‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: The Island of Misfits

The guests at Cassadine Island get a surprise.
The guests at Cassadine Island get a surprise.

Vengeance vs. Justice

Anna and Griffin reflect on their past regrets.

Anna and Griffin reflect on their past regrets.

I was looking forward to Anna’s confrontation with Julian. I thought it would be a powerful scene with wrongs and rights clashing and no clear winner. I was disappointed. The scenes were used to tell the audience yet again how Sonny murdering AJ was no big deal, that he’s the “good mobster”. It made both characters look like complete idiots. Luckily, what followed after Anna left Julian’s room was a beautiful dialog between Anna and Griffin regarding the hazards of revenge.

Catching Julian didn’t make Anna’s pain go away. In fact, it made her feel worse. Julian’s still awful and Duke’s still dead. “Justice is empowering and vengeance is just diminishing. ‘Cause it’s a led weight that you just keep carrying around and the longer you carry it, the heavier it gets.” Griffin had warned her against holding onto hate and he was right. Anna is entitled to her grief but she also has a lot of good people in her life. Instead of letting anger consume her, she could have been surrounding herself with friends and family. Griffin feels a lot of regret over his past but he has chosen a different way of handling it. He has no ill-will towards Nathan for shooting him. Though forgiveness is not easy for Griffin, he’s in a much better spot emotionally than Anna is as a result. I don’t really need Anna to ever forgive Julian, but I hope that she can find some peace. Her visit to California to spend time with Robin, Patrick and Emma should provide her some joy. I’d love it if a less sorrowful Anna returned to Port Charles.

Suspicious Minds

The hospital murder mystery’s suspect list is taking a turn to the usual suspects with Franco unintentionally making himself look guilty though a string of unrelated actions. His crush on Liz has become a bit overwhelming for both Liz and himself. When he catches her asking Epiphany to change her schedule in an effort to avoid him, he gets upset. “What’s the point of being nice. What’s the point of trying to be a better person if when you over step your bounds by even just a little bit you’re back to square one. Let me tell you something Nurse Johnson, I for one have had enough. Do you understand what I’m telling you? I’m through being nice.” Now he was talking about his relationship with Liz but that comment naturally raised Epiphany’s eyebrow. Then Franco gets into the elevator with Liz, stops it and puts his shirt over the security camera, complete with ominous background music. Yeah… the music was a little much.

Franco and Liz admit their feelings for each other.

Franco and Liz admit their feelings for each other.

But the conversation between Franco and Liz was really sweet. Franco admitted that he couldn’t stop thinking about kissing her and that it hurt him to think that she didn’t want to be around him. Liz confessed that she was afraid of her own feelings for Franco and that her habit of picking the wrong men has made her cautious. I like that we’re seeing Franco and Liz’s feelings develop for each other without ignoring the past. Liz is falling for a man she once saw as a sadistic psycho and it’s a little hard for her to grasp. This is exactly how this romance should be playing out. Val gets a call that Franco has a nurse trapped in the elevator and the police quickly pounce once the elevator opens. Liz defends Franco, saying that the elevator was stuck and he calmed her down. She tells them that Franco would never hurt her. I feel like that statement will hold a lot of significances later.

Parallel to Franco and Liz’s conversation, Val and Griffin discussed the hospital murders and the possibility of Franco being the killer. Val thinks once a psycho, always a psycho but Griffin feels differently. “I like to think people can change, go from good to bad or in Franco’s case bad to good.” I actually thought it would be cool if Val were the killer because she’s the only one with whom I can connect the motivation. These are mercy killings. Franco and Liesl don’t fit the profile. Val took care of her sick mother for many years so she might think that she is saving these people. However she was at the Nurses Ball when Lucas was attacked and her conversation with Griffin sort closed the book on her as a suspect for me. It would have been awesome though. Who do you think is the real murderer?

Couples of the week: Nik and Ava, Laura and Kevin, Alexis and Sonny, Anna and Griffin, Liz and Franco

Lines of the week: “Save the Chupacabra. Cam Webber gave them my number. He pranked me.”-Spencer

“Nikolas? You stuff?”-Ava

“Look what I pulled out of your pants. I do believe these are the family jewels.”-Ava

“Ever since the night Duke died, I’ve just been holding onto vengeance but I’ve been calling it justice. They’re two very different things.”-Anna

“I think that the human condition isn’t it. That we go through life with a certain amount of regret.”-Anna

“Because of a series of unfortunate marriages, I have a surprising number of underworld connections.”-Tracy

“I’ll calmly and logically get rid of her.”-Nina

“What fresh hell are you bringing me now?”-Epiphany

“He tried to kill me. That counts.”-Alexis

“I guess even psychos have layers.”-Val “Valerie, a person shouldn’t be defined by the worst thing they did in their life.”-Griffin

“I kind of can’t stop thinking about you Elizabeth. I can’t stop thinking kissing you.”-Franco

“Why does she have this stuff? Who does she think is going to see it?”-Maxie “Maybe she just likes nice draws.”-Curtis

“I accept my share of the blame. I know. I worked too many shifts. I was too focussed on my career. I pushed to hard to become detective and in doing so I left you alone and you turned to somebody else.”-Nathan “And you got drunk and shot him.”-Claudette

“The party is just getting started and you are my guests now so listen carefully because the first person who breaks the rules is going to die.”-Theo

Video of the week: Anna and Griffin’s heart to heart

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  1. I agree with you on that Sam regret what she did to Jack. but she is a better mom then Liz. she is trying to help Jason so her son would have his father the one Liz kept from him.the same one Liz gave Jake and lie about but he had he’s dad Danny have not only two time. Jake had him more

  2. We’re very much on the same page about GH last week. I appreciated your choice of screen caps too – from Ava’s delightful query about Nik’s jewels … to a hungry Nina watching Curtis … to the poignancy of those lovely scenes between Anna and Griffin. Like you, I want to see more important beats in the stories- and not only in romances but in relationships and character development in general.

    I thought of these missed beats when I watched those Griffin/Valerie scenes where their introductions included a reference to their mutual connection to Lucas. And I thought of how sadly little we’ve seen of either of those connections. As well, as their conversation progressed, I thought of the common ground Valerie and Griffin share with each having made serious mistakes from which they are in various stages of rebuilding. I actually found it out-of-character for Valerie that the writers chose her as the voice for Franco’s undeniably evil past – considering that, on a few occasions, she has spoken about moving past her mistakes including this line to Dante on March 15: “We’ve all made mistakes. And I, for one, would hope that people would judge me for who I am now and not… what I’ve done in the past.” Oh well, maybe, if I’m really, really lucky, Valerie and Griffin might talk more about their mutual mistakes and forgiveness once his story with Claudette is revealed. I won’t hold my breath though.

    Back specifically to last week’s Val and Griffin scenes, IMO, they were meant to provide context for the parallel scenes of Franco and Liz in the elevator. Scenes in which, as you so rightly put it, the writer took the wise step of acknowledging Franco’s dangerous, sadistic past. A past which must be acknowledged if Franco and Liz are to develop their relationship. As their emotionally intimate scenes unfolded, Valerie and Griffin provided more factual, objective background and validation for the elevator scenes. Valerie, the young, keen cop who had been reviewing Franco’s record, became the voice to remind us of Franco’s grievous past crimes – and the voice for those viewers who struggle to accept Franco because of that past. And Griffin, the doctor, reminded us of the validity of Franco’s medical diagnosis. Griffin, the priest, then focused on the ability of people to change and the power of redemption – at the same time as Liz was also moving to that point with Franco. I thought it was all well done!

    Now about that hospital mystery: I read fan speculation about Valerie because of the mercy killing idea. However, unless Valerie has really changed, she fought for every hour and every day she could have with mother. Hence, her concern about the stress Luke’s redemption story put on her mother and her anger and sadness about losing precious time with her mother. So, unless she has changed a lot, I don’t see her being into the idea of mercy killing. But then her presence at the Ball when Lucas was injected and at the Metro Court when Dr. Mays died should eliminate her as a suspect.

    So who do I think is committing these murders? Right now, my #1 suspect is Dr. Obrecht. She has been at been at GH for all the deaths – as we have seen from how quickly she appeared so she could focus blame on Finn. In fact, did she try to TOO hard to divert attention to Finn? And did she try TOO hard to get Franco to be their mutual alibi? Specifically re the night Lucas was injected, Dr. O was clearly back in the hospital after being forcibly prevented from performing at the Nurses’ Ball. She had strong motives to act out that night – and what better revenge than to take out beloved nurse Bobbie who HAD performed that evening. As for Dr. Mays, I do wonder if he caught her trying to end the life of Dr. Mays’ elderly patient and if he died as a result? We can’t forget that, in the past, Dr. O has proven to be a formidable combatant (in the days before her past was forgotten so she could be named COS at GH). As well, we should remember that Dr O had a series of questionable medical procedures in her past.

    Of course, the killer could easily be someone else – especially since in-character writing and past history sometimes fall victim to plot points. However, I do think a good case can be made for Dr O being guilty.

  3. If it was the tumor that made Franco do all the things he did then than what is his excuse now? His tumor is gone but Franco continue to taunt his victims and remember that time he put a camera on The necklace he gave Carly? Yep, no tumor. And, his mom didn’t make him do it either. So what does Sam have to do with this? Typical of Liz fans to bring what Sam did to try to justify Liz’s actions. Since you wanna talk about the past. Liz also kept Danny from Sam and Jason because she was threatening by Danny’s existence knowing Danny would reunit his parents. Because of what Liz did, Danny was in the hands of a lunatic hanging from the hospital rooftops. Did Liz learn her lesson? Nope. Liz tried again to keep Jason from Sam and Danny by keeping his identity a secret.
    Lol! You don’t know GH history or the character Liz you claimed to love. Because if you did you’ll know that Liz also left her children behind so she could go chasing after the D. If Liz was such a good mom, she wouldn’t have Grams raising her kids and do it herself aka your words: stay home with her children. Looks like you have selective memories so let me remind you that Liz also lied to her son that his father is dead so she could continue keep her secret, called another man her miracle not her dead child who returned back to her, ignored the fact that her child needed help, traveled to another country to chase the D, let her son play with fire and the best one; it was under her watch her son was hit by a car and was “killed”. Yeah, Liz is such a great mom. Don’t I dare question her. Lol. Liz is the worst mother on GH. If you ask me, Helena is a better mom to Jake and Gram is a better mom to Cam and Aiden then Liz would ever be! Liz is too selfish to be a mother!

  4. skank hurt Liz’s sons more than once and went to her house and taunted her about her son being dead,but somehow deadbeat jason forgave her.and skank didn’t have the excuse of a brain tumor, she just hated that Jake existed and was jealous and knew the woman who took him was crazy,it was malicious. Franco was ill and wanted to help his mom. and really, who has abandoned their children to go running off for no reason, have either db or skank called their kids or checked up on them? Liz is home with her children and working an actual real full-time job, so don’t put down Liz as a mother.

  5. Liz saying Franco will never hurt her is BS. Did you and Liz forget that Franco kidnapped her son? Typical of Liz to sidebrush her sons as long as she gets what she wants though, right?

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