at some point.vlcsnap-2016-07-18-11h18m01s115

The Adam/Aaron scene was nice. We don’t get to see these best friends acting like friends very often so I enjoyed it.

I don’t get why the police are so determined to go after Robert because he may have bribed Ryan to lie about Gordon raping him. Ryan retracted his statement and nothing he said had any bearing on how the case turned out. Moreover, the case is closed and Gordon is dead. Seems like the police would have better things to do. Honestly, this is more faux, contrived drama to cause unhappiness for Aaron and Robert. Bah.

I do think Aaron and Robert need to get their own place. They are grown men with jobs and in a committed relationship. Makes no sense they’d be living at home or with family.


Emmerdale 13th July 2016 part 2

 Emmerdale 15 July 2016

Isaac and Dom are pretty hot together. Lots of chemistry. I’m really looking forward to watching this relationship unfold with all it’s drama. I’m also very glad that Isaac isn’t just a new beau for Dom, but has a life and stories all of his own.

The medical story for Isaac was kind of cute and I loved Ric being all protective and concerned about Isaac’s influence on Dom after all Dom has been through. Just a delightful week all the way around.

Neighbours  (Australia)

Dreadful. Aaron and Tom have no story and they sure as hell don’t have any romance. Yuck. That’s how they get back together?  Awful.  Reuniting them is just lazy on the show’s part, just like sticking Aaron with Nate.  Tom needs to go and Aaron needs an interesting, long running romantic storyline with a guy he has chemistry with. But it’s obvious that’s not going to happen. This show clearly have no interest in their gay characters. They’re just window dressing while the straight characters have lives, stories and romances.

People of the Valley  (Wales)

vlcsnap-2016-07-18-11h23m41s538You would think that someone would figure out that Tyler’s behavior is not one of an alcoholic, but someone who is sick. His mood swings, forgetfulness, quick temper and his looking like he’s about to faint doesn’t add up to being an alcoholic. Besides, like Iolo said, he’d know if Tyler was drinking too much. They live together, they spend most of their time together.

It would be very hard for Tyler to hide that. It just seems like they came to a conclusion that doesn’t quite add up, very contrived. Clearly though Tyler does know what’s wrong with him given the phone call he made at the end. I wish he’d tell Iolo the truth. He should have told him the real reason he had at first refused to box. That would have made more sense than this. But then I guess we wouldn’t have a story.

The Fosters (U.S.)

I’m not a religious person, but I liked the scenes at the church. I can understand Jude’s reluctance to go and it was nice that Stef didn’t use her own feelings about religion to prevent Jude from doing something that might make him feel better.

Noah is a cute kid (though the guy running the youth group is super hot) and it’s nice that he’s openly gay so there’s none of this coming out nonsense. I hope this finally means a new boyfriend for Jude. He’s been pouting over his breakup with Connor for way too long (so have the fans to be honest).  Time to let go.

The Haves and The Have Nots  (U.S.)

You can’t tie a guy down to the bed and expect him to cuddle afterwards, Jeffrey

So I’m guessing Justin is a demanding power bottom who likes to be tied down? The show couldn’t make that more obvious, not that I’m complaining. For all it’s timidness about gay sexuality and gays having sex in the show’s earlier years, it’s certainly gotten more frank as the show has rolled on.

It was funny how Justin was like ‘we’re men, I’m not gay, this is just sex’, but he was the one all hurt and put out when Jeffrey told him their brief affair was over and kicked him out of the room. I suspect it’s not over between them. I think these two are headed for a messy, complicated affair that neither of them will be willing to end. I love it. This is one of my favorite gay storylines currently running.

I wish the Melissa plot point was over though. Because of the very, very slow place on this show we didn’t see Melissa (or hear much about this storyline) all last season as only a day or two passed on the show’s timeline. But now it’s back and we get more of Veronica’s creepy over the top behavior in regards to Jeffrey and his sex life. Ick.

I thought it was weird though when Veronica noted that Melissa wasn’t showing yet. Again, because of the show’s slow pace, we might have found out about Melissa’s pregnancy nearly two seasons ago, but on the show only a week at most has passed. And at this rate, it’ll be 10 years before Melissa gives birth.

I still don’t think Wyatt is dead. This is a season long fakeout, IMO.




  1. At first, I felt a little bad for Chrissie when Lawrence kicked her out. Then I remembered how her obsessive pursuit of finding her “real” father despite the obvious pain it caused Lawrence was what caused him to be publicly outed. If it means that much more to her than Lawrence, let her have her new dad if she can find him.

  2. Theresa’s leaving (maybe dying). Summer’s leaving & told Brady to look to his Grandfather about Tate. There’s talk of John Anniston (Victor) leaving/retiring. this may be the set-up. Victor manipulated Tate’s kidnapping because he hates them both; then Victor will go to Greece (or wherever) when everyone finds out. Maggie then leaves him after she finds out what he did so she will get to stay. Sonny coming back? it may all be too late with the entire show being such a mess…….

  3. Guess who “General Hospital” finally let on-screen today after over a month has passed since his last appearance (and after the writers’ ridiculous “We love the character, he’s so important to the show!” quotes in that Michael Fairman interview): Lucas. He was allowed on-screen to drag Julian for his recent actions and, of course, had to prop Sonny while he was at it. Blech.

  4. I should have mentioned the Chrissie/Lawrence stuff in my review. Chrissie is an ungrateful child who should have been thrown out. I’ve really grown to dislike her during this ‘who is my real dad’ storyline. And yes, I didn’t miss Liv. Too bad Aaron and Robert had to talk about her.

    Sheryl is an terrible person. I wouldn’t mind seeing her leave forever too. But I’ve wanted that for a long time. She was especially awful when she got pregnant on purpose during her affair with Hywel so she could break up his marriage. I felt bad when she ended up losing that baby…. but not for her.

    Efifion is pretty hot and I think Ed is too. I love that Ed is always in workout clothes and shorts.

  5. My favorite part of the Lawrence story was when he told Chrissie what’s-what. It was long overdue and hit the nail on the head. Throwing her and Lachlan out was just gravy. My favorite part of the Aaron/Robert story was the complete absence of Liv.

    Having already seen the first of this week’s People of the Valley episodes, I don’t mind this turn in the Iolo/Tyler story. I’m really taking to DJ after the paternity reveal and the breakup with Cadno. He’s such a sweet character. I haven’t followed the show long enough to know Sheryl’s history, but God in heaven please let her leave and take that damn baby with her. And the show definitely needs more Eiffion, preferably with as few clothes as possible.

    It looks like I need to start giving Coronation Street another look now that the Todd/Billy story is heating up.

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