Gays of our Lives: Mama Said There Will Be Days Like This


In this week’s Gays of Our Lives, a gay is dead on EastEnders as Paul and Ben’s love story comes to a tragic end. The question is, is one of them dies? While, on BarracudaDanny starts to struggle with his desire for Martin, but will his jealousy over Martin’s new girlfriend put his swimming career in jeopardy?  And there’s a new boy in Jude’s life on The Fosters.   Plus, on The Haves and The Have Nots, Jeffery’s got a hot new man in his bed and a baby on the way, not to mention a fiance!  And news of Wyatt’s death and his mother’s scheming will further complicate his messy life. All this – and more!

Barracuda  (Australia)

vlcsnap-2016-07-18-11h13m29s964Things got a little more interesting this past week, with Danny starting to realize his attraction to Martin, but is unable to deal with his feelings. My favorite scene was when his best friend came out to him and Danny’s reaction was one of confusion as he wondered how you could know and be sure you were gay.

It was obvious he was questioning himself more than his best friend. And it was also clear that the girl knew that Danny was gay and was struggling with himself as she encouraged him to be honest and that whatever he decided would be okay, without actually pushing him to do or say anything.

I’m wondering if Martin might know or suspect that Danny is gay given Danny’s confession after he won the big meet. I’m also curious if Martin’s hotuncle might be gay. He looks like the kind of guy who could introduce Danny to the ways of man love.

I don’t think that things are going to go well for Danny and Martin.  This seems like the typical unrequited love for our straight best friend that ends in tragedy that we’ve seen so many times in shows and movies like this.

Coronation Street  (U.K.)

vlcsnap-2016-07-18-11h14m57s106For a vicar, Billy is amazingly buff. Wow.

You know, I wonder if the show’s decision to pair Billy and Todd came from the new regime? Because it was such a sudden turn in the story around the time of the change. But it was certainly the right decision.

Todd and Billy have such chemistry and make such an appealing couple you wonder why the show wasted its time with Sean and Billy. You never saw Billy light up with Sean like he does with Todd in the entire time Billy and Sean were dating. I guess that’s why they call it chemistry.

I hope they don’t play this ‘let’s wait to have sex’ beat for long. I’m ready to get to the reveal of everyone finding out about Billy and Todd. And after that, it’s long past time to find out what happened to Todd in London that changed him. We’ve been waiting for that story to be told for years.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

So since everybody thinks Summer kidnapped the baby, it’s pretty clear she didn’t. But who did? Ugh I don’t care. This whole drama is as boring as hell.   Sonny is back in a couple of weeks. Let’s hope it finally means something interesting for Paul to do. But the awful writing on the show doesn’t make me hopeful.

EastEnders  (U.K.)

vlcsnap-2016-07-18-11h28m48s027It was really nice watching Paul and Ben be so happy over these past few weeks, settling into a real relationship. Of course we’re only getting this happy period because Johnny Labey, who plays Paul is leaving the show and will most likely be killed off next week. Still, I enjoyed their scenes. Paul and Ben made a nice couple and for the first time in his life Ben was really happy. Now he won’t be happy for a good long while.  Oh well.

I loved the bit with Linda and Ben singing show tunes. The show doesn’t refer often to Ben’s love for musicals so it was a nice moment. Even funnier was Paul having no interest in it at all.

So Billy quit his job because he was uneasy working around a ‘freak’ like cross-dressing Les? Given his sketchy family, Billy is hardly one to be judging anyone. I mean, really. Good riddance.

The decision for Paul and Ben to take over the business and move into together seemed kind of rushed. Paul and Ben haven’t been together that long.  It’s a major commitment to a couple who’ve only been dating a few months.  I know the show did it to make Paul’s exit that more dramatic and tragic, but storywise it’s a bit much. And it’s strange that they Paul’s mother back and the drama with that secret only for them to write Paul out. We’ll never get to see Paul deal with the fallout from the truth coming out.

Am I upset about Paul’s impending death? Well, I liked Paul and thought he and Ben made a nice couple, but Paul was a replacement love interest for Ben after Sam Strike left the role of Johnny and once Johnny was recast, I suspected Paul would wasn’t long for the show. It doesn’t bother me for a couple of reasons.

vlcsnap-2016-07-18-11h25m20s298It’s not a situation where EastEnders is killing off/writing out all the gays to clear them of the canvas unlike some shows I could mention. I suspect Paul’s demise will move Ben into a messy triangle with Johnny and Steven (and lets throw Tom in there too), which dramatically, is much more interesting storytelling that Paul and Ben’s romance. I’m okay with that, TBH.

One thing I didn’t like about this past week was Ben pulling away from Paul’s being affectionate in public and then in a contrived turn, Ben realizing he shouldn’t care about what others think so he and Paul could have a public show of affection. I know the show did it to make the upcoming demise more painful, but Ben and Paul have been through this arc and Ben has been affectionate in front of the entire town before this. To play this beat again backtracks on a plot point already played out.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. At first, I felt a little bad for Chrissie when Lawrence kicked her out. Then I remembered how her obsessive pursuit of finding her “real” father despite the obvious pain it caused Lawrence was what caused him to be publicly outed. If it means that much more to her than Lawrence, let her have her new dad if she can find him.

  2. Theresa’s leaving (maybe dying). Summer’s leaving & told Brady to look to his Grandfather about Tate. There’s talk of John Anniston (Victor) leaving/retiring. this may be the set-up. Victor manipulated Tate’s kidnapping because he hates them both; then Victor will go to Greece (or wherever) when everyone finds out. Maggie then leaves him after she finds out what he did so she will get to stay. Sonny coming back? it may all be too late with the entire show being such a mess…….

  3. Guess who “General Hospital” finally let on-screen today after over a month has passed since his last appearance (and after the writers’ ridiculous “We love the character, he’s so important to the show!” quotes in that Michael Fairman interview): Lucas. He was allowed on-screen to drag Julian for his recent actions and, of course, had to prop Sonny while he was at it. Blech.

  4. I should have mentioned the Chrissie/Lawrence stuff in my review. Chrissie is an ungrateful child who should have been thrown out. I’ve really grown to dislike her during this ‘who is my real dad’ storyline. And yes, I didn’t miss Liv. Too bad Aaron and Robert had to talk about her.

    Sheryl is an terrible person. I wouldn’t mind seeing her leave forever too. But I’ve wanted that for a long time. She was especially awful when she got pregnant on purpose during her affair with Hywel so she could break up his marriage. I felt bad when she ended up losing that baby…. but not for her.

    Efifion is pretty hot and I think Ed is too. I love that Ed is always in workout clothes and shorts.

  5. My favorite part of the Lawrence story was when he told Chrissie what’s-what. It was long overdue and hit the nail on the head. Throwing her and Lachlan out was just gravy. My favorite part of the Aaron/Robert story was the complete absence of Liv.

    Having already seen the first of this week’s People of the Valley episodes, I don’t mind this turn in the Iolo/Tyler story. I’m really taking to DJ after the paternity reveal and the breakup with Cadno. He’s such a sweet character. I haven’t followed the show long enough to know Sheryl’s history, but God in heaven please let her leave and take that damn baby with her. And the show definitely needs more Eiffion, preferably with as few clothes as possible.

    It looks like I need to start giving Coronation Street another look now that the Todd/Billy story is heating up.

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