‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum

Ava and Nik discuss their night together.
Ava and Nik discuss their night together.

General Hospital has been doing a great job of bringing the summer loving. It has the adventure and angst that I always want to see on a soap opera. There is still a lot I would change but what I’m enjoying outweighs what I dislike.

The European adventures are fun because GH is relying on writing and actor chemistry which is key in today’s budget-conscious soap opera environment. It doesn’t feel like something is missing by not seeing Big Ben because the story has my interest. I also really appreciate not only seeing the hospital but all the character interaction that is connected to it. The hospital mystery took a major turn this week and I’m interested to see which member of General Hospital’s staff is playing Kevorkian. GH had another good ratings week and it’s great to see the wonderful material being rewarded.

General Hospital Week In Reviewer the episodes that aired June 27th-July 1st.

Made In England

Sam and Jason hang out in a British pirate pub.

Sam and Jason hang out in a British pirate pub.

After drinking random alcohol, Ava wakes up wrapped in Nik’s arms and wearing his shirt. Not a bad way to start one’s morning. As naughty as Nik has become, he’s still a charming prince beneath it all unlike the typical man Ava gets herself entangled with. Nothing happened other than lending Ava his shirt and sharing a blanket. There is a fun exchange between the two where Ava admits she has the real statue and is worried about Huxley coming after her. Nik is initially a bit perturb but later is able to be coaxed into taking on Ava as his new travel companion. I love this pairing! Seriously, I’m sending whoever decided to give these two mischievous souls a love story a box of chocolates.

Meanwhile after some pints at what appeared to be a pirate themed bar, Sam finally sees the news that her mom was arrested for Carlos’ murder. She decides to go home while Jason stays to continue with their investigation. Jason finds Huxley’s greenhouse and an earring that Ava left behind. Soon he is attacked by a henchman but he gets the upper hand and shoots the thug. At the airport, Sam receives a text from Alexis telling her not to come home and everything will be fine. It’s only a matter of time before Jason and Sam catch up with Nik and Ava. The next few weeks are going to be a wild ride.


Alexis worries about her deception.

Alexis worries about her deception.

To say that Julian and Alexis’ relationship has taken a turn for the worst would be an understatement. Especially since the thought of killing Alexis actually occurred the Julian. While Alexis tries to relax in the tub, Julian imagines holding her head under the water. Later after finding out that Alexis is pregnant, he confesses to Nina that he’d like things to be as they used to be with Alexis. GH is not pulling any punches with this story line. The writing for Julian is disturbing and it’s meant to be that way. The story, or journey if you will, for Julian is his struggle and subsequent failure to become a better man. It’s definitely a more layered approach to the character than what we’ve seen before. For me as a viewer, it works on that level. My only issue is Sonny’s presence in this story line. Are we suppose to see Sonny as Julian’s opposite? Sonny hasn’t tried to leave his criminal lifestyle behind yet somehow has the blessing of the police to help oversee Julian’s entrapment? Not that long ago Sonny had threaten Alexis’ life himself and he had wanted to kill Carlos himself. He’s more nuisance than hero in this story. I agree with my pal and fellow blogger Wubsnet that it would make much more sense if it were Diane helping take down Julian instead of Sonny.

But enough about the guys. Alexis and Anna scenes continue to be awesome. These two make a great not-so-odd couple and I like seeing them work together. Alexis has decided enough is enough with Julian and she is going to help Anna get a recorded confession. After attempts to get Julian to admit what he did recorded on her phone don’t work, Anna tells Alexis she needs to wear a wire. Anna is going full steam ahead to bring Julian to justice but Alexis doesn’t know if she has the stomach for much more. It reminds me of the famous “wire scene” with Brenda and Sonny but I see things panning out a lot differently.

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  1. Thanks for reading! Glad you’re enjoying most of the show too.

  2. I agree about liking the show overall lately & the new couples drawing me in. My only difference is I love it all despite the embarrassingly bad British caper. If they are relying on actor chemistry to sell that mess, they are in big trouble in my opinion!

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