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Gays of Our Lives: Divine Intervention

In this week’s Gays of Our Lives, David schemes to spend some time with Rhys on Rownd a Rownd, but is he ready to deal with his sexuality?  Speaking of dealing with one’s sexuality, David and Aaron grow closer on Neighbours, but when David can’t handle how he feels, he goes to Jack for advice.  What will the town’s sexiest padre tell him?  Plus, Tyler and Iolo face terrible fall out from their wedding day on People of the Valley.   And Russell Tovey joining Quantico has me watching again.  But is the show better than last season?  All this — and more!


A Place To Call Home (Australia)

Anna told Gino she can’t have children off screen?  I’m no Gino fan (especially with how he is behaving now), but that revelation should have happened on screen given that it’s been brewing since the show began.  That said, I hope it brings on the end of Gino and Anna’s marriage and lets Anna move on.  As I’ve said before, she can do so much better.james

I like how, when James invited Harry to go out with him to that party, Harry told James basically said that just because they were both gay doesn’t mean he’d fit in with James’ rich friends and that they’d consider him ‘rough trade’.  Uhh… Harry, lots of folks like that in a man.  LOL….  But is the show simply going to forget James and Harry’s past and move them into being friends?  What was the point of bringing Harry back if not to play that history?

I mean, they had all the drama of James struggling to tell Henry he loved him, Harry coming back and recovering from his injuries, the family fretting about James and Harry getting back together if James were ever to remember Harry, James remembering the past (with scenes of James telling Harry he loved him) and then… nothing.  Literally nothing.  Months have passed by on the show with not one scene of James and Harry dealing with their romantic history.

Really show?  That’s not playing the drama you set up.  It’s not only bad storytelling, it’s disappointing viewers, like me, who’ve watched this show from Day One and have been waiting for this story to unfold.  You can do better and we deserve better.

Class (U.K.)

classAn interesting episode.  I do think April’s connection to the Shadow World isn’t over since that’s much of the basis of the series.  I’m intrigued by the backstory of the Governors and I’d like to see what would really happen if Miss Quill didn’t have to follow Charlie’s orders.  I still say she’s going to stick around and protect him because she cares when the time comes.   I’m enjoying Ram and April’s relationship, but Charlie and Matteusz not so much.  It’s just a little too soppy for my tastes.   

In part it’s because I find Matteusz to be an incredibly underwritten and boring character. He just seems to be there to look pretty and make the show look relevant by having a gay couple as major players.  I’m all for that, but some fleshing out and deepening of the character and the relationship is needed to keep me really invested.

Days of Our Lives   (U.S.)

This Lucas/Adrienne/Justin triangle has been dragging out forever, but has gotten such little screen time and most of it has happened off screen.  Why should I bother to get involved when the show seems not that interesting in writing it?

Derrick said that Halloween was a crazy night, but didn’t he, Sonny and Paul spend it together watching TV?  Are we to have forgotten that?  The show insinuated that Derrick and Paul spent a romantic evening together and that isn’t what happened.  Why hint at what we know didn’t occur just so we can watch Sonny be jealous about nothing?  No drama, no stakes.  Again, what’s the point of all this?sonny

Paul seeing Jen reminded me of that time he spied on her and saw her drugged out so he could use it to help Chad get custody of Thomas.  Does Jen know about that?

Why would Justin ask Sonny to spy someone on the docks?   Not only could it be dangerous, the Kiriakis family doesn’t have professionals who could handle such an assignment?  I know it was done so Sonny and Paul could work together, but why wouldn’t Justin just ask Paul, who is a PI, to do it and then have Sonny get involved?  The other way around makes little sense.

Abigail is still alive.   Shrug.  I never cared for her or maybe it was the actress.  Actuallyboth.  Abby was unlikeable and the actress was so blah and drab in the role.  Worse another ‘back from the dead’ story is not what this show needs since they’ve done 3 in the last six months.  But they still won’t bring back Will.

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

Well, now we know why Lachlan is a sociopath.  He gets it from his mother, who gets it from Lawrence.   I mean, Chrissie and Lachlan left Rebecca for dead and Lawrence barely batted an eyelash and only rushed to hide things.  He acts like family members trying to kill each other is a minor inconvenience.  Seems like so long ago when Chrissie showed some parental fortitude and turned Lachlan in for being a sexual predator.  Someone needs to tell Lawrence that being a good father doesn’t mean covering up all your children’s crimes.   I’m glad that Ronnie was disgusted by the whole thing.   Very interesting that Lawrence cared what Ronnie thought.  Still rooting for them to vlcsnap-2016-11-14-15h45m11s031work things out.

I guess they’re going to make Chrissie as awful as possible.  Those comments about Val were just cruel and not needed.   We get it.  Chrissie is evil.  I think, and have always thought, they’re going way over the top with her being a villian.   And you know I think the worst thing about the Whites is that no matter what happens or what they do they always portray themselves as the victim not just with other people, but to themselves.

Rebecca is so in love with Robert.  And they have such chemistry.   I wouldn’t mind an affair.  I’d buy it.  We know Robert can’t keep it in his pants.

So folks suddenly remembered that Chrissie was responsible for Val’s death?  Everybody was way too civil about it for the longest time.   Diane should have always hated her.  So should half the town.  This shouldn’t be an issue now.

I remember when I liked Ross.  He was a bad boy who did bad things, but he was charming and he had some decency, especially when it came to Finn.  But now the the writers think that him being bad and awful without the other side to balance the character is enough and it isn’t.    They’re making the same mistake with Chrissie.

A baby story for Adam and Victoria?  Mmmm… nope.

Aaron is right.  It is weird that Finn is hanging about this comatose guy and wondering if he’s gay.  But I’m very interested in this story and can’t wait to see where it goes.  If it doesn’t give Finn a love story and long term boyfriend, I won’t be happy.


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