‘Days Of Our Lives’ Week In Review: Let’s Keep This Going

Jennifer and Abigail reunite.
Jennifer and Abigail reunite.

Decision 2016

Adrienne and Lucas’ wedding doesn’t go as planned.

Adrienne and Lucas’ wedding doesn’t go as planned.

Oh, the horror! Having to choose between two men who love you and want to spend the rest of their lives with you! Adrienne Johnson is living the hard life right now… Right. I’m single and looking and shedding less tears than she did over the course of an episode! Like Kate Roberts said, “This isn’t a two for one sale, Adrienne! Make up your damn mind!” But speaking of tears, what fabulous tears they were though! Judi Evans showed viewers exactly why she was a decorated veteran in the soap world, giving anguish and indecision while wearing a surprisingly glamorous wedding gown. It’s been a while since I’ve seen something so pretty on DAYS.

Adrienne was set to marry Lucas Horton in a small ceremony at St. Luke’s when Justin Kiriakis barged in to stop them. Classic soap cliché but instead of playing a sex tape or breaking in with a motorcycle, Justin just pleaded his case. It was a nice realistic change to a story we’ve seen countless times. Salemites were clearly tired of it as the Johnson family and the priest hilariously rolled out of the church soon after Justin arrived. Kate and Phillip Kiriakis paying each other off for a Will They or Won’t They Get Married bet in the middle of it all just made it all even funnier. Meanwhile Adrienne is stressing on who to choose for her lover right in front of them! Such a mess, but an entertaining mess at least.

Adrienne is unable to decide under pressure so she fled the scene to her hotel. The two warring men go to have their separate heart to hearts with unlikely supporters, a touch that was surprisingly well done. I would not have expected Lucas to have a realization through a chat with Anne Millbauer or Justin to get support from Victor Kiriakis in a million years, I wouldn’t have even expected the writers to utilize them in any way for this story. The departure of Theresa Donovan had some follow through, effecting members of the town in ways that felt unimaginable before. Instead of breaking his sobriety with a sad Anne missing her best friend, Lucas saw that he had to power through for Adrienne and his love’s sake. Or else he’d be stuck with someone like Anne – which I honestly would not mind! Jennifer would flip! Similarly, Victor inspired Justin to continue fighting for his love too, even going as far as to say maybe he’d never been the best judge of character over the years. Adrienne’s included. Using these recurring and peripheral characters to illustrate that someone important to the town up and left is just good storytelling. It should be commonplace but so often it’s skipped over. I loved these little added scenes to the wedding drama.

Ultimately, Adrienne, Justin and Lucas wind up locked in Adrienne’s hotel room with Sonny Kiriakis guarding the door. The way he figured, he wasn’t letting any of them leave until a decision was made. Justin played all the right cards, using that smooth lawyer talk to remind Adrienne of the good times they shared dating and starting a family. Flashbacks should have been thrown into the mix there for added effect, but I think the showrunners were trying to not make viewers lean more to one side than another. A flashback to the show’s heyday in the 80’s with Justin and Adrienne frolicking in Greece would have had anyone picking Justin above Lucas. I’m sure plenty of viewers sided with Justin for that fact alone. Adrienne and Justin was a super couple, so to their many fans they belong together. I also believed Sami Brady and Lucas belonged together but we saw that change too. Times change.

Which leads into an amazing point that Lucas made during his plea to Adrienne. He likened his fiery, up and down romance with Sami to his addiction to alcohol. Over a decade he became addicted to loving Sami whether it was good or bad, he just kept going back. That isn’t always necessarily best for the person involved. He compared those situations to Justin and Adrienne’s relationship, especially in recent years with the lawyer’s cheating. They’ve gone on breaks, been divorced and reconciled so many times at this point that it’s no longer healthy. I honestly never cared much for Lucas and Adrienne as a couple (they were kind of hot when they were just hooking up) but I don’t think she should choose Justin. At this point, she should just choose herself and live single. Take a break for yourself! Now as a co-owner of The Salem Spectator, this is the perfect time for Adrienne to be single and live her life. Plus, I don’t think I can handle Lucas being the loser in all of this. He just deserves so much more than he’s given – namely screen time.

This story was super enjoyable this week but I couldn’t help but feel it would have been all the better if they’d gotten more focus the last few months. Lucas spoke about how they loved to spend quiet nights together, just talking and enjoying each other’s company – but how are we supposed to believe that if we’ve never seen it. Yes, soap fans love good drama but we could also use a quiet night with a movie…

As usual, if I missed something you really wanted to talk about or something you felt was important, let’s start a discussion. Comment below, tweet me and let’s chat!

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