‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: The Island of Misfits

The guests at Cassadine Island get a surprise.
The guests at Cassadine Island get a surprise.

Despite some frustrations, last week’s General Hospital was for the most part entertaining. I feel like GH sometimes takes a step backwards when building momentum and that was evident this past week. Plot moved along but it didn’t always blend well with the relationships and romances. There was still a lot to love though.

The best part of GH currently still remains to be its new couples but I felt like some of those important romantic beats took a backseat to plot points this past week. The highlights of the week were definitely the more character-driven material such as Anna and Griffin’s conversation outside Julian’s hospital room, Ava and Nik finding a connection and Liz and Franco’s admission of feelings. I felt like I didn’t quite get enough of those sort of moments but what I did get was good. GH needs a little bit of work on where it lands its focus. If it flipped what it has frontburner with its supporting story lines, it would be near perfection.

A lot happened last week on GH and I wasn’t able to write about all of it. If you would like to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for the episodes that aired July 11th-15th.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Ava gets her hands on Nik’s diamonds.
Ava gets her hands on Nik’s diamonds.

My favorite part of the Cassadine Island mystery is Ava. It so refreshing to see the Ava I know and love again, the one who always had the upper hand due to devilish charm and keen slyness. Ava Jerome was an instant smash when she first sauntered onto our television screens. However, for some reason, someone at GH decided that audience wanted to see the strong woman abused by weak men. Glad that’s finally over, for now anyways as I’m sure when she gets back to Port Charles we’ll just get more of her cowering to Sonny. Hopefully I’m wrong and that doesn’t happen. But back to the fabulousness of Ava Jerome pulling diamonds out of a man’s pants. Ava sees Nik hide an unmentionable in his unmentionables and decides to use her feminine wiles to get her hands on it. She seduces Nik into a kiss and then retrieves the pouch from his pants. To Ava’s delight, she finds that she has her hands on the family jewels. “Next time, don’t hide your valuables with your valuables. Or at least don’t do it when I’m around.”

I liked the conversation that Ava and Nik had about past mistakes that won’t go away. Ava is still feeling the weight of what she did to Connie while Nik is feeling regret about his recent Cassadine-like behavior. It was a touching moment that showed how these two characters connect. I like the mixture of lust, greed and tarnished power this potential couple provide. I’m not really sure why they aren’t the ones locking Jason and Sam up instead.

Speaking of Jason and Sam (and I know I’m going to get a lot of heat about this) but they are the weak link in this otherwise interesting tale. Jason is just not the commanding presence that we’re being told he is. Where’s this cold intimidation that he’s suppose to embody? There’s no freaking way that I buy that he would be the one in charge. This isn’t even his story really. It’s Sam’s story. She’s the Cassadine, Nik’s her cousin, Ava’s her aunt and this is about her family. Yet she’s been reduced to “Jason’s wife or ex-wife or I don’t know partner in crime”. If the powers that be at GH really want me to root for Jasam, the story needs to be about Sam’s point of view. She’s the one I care about.

Despite the misplacement of Jason’s role, I am really excited that this story line is finally being told. James Patrick Stuart is excellent casting. He can play wicked so well. The cat is already out of the bag regarding “Theo” which is a bit of a shame. It would have been great to come to the realization of who he really is while watching the story unfold. Theo seems as harmlessly mischievous as Huxley. I would have thought him to be another campy villain with an agenda and it would have been so cool to discover that he’s someone much darker. There is a lot we still don’t know yet regardless. How long has he been on the island? What’s he up to? Did he have something to do with Helena’s demise?

Mean Girls

Nina puts Cutis on the case.
Nina puts Curtis on the case.

I like the set up for the story involving Claudette. Bree Williamson is a perfect fit for the seductive troublemaker. She plays the bitchy blonde in a way that makes it believable that Claudette could cause good guy Nathan to go bad while tempting a priest. Why does Claudette want Nathan back now? I suspect it’s because she heard he was getting married and that his rich sister was awake and running Crimson. Nathan benefits her now and she saw the opportunity to use his crime to her advantage. She’s a classic soap vixen.

Does Claudette know that her ex-lover is in Port Charles though? That could put a damper on things for everyone once it’s revealed that Griffin is the man with who Claudette had an affair with and Nathan shot. And the truth is definitely on it’s way to being exposed. Maxie wants to keep her enemy close so she convinces Nina not to fire “the smarmy green card vixon”. However, Nina has Curtis put his investigation skills to good use when he offers to dig up some dirt on Claudette. Nina doesn’t know that what Curtis might dig up would land Nathan in jail. A worried Maxie bumps into Curtis while rummaging through Claudette’s room and later lets Nathan know he needs to get Nina to call the whole thing off. Unfortunately for them, they may be too late. It’s clear that Curtis found something that lead him to Griffin. While Curtis obviously knows that Griffin had an affair with Claudette, I don’t think he knows what Nathan did…yet.

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