‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum

Ava and Nik discuss their night together.
Ava and Nik discuss their night together.

Mother May I Sleep With Danger

Nina and Franco have it out.
Nina and Franco have it out.

Franco and Liz bump into each other at work and it’s a little awkward. Both their minds are still on the kiss they shared. Nina overhears the light flirting and jumps to the wrong conclusion that they slept together. Franco explains to her about the toaster but Nina realizes that Franco’s feelings for her have changed and he has moved on to Liz. Nina concludes that Franco wants to be a father just not to her child. “You just don’t want a baby with me. You don’t want to co-parent with me.” She also thinks that part of the attraction to Liz is his need to piss off Jason. Franco says that Nina and him just grew apart. The final jabs they took at each other were hurtful. Michelle Stafford and Roger Howarth have done an excellent job with this well-written breakup.

After the messy argument between Nina and Franco made things final (for now anyways) between them, Franco decided to seek some guidance from his mother. Since Heather Webber used to be married to Liz’s father Jeff, he hoped she could give him some insight into Liz. Heather doesn’t know much about Liz other than the fact that she’s Steven Lars’ sister though, stating that Jeff met Liz’s mother long after they were together. But she’s able to help out her son in a different way. She was given $1.5 million in hush money and, since she doesn’t have much use for it, she offers the cash to her starving artist son in exchange for his promise to keep doing art. So who gave Heather all that dough and what does she know that they want kept quiet? Many viewers think there is a family connection between Liz and Hayden. Did Jeff Webber or Raymond Berlin need to keep the truth about someone’s parentage hidden?

Doctor Down

Hayden comes to Finn’s rescue.
Hayden comes to Finn’s rescue.

The whole episode with Teddy getting sick from bad gogurt and being saved by Finn was so annoyingly Silas. The powers that be at GH need to stop with the Daniel Jonas level of Mary Sue stuff. It never endears an audience to a character. What I did like however was seeing Hayden come to Finn’s rescue when he was locked in a jail cell without his medicine a.k.a. illegal drugs. While Finn lies in his jail cell dying, Hayden sneaks into General Hospital and gets his medicine. She returns to Finn just in time. I’m really starting to love Hayden now that her character has defined purpose and redeeming qualities.

Finn can now be crossed off the list of suspects in the hospital mystery and he’s not the only one. Dr. Mayes has been at the top of fans’ suspect list and his strange comments to Liz definitely made him look guilty. “Why are we torturing them to keep them alive?” he says regarding his patients. But in a shocking twist, Dr. Mayes turned out to be a red herring when Liz found him lying on the floor of his patient’s room. As Liz tries to resuscitate the doctor, Franco shows up in the doorway, looking on with a stone-faced expression. Obviously, GH wants us to question if Franco could be the culprit. It reminded me bit of the scene from the movie City of Angels where Meg Ryan’s character Maggie is trying to save a dying a man and looks directly at the Angel of Death played by Nickolas Cage. I’m not sure if that was the intent or not.

With both Finn and Dr. Mayes crossed off the list now, who is the real killer? Dr. O seems a likely suspect. She does have a history of violence. I hope it’s someone else though because I love Liesl. Griffin would be quite a twist but I don’t think he’s the killer type. Nurse Amy was at the Nurses Ball when Lucas was attacked. I hope the killer is a real shocker and someone the audience would never guess.

Couples of the week: Heather and Franco, Nik and Ava, Alexis and Anna

Lines of the week: “If you don’t go home, where you going to go?”-Nik “With you.”-Ava

“You’ll probably end up rotting in prison. Who does that help?”-Carlos

“Your dad and I aren’t the best role models for a relationship.”-Carly

“You’re going to stand there and demand I pee on a stick or else?”-Alexis

“Which was more gratifying? The one part or the non-part?”-Franco “Okay, can we stop talking about the non-part?”-Liz

“You were too busy slurping Nurse Elizabeth’s milkshake.”-Nina

“Are you here to talk about artistic concepts?”-Heather Webber

“So if Alexis is convicted, she has the baby in prison. Is that how that works?”-Nina

“He was very handy around the house. Give him a paperclip & a spool of thread & he could start a car.”-Heather Webber

“God you need to get laid!”-Hayden

Video of the week: Franco visits Heather Webber.

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  1. I agree about liking the show overall lately & the new couples drawing me in. My only difference is I love it all despite the embarrassingly bad British caper. If they are relying on actor chemistry to sell that mess, they are in big trouble in my opinion!

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